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159 Aires Elite Social Circles

 Yu Sha sat her phone next to the laptop and set it to record. She glanced at the names and was familiar with some of them as their business success has reached other countries.

Once the King and General Va Tong took a seat, a man who looked in his 50s with brunette hairs asked, "Prince, where is Long Kue?" He looked dissatisfied with the woman next to Hue Chi. His daughter was fond of Hue Chi and he hoped that she would get an internship at Aires Royal Corporate Square to learn the rope of works that affect the entire nation.

Although she got to work at the Royal Corporate Square, it was nowhere near the Prince at all, as there was no position available on his floor. She needn't to lower herself down, she could become anything she wanted to in the world, but she chose to be noticed by the Prince.

Yu Sha looked at the name Astos Daikarai. He was the CEO for Daikarai Airline that was among the 5 most luxurious and famous airlines in the world.

Hue Chi replied, "He's helping Lue Han oversees the Fall Annual Business Conference Fair." Usually, Long Kue doesn't give a hand to Ether at all and worked exclusively for the Prince but this time it was all coordinated so Yu Sha could tag along according to the Prince's wish. Everyone found it odd that suddenly Long Kue was helping Ether.

"What is that son of mine doing that would require Long Kue's assistance?" Fa Han added with a grim of irritation. "I'll have to check on him after this."

Yu Sha assumed that the man who just spoke must be Lue Han's father. She secretly thought to herself, it must be awful to be children of this kind of parents. They seem too authoritative based on their behaviors and auras.

She glanced at Hue Chi, feeling pity for him. He had to deal with these kinds of people even though he was the prince of the country. What was the purpose of having the title when it seemed he had to please them and meet them in the middle? Just the first 5 minutes and she already felt exhausted from them.

"Let's get back to business." The King interrupted. "Kozai, you have news to share, I believe."

Yu Sha became alert when Kozai Fang spoke. His family line is the founder of Fang Technology, his name, Kozai Fang. Their inventions are also famous and was widely used across the globe while her father's inventions were more superiors and limited in quantity, but that does not undermine the fact that Fang Corporation had some good creations of their own and had only improved throughout the years. From what she heard, they invented the satellites used in Aires just like her father to Lyon, but he went by the code name Chronos to keep his identity hidden.

Kozai adjusted his glasses before speaking. "My corporation has been able to add 2 more sea satellites in the ocean. We will test run it next month in the West Peninsula Base with Chu Seng."

Next, Chu Seng gave his updates. He was Military General of the Sea while Va Tong was Military General of the land and protector of the Royal Family. The Seng's corporation specializes in weapons, also has a branch that owns the Navy and submarines that protected ocean borders. Everyone around the circle was able to chime in with little updates on their end.

Almost two hours later, Hue Chi ended the meeting. "Ma Chien, the rest is up to your best judgment. Meeting adjourned."

Fa Han was the first one to leave as he wanted to check with his son, Lue Han.

"Hue Chi, we need to talk." The King commanded.

Hue Chi was about to get up when his father spoke. He then looked at Yu Sha. "Go back to the room. I'll meet up with you later."

Some of the Elite Social Circle members are still in the room, but the King asked for privacy and so everyone got out.

After the last person left, the King approached Hue Chi, "Who is the woman?" He doesn't know all the employees at Aires Royal Corporate Square but he knew that even if the woman his son brought does work at Aires Royal Corporate, she probably was so low in the hierarchy chain.

Out of all the people Hue Chi could have brought with him, it had to be someone of that rank. In this kind of meeting, sometimes confidential information will be shared among the group. Not just anyone can join. And then Ma Chien, who controlled the media will eventually publish what information the public should know and what information to keep from the public.

Hue Chi remained silent, not replying to his father. The father and son exchanged gazes before the King commanded. "The Fall Annual Festivals that our ancestors started is coming up next month. Do not disappoint the country. You must pick a partner from Aires Elite Social Circle. It's a duty anyone who was to be King had to fulfill."

After the King commanded him of his duty, Hue Chi left the room. General Va Tong, Astos Daikarai, Chu Seng, Deni Ray, who owned the Ray Hotel chain across the world, was still outside waiting. When Hue Chi walked out, he saw the men standing outside as if they were waiting to probe for information. He felt he was under no obligation to give them information about who worked for him.

Fa Han was already at the security control room to dig information on Yu Sha but every time when she walked past a security camera, her face was either out of sight, or she looked down and away like she purposely had done so to avoid being captured.

Fa Han was impressed. Those missed recordings of her was just no mere coincidence. He then looked at the recording of earlier time today outside of the penthouse door and saw that they both went inside the penthouse and out at the same time. This behavior of the Prince was unheard of!