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173 The Beautiful Sculpted Canvas Man

 The man was humming while he watered the flowers in the front yard when Yu Sha stumbled in front of the gate.

Left of him, a silhouette caught his peripheral vision, urging him to look at the gate.

Standing there was a young, beautiful woman with glittery eyes like the twinkle stars. Her long luscious hairs made her look like she was made of the cosmic energy. She looked at him blankly, trying to figured out why he lived in such a remote place.

He could vaguely guess what her look meant. To distract her of such thoughts, he put the bucket down and let on a big bright smile as he welcomed her.

"What brings you young maiden here today? How can I help you?"

Yu Sha baffled at the beautiful man, so dazzlingly beautiful. He looked like a sculpted canvas of a fairy man right out of the fairytale. His clear ruby eyes shone like ruby stones while he radiated an unearthly aura, full of mysteries, as if he was that of an immortal.

"Um... Hello. I, I'm a little lost." She made an excuse for her derailed hiking tour of the waterfall.

Even more interested in Yu Sha, as only people who have a certain gift can see the entrance, he knew she was special. The man welcomes her so he can have a conversation with her.

"Would you care for tea?" He gestured her to go inside the gate.

Yu Sha shook her head to decline his offer. "It's all right. Thanks for the offer. I should get going. I need to get back to where I was."

He has yet to probe information from her. He hastily put the bucket down on the ground and offered cheerfully, "It is my motto, to never leave a lady in distress alone. Let me accompany you out."

"Okay. Thanks. If it's not too much trouble for you." Yu Sha replied. She thought it was best if he led her out. She probably used up all her hot spring time tumbling to this place and hope she could catch the tail end of the time frame.

The man smiled, "Not at all. It's my pleasure." He walked next to Yu Sha and motion for her to follow him to which she soon followed.

While they were walking, he striked up a conversation to make the walk more joyful. "How did you end up here?"

She was not sure if she should tell him the whole truth or some truth and then she finally decided to just be vague. "I was hiking and climbed up to check the waterfall and somehow stumbled in here."

"Hmm... "

"Do you live alone? Why is your place so secluded?" Yu Sha asked curiously.

Yu Sha found it strange in this day and age for someone to live so far out of the radar.

The man probably knew what she was thinking and why she asked him the question, he replied, "Well, according to my ancestors, this used to be a huge temple area. Over time, as the country becomes industrialized, the place cannot exist anymore without money to support. So, the area below the mountain was turned into a tourist attraction to earn money. This place was downsized and hidden deep into the mountain for those who wish to not associate much with outsiders. There are a lot of pure energy in this area. And generations down the road, here I rolled down the tube. Ha ha ha."

To Yu Sha, that clearly made sense! There are temples and shrines created to attract tourists to make profits from the visitors, while most places are not open to the public to maintain its energy purity. Her grandmother's home was like that too. In a way, she could understand that reasoning.

"So, are you all by yourself?" She asked. She thought it would be so lonely to be all alone in a place no humans frequent.

"Hm.. for the most part. Sometimes, people tumbled in like you do." The man replied earnestly. "You are welcome to visit if you like."

Yu Sha nodded her head. "Mm.. When I have time, I will." If only this place was a little closer, she seriously wouldn't mind visiting more frequently.

The man smiled pleasantly, "Then, it's a deal. When you have time, come visit."

Feeling sorry for the man that he spent his time alone in the temple because he was born into the place, unable to leave the house, she replied, "Mm..."

The two continued conversing and soon enough, the mysterious man led Yu Sha to the tunnel where she entered earlier. "Does this look familiar to you?"

She nodded. "Yes. Thanks for leading me back." She said joyfully before taking her leave.

The man shouted after Yu Sha, "Wait, let me walk you to the entrance. It's quite dark in this tunnel."

She paused and turned to look at the man feeling touched by his generosity after generosity. "Oh, you don't have to. You've done enough for me already."

"Don't say that. It's my duty to make sure I escorted you out safely."

Unable to decline his generous offer, Yu Sha agreed. The man walked her until they saw the light coming from the end of the tunnel and then he stopped at the end. "Let's say our farewell here. May you have a safe journey back."

Yu Sha looked at the man, smiled at him before departing. The man watched her retreating back until she was out of sight. Down below, when Yu Sha was sure she was far out of sight from the cave gate, she used her Light Technique and disappeared.

Standing on top of the mountain peak, watching the view below like an eagle's eyes vying for prey, the ruby eyes gleam uncannily at the woman figure that just disappeared, while the corner of his lips rose in a satisfied smile that he found something compelling to keep him occupied. Soon, the figure dissipated into thin air as if he wasn't at the mountain peak to begin with.

Several meters before the spa resort came into sight, Yu Sha appeared on the hiking trails running down the hike. She literally had just disappeared from the waterfall top and reappeared near the resort.

When she approached the resort, she muttered. "Ah, shoot, I forgot to ask for his name." She felt disappointed, but only for a moment. 'There is not time!' he shrugged her disappointment. "I'll ask him the next time I visit."