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170 What Is In The Message?

 After breakfast, the two went their separate ways. Hue Chi went to his meetings while Yu Sha explored the city with his bodyguard following her. Although she didn't like the ideas of having someone secretly followed her, he explained that because of how everyone reacted last night, he wanted to make sure no one can cause her trouble. She reluctantly accepted the service as she does not want to explain herself to his people if they should approach her.

Yu Sha explored some sightings and went shopping at the mall. When she rang up her items at the registered, she didn't have to pay a cent for it. The cash register said it was free, and all paid for.

Yu Sha glanced at the bodyguard through the glass window. His back facing the store and hands held behind. She wondered if it was the work of the bodyguard. He must have coordinated for her stuff to be billed to Hue Chi while she was busy browsing around. Though it must have been under the instruction of Hue Chi.

She reached for her phone and sent a text to him. She can't think of anyone who would do that other than him. "I just want to let you know, no man can flatter me with money as I have my own money. But you owe me big time, so I will spend all your money!"

In the conference room, Hue Chi was in a meeting, listening to the debates around the table until he heard his phone beeped. He reached for the phone to read the text message. After reading the text message from Yu Sha, he let out a chuckle, making all the people in the room stop what they're doing.

She could just say thank you but instead of saying thanks, she went on a roundabout to say thanks. Seeing his pleasant smile, the people in the conference room lost all their train of thoughts.

"Did I see it wrong? The Prince just smiled?"

"I see it too!"

"Who sent the text, what did it say?"

"What is happening? Is the world coming to an end?"

"Our Dark Prince, no longer dark? He's like heaven send!"

All the people in the room went wild crazy until Long Kue brought them back on track. Just from the expression, he knew who sent the message. He, too, felt just as excited but had to remain professional and keep everyone on time.

It was already noon when she finally shopped to her heart's content. With the help of the bodyguard, Yu Sha dropped off all her bags in the penthouse before meeting Hue Chi for lunch.

The bodyguard led her to another business skyscraper building in the city. They took the elevator up to the top floor and walked out to the roof. The roof was so spacious with its own swimming pool, bar and lounge area.

Yu Sha walked past the flowers and animal shaped bushes before reaching the table Hue Chi sat at. Currently, he was the only one there. "We're having lunch here?" She asked curiously.

"Yes, you don't like it here?"

She shook her head to deny. "No. It's nice here."

"So were you able to spend all my money?" He asked arrogantly.

Yu Sha snickered at him. She knew he had a lot of money and even if he doesn't, she had no intention to buy that much anyway. She sat down across from Hue Chi, "I assumed your meetings went well."

"Much better without you."

"Tsch." Yu Sha slapped her hand on the table. "I wonder why? Your people, they make such a big deal out of a single woman. They have nothing better to do with their life than to worry about such small matters."

Hue Chi nodded his head, "For once, I agreed with you."

Yu Sha then repositioned herself and inched a little closer to the table. "Hey, so, does your family already have a wife for you?" She got a glimpsed into the life of the elites and wouldn't be too surprised if his wife was already chosen for him.

"Why? You want to be one too?" Hue Chi joked as he chuckled.

Yu Sha hissed, "This is no time for joke. I'm being serious."

"Mm... no."

"Eh? Really? That's hard to believe. Don't you all wealthy people have your life planned for you even when you're still in the womb?"

"Yes for some families, but not all. Although the families has preferences of who they want their children to marry."

"Hmm... So that woman last time must be someone your parents want you to marry?" Yu Sha was referring to Kao Sheng. She saw that her father accompanied the king at the auction event. It doesn't take a brainer to know the relationship between her family and the royal.

Hue Chi paused and did not reply. The reason he allowed her to attend that time was because his parents wanted him to. It happened to be that the investors and Elite Circles were invited to the event that was designed to celebrate the opening of the project. He allowed her to come for convenient sake.

He felt irritated at her question. Why does it bother him when she brought up another woman as if he only wanted the conversation to be just about them two? He does not want to talk of that matter even with his parents, thus he remained silent. And, as usual, when someone couldn't reply, it usually meant yes. His silence made Yu Sha jump to conclusion.

"Ah hah! So I was right." Yu Sha spoke happily and then asked, "Don't you like her? Do you want me to help you woo her?" She asked with sheer confidence that she could help him win the chase and flirt game.

Unable to stand how she accused him of having a relationship with other woman, he unconsciously stood up and locked his lips onto hers. His body moved in to kiss her before it registered in his brain.