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172 Waterfall Trail

 After touring the museum, Yu Sha still had a few hours left until she met up with Hue Chi again. For the rest of the time, she decided to visit the famous hot spring spa resort, Floating Cloud, a little over an hour away, southeast of the city if traveled the express freeway route.

What she often does when she strayed by herself was finding cool spots and places to visit and then bring Su Na to visit afterward. Usually, if she ended up liking the place, Su Na also liked it too.

Yu Sha instructed Keng to take her to Floating Cloud Spa Resort to which he happily agreed. He thought she made a good choice to visit Floating Cloud Spa Resorts. The placed was calmly beautiful, located deep in the mountains, not only it's natural hot spring have healing properties, but the airs are refreshing, surrounded by luscious greens and beautiful hiking trails.

About an hour later, Keng pulled up in front of the Floating Cloud Spa entrance. The place was out of the way, deep into the mountains. Miles before they hit the entrance, surrounded on the two sides are hard rocks and boulders. There was a huge parking lot in front of the entrance, and after the entrance was a huge gate and a flight of stair steps. On the side, parallel to the stairs was a minor incline slope for people who have a suitcase they can wheel.

Yu Sha planned to be there for a couple hours at most and does not have any luggage so she does not need to check in a room.

She stepped out of the car and a greeter came out to meet her. Yu Sha didn't reserve a room but would like to check out the services they offer to which they gladly accepted and show her around.

Floating Cloud Spa had different packages. One can choose from body massage, facial spa and treatment. They can join the public hot spring or booked private hot springs. There are many trails one can hike to get the best of nature.

The hiking trails were ranked by how hard they are, and one famous trail was the Waterfall trails. It was longer and harder than the other trails, as there are a lot of inclines and downward slopes. But at the end of the hike, one will be rewarded with a gorgeous turquoise waterfall.

Yu Sha thought, she'll book a private hot spring in an hour so she has time to explore the hikes. That way she can wash off before going back to the city. She downloaded a map of the trails to her phone and headed out.

She wanted to check out the Waterfall trail. For ordinary people, the trail would take a couple hours to get to the waterfall and a little less to get back as there are not as much inclines.

For Yu Sha, it would take less than half hour if she does not use her ability. Using her ability will be like a flash and would not allow time to enjoy the journey. She had no one to wait for, she can go at her own pace, which would be a lot quicker. Since it was midweek, the spa was not as busy as it is during the weekends, so the place was quieter than usual.

In front of the hiking trail entrance, Yu Sha did some stretchings. It had been a while since she got any real physical activities in.

Since entering the adult world, she had been busy working and does not have enough time to stay in shape. She took it upon herself to finish the hike in under 1 hour using only pure physical force. After stretching, she sped up and disappeared out of sight quickly.

Every now and then when she came upon a few people, she'll slow down as she passed them but when she was out of sight, she'll speed up again.

After sometimes, Yu Sha arrived at the waterfall. She looked at the timer on her phone and it took her 40 minutes. She hissed disappointing at herself.

"Damn! I've gotten rusty!"

The top of the waterfall was very high. The hike only took one to the bottom where they can enjoy and watch the water falling. Not many people attempted the harsh journey up to the top where the water flowed from the cliff.

Yu Sha took a few pictures of the waterfall, and after snapping a few photos, she decided to go all the way to the top. There were no trails to get to the top. People who wanted to go up, make their own trail as the way up are steep. Ordinary people would struggle getting to the top but for Yu Sha, it wasn't hard for her to make her own trail up.

Soon, she was at the very top. The top of the waterfall was like a valley of its own, and in the distance, the river flowed from another mountaintop, surrounded by more mountains while the clouds float around the mountain peaks.

"How could something so beautiful be so close to the city?" Then she thought, they took the express freeway. It cuts travel time in half. Still, 2 hours away from the metropolitan city was close enough. Yu Sha followed the rivers upstream to explore more until she spotted something odd in her left peripheral vision.

In between the base of two conjoining mountain was a small gap into the mountain, and the gap looked like it was covered by a flimsy clear veil. Curious, she stopped her track and took a detour heading straight for the gap.

She turned her phone light on as she entered the gap. The inside was a dark and long tunnel. She walked for some times before she saw lights peaking through the end. She soon came upon a flourished limitless land, clear beautiful skies, quiet, tranquil and odd feeling place.

Yu Sha turned off her phone light and proceeded to explore around. She stumbled upon of what looked like a temple.

More curious, she walked towards the entrance when she noticed a beautiful man in white robes, not what ones would wear in her time. He had long luscious black hairs and ruby gem eyes. His expression so peaceful and beautiful while carefully tending to the garden like the flowers are so fragile and precious to him.

She didn't think anything odd, as this place looked more like a temple and Aires have different traditional clothing styles from her home country, although people now only wore modern clothing in most countries. They still wear traditional clothing for special places and occasions.