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166 Being Scolded Could Be This Exciting

 To her, she and Hue Chi had no relationship, only bounded by a one-month contract, but his parents, the mother and father of the nation does not think so.

Hue Chi did not formally introduce her to them and vice versa, making it hard for her to know how to act towards them. Although she sat the farthest away from the Queen and King, she still felt nervous.

"Mother, father, my work here is done. I'll take my leave first."

His Mother Queen stuttered. "Hue Chi, you're not going to the dinner hall?"

"Mm... We have to get back."

"Let someone take her back. You started this event. It's disrespectful to leave in the middle of your event." The King commanded in a stern low voice. His voice wasn't loud and outrageous but in a low stern tone. One can tell that he means business and had issued an order.

"That's rude to my guest." Hue Chi retorted.

"You!" His father King clenched his jaw while a vein is about to pop on his forehead.

Yu Sha felt even more awkward at the situation. She was mad at him but had to put up a front. In a normal situation, it would not mean much when you bring a date to an event. But his situation meant an entirely different thing to the people! Now his parents and him are having a serious passive fight. She can't even tell when would be the right time to interrupt.

She wanted to tell Hue Chi that she should leave first. She was hungry like a wild boar and prefered to eat elsewhere. Eating with all these high-class people, no matter how good the food is, her soul wouldn't be full.

Hue Chi wanted to take her to eat elsewhere, food she liked. It was the reason he wanted to leave. She starved all day following him around. He was aware of that but there wasn't enough time in between for him to properly treat her to a meal. He wanted to use this opportunity to repay her with food that make her eyes drools.

To not escalate the situation, the queen interrupted. "Hue Chi, why don't you take your friend to the dinner hall and have dinner?"

'Friend, what friend? We're not friends!' If only Yu Sha could say easily, she would deny all the way.

Hue Chi looked at Yu Sha to see what state of mind she was in before deciding to go. He gave her the final say.

Yu Sha nudged her head in response they should stop by the dinner hall. This was an event he started, it was only the right thing that he appeared before the people for a moment. She wouldn't be able to face the country if it was because of her he didn't show up.

"Are you sure?" He asked.

"Mm... We should go to the dinner hall."

The royal couples were bewildered! 'He asked for her opinions! Since when had other people's opinions mattered to him? Or was it only hers? What kind of tick she pulled to make him accommodate her this much?'

Prince Hue Chi quietly complied and led her to the dining hall. The interaction between Hue Chi and Yu Sha puzzled the Royal Couples, and those who were still in the room. The Royal Couples had never seen their son act so close and casual, not even with the male confidants that worked with their son.

Kao Sheng and her parents were just shocked and at a loss for the Prince never asked anyone for opinions of anything, but he asked Yu Sha.

'Was I mistaken? I was wary of Su Na, instead it was Yu Sha that I should be wary of? But Yu Sha had nothing going on for her? How was she able to attract the Prince?' Kao Sheng thought as her heart ached, feeling disappointed. She now had lost all appetite to eat anything.

General Va Tong didn't think Yu Sha would come with Hue Chi, so he didn't bother to tell his wife and daughter of what happened earlier. He thought she was really in the meeting to replace Long Kue and that after the meeting, the two were going their separate ways as Hue Chi had never brought women to attend any events previously.

In the hallway, while walking to the dining hall, Yu Sha spoke unhappily, "We have a lot to talk later." She wanted to let him know, that if he was someone else, taking her to this event would be normal. But because he wasn't just someone else, he had to think about her position and what other people would think. She does not want them to interfere with her work here in Aires.


"Don't get me started here. It's not the appropriate place to get me started?" Yu Sha replied in disdain. If she gets started here, she'll be too rile up and cause a scene. She practiced a lot with Su Na on holding herself back in events like this so she could control her mouth and behaviors.

Hue Chi chuckled. He never thought being scolded by someone could be this exciting, or was it only from her that he felt this way?

Then he remembered when she asked him earlier if they've met before, the way she looked at him, the reflections in her eyes, how she touched him was like she met her long lost important person for the first time after being separated for decades. Was she pretending not to remember? Or the person who asked him that question was not Yu Sha?

He could solve a lot of problems, led a country, planned several steps ahead based on the end result he predicted, but was unable to solve her. She was full of riddles and mysteries he couldn't decipher. A part of him felt exhilarated to find out more about her.

Either way, he felt there would be more time to probe for information later. He had to make his appearance to the guest and get out. He, himself never really enjoyed this kind of events, but only attended out of duty and obligations.