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169 Shes A Wonderful Girl

 A while later, Hue Chi and Yu Sha arrive back to the penthouse. She was exhausted keeping herself tamed for events like these. When they got back, she lost all her energy from keeping herself composed at the meetings and event.

Yu Sha rushed to her room to change and remove all the makeup off. She was too tired to pour out her angers and frustrations to lecture Hue Chi tonight. She hopped onto the comfy bed and drifted to sleep.

Hue Chi wanted to order more food for Yu Sha as he felt she did not eat much today at all, but saw she disappeared and never came out, he assumed she was done for the night. He, too, got ready for bed as well.

Several hours later, in the still of the night, while everyone was in dreamland, the world quiet and tranquil, a space distortion wiggled by the window and a figure of an elderly woman came out of the distorted space. She transcended down onto the floor like she had wings.

She walked towards the bed to where Yu Sha was sleeping soundly. Yu Sha sleeping on her back with her left hand up above her head and right arms flung to the side. The blankets and extra pillows were all over the place, reminding the elderly woman of when Yu Sha was small. She slept the same way. She has not changed much.

The elderly woman then glanced at the hematite bracelet. She wondered how all the 6 gates got undone in such a short time since Yu Sha arrived in Aires. She hovered her hand over the bracelet and then a light glow from her palm into the bracelet.

The light traveled and wrapped around the bracelet a few times and dissipated inside the bracelet. As she was looking at Yu Sha, she felt a presence and lifted her head up to look at the door. Stood by the door was Hue Chi observing the event. She didn't think anyone could detect her projectile.

Hue Chi had woken up to a feeling of peculiarity in the airs traveling towards them. When he sensed the energy stopped in Yu Sha's room, he got up to investigate. He didn't sense any evil intention and so he allowed the event to play out.

When the elderly woman saw Hue Chi, she stood straight up and walked through the wall to the living area. Hue Chi followed the peculiar energy to the living room.

"I assumed you're the Friend she's staying with?" The elderly woman asked in a low hoarse tone.

"I assumed you're her grandmother?"

She smiled and replied, "She's a wonderful girl if you truly get to know her."

Hue Chi didn't flinch a muscle while studying Yu Sha's grandmother. She and her family are full of mysteries.

"What brings you here tonight? Something wrong with the bracelet?" He asked.

Yu Sha's friend circle is small, and those she kept in her life are lifetime friends. Now that she suddenly had a new friend, could he be the reasons why the seal is being knocked down one by one?

Yu Sha's grandmother rushed forward at Hue Chi only to have her ability cancelled out by him. She understood why the gate was broken layer after layer. "I assumed you must be the root cause?"

"I'm not following." He replied.

"Something unpleasant will happen to her if you keep using your power when she attempted to use hers too. Your internal energy clashing will break the bracelet apart." What she meant was the seal will become undone. Hue Chi's ability can nullify the seal.

"What is the purpose of the bracelet?"

"Protection charm." Yu Sha's grandmother replied and disappeared into space. It was not a lie. The bracelet was to protect Yu Sha, so they always called it the protection charm but never bothered explaining why and how.

Hue Chi still has more questions to ask her, but she had already left. He stood at the same place for a while and then walked over to Yu Sha's room.

She was still sleeping with each extremities pointed at different directions. He studies her bracelet, feeling that there is some higher power sealed in the bracelet. What kind of unpleasant things will she experience? What does that have to do with him using his power?

"Damn old woman. She explained nothing and took off."

The next day, Yu Sha woke up to get ready for the day. When she came out, Hue Chi was sitting in the dining room and the table full of different dishes.

"What is the occasion here?"

"Have some breakfast. These are from the hotel restaurant." Hue Chi replied.

Yu Sha pulled a chair across from Hue Chi and grabbed some food onto her plate. "You have 4 more meetings today. Do I have to go to all 4 of them? I might die if this keeps up."

"You want some free time?" He asked.

Her puppy eyes light up and she nodded her head hastily. She was now in the city. It was only natural that anyone would want a little free time to do things for themselves. Being confined with him hour after hour, she might really suffocate and die.

"You need to go home and explain things to your parents that there really is nothing between us. And clear things to all your admirers."

Hue Chi looked at her sparkly, "You don't want to be one of them?"

Yu Sha shrieked, "No. Never!"

He wasn't expecting her to be this open with him, telling him that she might die and suffocate for being confined with him. Was he really that insignificant to her? Should he give her a hard time or give in to her? But her puppy eyes won his heart. He chuckled before replying, "You're free to do whatever you want. Meet me for lunch later. A bodyguard will accompany you today and bring you later."

She was awestruck that she can do whatever she wants! She can't help but reconfirm, "Really? I can?"


She jolted up from excitement, "I can? You're not lying, there is no condition?"


He originally planned to let her have the day to herself. It wouldn't make sense to keep her cooped up with him while there are many places she could explore. Anyone naturally would like their guest to explore their home country.