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160 Curious Of Her Heritage

 Just as Fa Han was thinking of the possibilities, his phone rang. He looked at the screen and it was the King on the other line. He predicted the King will inquire information about the woman, so he acted beforehand.

Fa Han picked up the phone and updated that she avoided the surveillances, her face was not properly captured so he could not do a background run through in the database. This news made the king even more furious.

After hanging up with Fa Han, the king then called Long Kue and demanded to know the truth to which Long Kue couldn't disobey. He told the king her identity, but elaborated that Prince Hue Chi was only using her because he was backing up Lu Han.

Lue Han was actually not feeling well, and he stepped in to take most of the responsibility. Yu Sha happened to be relieved to do sedentary work. That was why she was being utilized. The truth was, Ether had enough manpower to handle the conference fair. But this was a planned scheme to get Long Kue out of his usual duty, which was by Hue Chi's side.

The King didn't believe all of what Long Kue said but he was not as mad as earlier. After he hung up, he called Long Kue's father to research on Yu Sha's background.

It was only a matter of minutes later, everyone in the Elite Social Circle knew of her identity. She was the contractor for one of the ongoing projects Ether was in charge of. Some of them knew of the two ladies and saw the ladies at the banquet before the project started, but the Yu Sha and Su Na looked different since they were dressed up.

Although Yu Sha may look like an ordinary secretary earlier, they knew that Su Na and Yu Sha, two young women fresh out of college with no wealth or prestige to back them up had already made their mark in three countries at an unbelievable rate.

These people in the Elite Social Circle were born into wealth and prestige, and it took several generations of their ancestors to build the empire they have today. The only thing Yu Sha and Su Na lack was a prestige noble background tied to their name. If they were to have that, they could also compete for the position of the future Queen even if they are from a different country.

Naturally, the citizens and everyone else in Aires would prefer an Aires native-born as Queen, but if the citizens came to like the potential queen enough, anyone with power and fame could become Queen. This was even more mind bottling for all those who seek such position for their daughter.

After Long Kue hung up the phone, he was shaking, and sweat dripped down his face. His nightmares, what he thought of when he was in the cart checking in on the constructions with Prince Hue Chi a few weeks back might be true. Aires was not only composed of the King and Queen that ruled over the country but backed by a powerful Elite Circle whose opinions matter just as much. The love life of Prince Hue Chi might be harder than it seems.

The Royal Family usually can't pick and choose who they want to marry. Those born into wealth and prestige had their life planned and mapped out for them in order to continue to monopolize the top. That was how each of their empires was able to survive for centuries.

Back in the Penthouse, Yu Sha was idling with her cell phone. Instead of taking notes during the meeting, she used her phone to record while researching on some people that were present in the meeting since she doesn't know all of them. She now has a good grasped of how Aires operated.

Yu Sha had never been in a room full of tensions in the airs and does not know much about politics. Her parents raised her and Yu Ping away from politics, and they grew up like regular normal children. Her parents' wish were for her and her brother to just be happy and free.

Yu Sha now feels like probing her mother of what she actually does. Her father could go back to work now that Yu Ping and she were all grown, but why has he been working under the disguise of Chronos and work independently? Was it a way of her parents protecting her and her brother? Are there secrets her parents are keeping?

Now that she actually spent the time to think things through, her family is full of secrets. She does not know much about her own heritage at all. After all these years, it never occurred to her that her family may not be ordinary citizens.

Yu Sha now feels like she's been very spoiled and ignorant all her life. She have to do some research the next time when she visits home.

Soon, the door creaked open and Hue Chi entered. The sight of him stopped Yu Sha from thinking about her family matters. She turned to look at Hue Chi. "I feel like I'm not supposed to be there."

He looked at her and internally felt bad. She does not know the rat race among the Elite Social Circle and felt he dragged her onto something she does not deserve to experience, but he had to pull her in for his own gain.

In the end, he could only assure, "Don't think too much." As soon as Hue Chi replied, a few knocks were heard on the door.

Soon, the door beeped opens and three women came in one after another, one wheeling in a clothing rack, one wheeling a cart.

Surprised at the commotion, she asked, "What's going on here?"

"We have to get ready for the Charity auctions."

"What? Aren't we going like this?" She had thought they were going to go the way they are.

"It's a formal event, you'll have to dress up."