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161 Give It To Me

 One of the women walked over to grab Yu Sha and took her away.

She had a more urgent matter to take care of first and yelled, "Wait, wait... Give me a few minutes. I need to make a quick phone call." Everyone paused and allowed her to have a few minutes.

She took off and went to the bathroom to call Su Na. Once when she got inside, she was nervous talking to Su Na, so she opted for text messaging. 'Why do I feel like I'm having an affair and have to be secretive?'

Su Na was wrapping at the site ready to go back to the ship. Her phone beeped while she packed the computer. She looked at the screen and saw a text from Yu Sha.

"I decided to go to the cities. Will be back maybe tomorrow or the day after. Let me know if you need me to get anything."

Su Na didn't think anything odd with the text message since they text each other all the time and this was not the first time Yu Sha had strayed off on her own. Yu Sha is free to go anywhere she wanted to, and she was relieved for the next few days.

She knew her beast friend doesn't like to be still at one place for long. Therefore, it seemed normal that Yu Sha wanted to get out and change scenery. "Su Na quickly replied, "No over drinking, stay off trouble!"

Yu Sha rolled her eyes when she saw the reply. She was in a more dangerous situation than being drunk off somewhere. She rather be drunk right now! She hastily texted. "Ok."

Yu Sha came out of the bathroom feeling much better after texting Su Na. The younger-looking woman pulled her into another room for a makeover. Hue Chi originally planned to take her down to the salon to get ready, but with how things went in the meeting, he opted for calling room service. He had his own reason why he dragged her out so it was his responsibility to keep her safe.

A little later, Yu Sha came out dressed in a long white dress embedded in diamond stone flower patterns, making the dress as glittery as her silvery eyes.

She wore a piece set of amethyst jewelry that seemed to complement the white dress. The jewelry set was from the world-renowned jewelry designer brand Gem, who was in the meeting earlier. His full name was Timon Gem, his family, Gem Corporation owns a mine land plus laboratory that produced some of the rarest gems and crystal stones in the world. The Gem Corporation owned one-third of the gems and crystal stones in the world.

Seeing Yu Sha glammed up with hairs styled and makeup on, Hue Chi felt he saw her somewhere, at one time, briefly. He reached for his phone and snapped a picture to send to Long Kue for an investigation of the connection of her look to Antique.

Yu Sha was walking to the living room from the hallway when he pointed his phone at her followed by a snap clicking sound.

She yelled, "You took a picture of me? No taking pictures! Delete it!"

Seeing that he didn't respond to her demand, Yu Sha pulled her dress up and ran towards Hue Chi planning to take his phone from him so she could delete the picture. She knew he'll nullify her ability if she used it, and he's good at hand combat, but she has yet to try just brute force.

By the time she reached him and jumped to get the phone, he already finished typing the message to Long Kue and locked the screen. He raised his phone up in the air while trying to hold her down with the other hand in hopes that Yu Sha would get tired and give up but she was being persistent.

"Let me delete the picture. NO pictures!" She huffed and puffed as she jumped to reach for the phone.

After a few attempts to no avail, she then tripped Hue Chi's leg and pushed him onto the couch making him sat right down on the couch with his back leaning on the backrest.

Seeing that he's down, Yu Sha quickly pulled up her dress, exposing her pale delicate legs, spread her legs and climbed onto him while trapping him between her legs. She now in straddle position, leaning forward to reach for the phone that was raised slightly behind and up.

Her chest was at the height of his face and with her leaning forward, has forced his face to burrow into her plump chest. He could see the perky shape and cleavage as her dress is in a V-Shape neckline.

Hue Chi froze as his pupils dilated while she kept pumping her chest into his face reaching for the phone.

"Give it to me. Didn't you hear me! Ah, NO, give it to me!" Yu Sha shouted while huffing heavily to dig the phone out of his hand.

Her behaviors and words sent electric shocks through Hue Chi's body. He couldn't move due to extreme shock of the position they are in and the amount of body action he felt at the moment, accompanied by her voice shouting "Give it to me."

Suddenly, the demon that had been sleeping below woke up at full force, causing great alarms to Hue Chi. He had no choice but to surrender to her. His arms naturally retreated down to the side allowing Yu Sha to pluck the phone right out of his hand. She was getting so worked up over his phone that she had forgotten the state they were in.

Still trapping him in between her legs, she pulled the phone to look, but the screen was locked. Her brows furrowed unhappily as she glared as Hue Chi, who was still frozen from shock trying to suppress the demon could break free any moment.

Yu Sha thought it's her lucky day! He couldn't move! She quickly reached for his hand and forced his fingerprint on the sensor to unlock the phone. When the phone unlocked, she smiled and hastily searched for the gallery folder. There, she found her picture and deleted the photo.

"Ah hah! Here, do not take pictures without my permission." Yu Sha threw the phone back onto Hue Chi's hand before getting off him. She was getting thirsty after the brawls, she needed to get some water.

The three women dressers witnessed the entire thing! They were just as shocked as the Dark Prince, frozen in place while they blushed at the scene and thought to themselves, the prince of their country was just violated in front of their eyes!