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171 Lunch With The Prince

 Feeling irritated at Yu Sha conversation topic, Hue Chi lunged closer to Yu Sha and pressed his lips against her lips. His body moved on its own accord.

Her mind went blank for a few seconds before she came around to understand the situation she was in. She pushed him away huffing while her face flushed red like a cherry, "Wha... Why you do that for?!"

He was surprised of his own action. He was a man who acted after careful planning. This was the first when his body acted on its own without his consent. But he wouldn't tell her this, instead, he came up with a different reason. "How are you going to help me woo other women when you can't even keep yourself straight after a peck on the lips?"

Startled, Yu Sha does not have a good comeback for it. She talked big like she has the skills, but she has not done this and that with a man yet.

"Heh... don't tell me that it's your first kiss?" Hue Chi asked arrogantly, diverting the problem back at her.

Yu Sha flushed even redder while protecting her lips, "Bastard!"

They were interrupted when two servers rolled out food carts.

"Main course is here." Hue Chi spoke coquettishly while locking his eyes at her with a hint of playfulness. Only Yu Sha would understand what he meant by it, that the kiss was appetizers! She held her breath and took a big exhaled to calm herself. 'It was peck on the lips... just a peck on the lips.'

Then she recalled the contract agreement. "You! That's a breach of contract! I want to annul the contract! You forget about me trespassing into your room and don't mention it ever!" Yu Sha demanded unhappily.

Unaffected by her demands, Hue Chi asked calmly, "What about that time you jumped right on top of me and force my face to eat up your chest?"

Yu Sha stuttered, "I... um.. I..." She couldn't find an excuse to back up her behavior. Not only that, she was shouting for him to "give it to her." She had never hated herself up until now. 'How could I do something so embarrassing?!'

Seeing Yu Sha in a dilemma, Hue Chi smiled and said, "Let's call it even. We both breached the contract. Let's start all over again."

Hearing this, Yu Sha could only agree since she was the first one to breach the contract. He can call her out on that if he wanted to.

Hue Chi looked at the gullible Yu Sha. 'If one day she ever found out that I purposely diverted the issue back to her, she'll probably kill me.' He had no intention of ever letting her find out but the thought crept into his mind. "Let's eat. I have to get back in an hour for the next meeting."

Yu Sha could only comply.

As she was eating, she somehow felt like she lost either way, even when she breached the contract, why does it feel like he was enjoying the action more than her? He had nothing to lose, but she does, especially now that he was the Prince of the country, and all the women would die, the country will rain of heartbreaks.

"I don't understand how those women find you likeable?" Yu Sha unconsciously blurted out her thought.

Hue Chi, acted all surprised as if he had no clue he could be unlikeable to her. "You don't?" Everyone loved him at first sight. No one has ever expressed their dislike of him.

Realizing that she spoke out loud, she couldn't back track and accepted her thought. "No."

"Why not?"

"There is nothing about you that is likeable."

Hue Chi acted even more surprised, "Heh... that's the first time someone ever say anything like that to me. Everyone falls in love with me at first sight. I never knew I could be so unlikeable."

Somehow Yu Sha felt like he was playing with the way his tone sounded. "I'm being serious here. Those people must be lying to you!"

Hue Chi narrowed his eyes while he seemed lost in thoughts, "Hm..." This woman here, constantly fights me head on without backing down, even after knowing my status. Her behavior did not falter at all. Is that why I find her so amusing?

Yu Sha continued to eat while Hue Chi was quiet with a dull expression.

Did he take what I said too hard? He must have never heard anyone criticized him before. Could it be I dealt a blow too big for him to handle? Was I too harsh?

"What's your grandmother like?" He asked after pondering for a while.

Puzzled why he suddenly brought up her grandmother, but could he have remembered it from yesterday when she mentioned her bracelet? She replied, "She's wonderful."

"What does your grandmother do?"

"Why do you ask?"

"Just wondering, since she gave you the custom-made bracelet, does she make jewelry for a living?"

Hue Chi wanted to probe for more information about her grandmother. She sent her projectile via space to see Yu Sha. She must not be a regular grandma.

Yu Sha laughed. She thought it was weird that he suddenly brought up her grandmother, but was it because he thought her grandmother made jewelry for a living?

"No, she does not. Well, it's weird, but grandma is a psychic medium. She does some divinations time to time. But most people don't believe in that kind of stuff."

Hue Chi pounders for a while before he silently eats his food. After they have eaten, Hue Chi left to go back to attend his next meeting while Yu Sha left to explore. Her next place was Aires Royal Museums.

While exploring the museums, she came upon the tattered book, "The Legend" encased in a thick glass shelf. She remembered about the play she watched at Allusion Theatre and became curious.

Yu Sha put her hands up on the glass box, wanting to know what was really written in the book. She is one that was never interested in movies and entertainment, but for a brief moment she was interested of the story in the book. She stood by the glass case long enough until a staff came by to ask her if she wanted an explanation of the book.

Yu Sha shook her head to decline before proceeding to the next display.