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158 Employing a Female

 The next meeting was with Aires Social Elite Circle, some of the wealthiest in Aires, if not in the world. Their families have long-standing generations of business success, which created a place in the Social Elite Circle. They have influence strong enough to have their decisions matter with certain things about the country.

As soon as the two men from Aires Agricultural Department left, a man in black came in with some snacks and drinks for Yu Sha. He was one of the bodyguards that walked with them earlier.

Hue Chi heard her stomach complaint before and knew that she had quite the appetite, so he wanted to make sure her stomach stayed quiet during the duration of their next meeting.

"Sorry, we don't have time for lunch. Eat some snacks before the next meeting." He planned to compensate her to a restaurant of her choice later to make up for not feeding her appropriately.

Yu Sha felt touched by his gesture. Those are snacks from Ether restaurant in the floor below! Her eyes sparkled warmly. Who would have thought a spoiled prince could be so considerate! Which then pushed in the thought of that time when he took a detour to another hotel just so she could take a warm bath. His consideration exceeded her expectation, although she felt he purposely made her think otherwise. He doesn't explain his action well enough but acted oddly to give her the wrong impression.

Yu Sha gladly accepted the offer. "Thanks, then... I'll help myself."


Shortly later, the pairs walked out and made their way up one floor into a bigger conference room. Most of the Social Elite Circles arrived and was sitting around the table chatting among themselves. The entrance of Prince Hue Chi and Yu Sha momentarily silenced them. All eyes were on the pair, shocked of the woman besides the prince.

The pair's entrance stunned the Elites Circles. Their eyes unable to stray away from studying Yu Sha. For as long as they knew, the Prince had refused to allow females to work directly for him. He never accepted a dinner invitation with a female. They knew, because some of them tried to ask the Prince to have meals with their daughters in the past, to which their offer was kindly declined.

Yu Sha felt all the eyes assessing her, glaring like predators observing their prey. Her natural instinct tensed up, almost sending her into defense mode. What was this intense irritated feeling in the airs about? She casually scanned the room to observe the people, figuring what was wrong. She had a feeling she was not supposed to be in the room.

Hue Chi sat down on the lead's chair and Yu Sha sat next to him. She took out her laptop and phone to record the meeting. She felt this was an important meeting and thought it was best if she recorded the entire meeting. She was not confident in her ability to keep up and interpret everything appropriately. Later, she will give the voice clip to Long Kue and he can decipher the meeting.

The Elite Circles were still observing Yu Sha in case their eyes saw her wrong. Why did the Prince bring in a woman, an unfamiliar woman to their meeting? Was he confident that she would not leak the information discussed? Why haven't they heard any news of him using a female? Or was it for just a onetime thing? This can't possibly be. Not just anyone can come to their recurring meetings.

Hue Chi would never allow just anyone to work directly for him even if it's just a one-time thing. There are so many options available if for any unforeseen reasons Long Kue cannot attend which has never ever happened before. Being next to Hue Chi was Long Kue first priority and ONLY job!

Some Elite Circles showed a dissatisfied expression, but they said nothing of it as they didn't understand the situation well. It was best to keep their mouths shut until they get further information. But sometimes, they discuss classified information and are selective in who can attend the meetings. Since their Prince casually dragged a woman, does it mean that he approved of her to hear what they would discuss?

A few more people arrived in the room and had the same expression when they saw a female sitting next to the prince. Why haven't they heard of this change of assistant?

Last to arrive was Va Tong and the King. As they were walking into their seat, their eyes caught glimpsed of Yu Sha, a woman sitting beside Hue Chi. Their gaze didn't leave her as they walked to their seat. To their knowledge, they haven't seen that woman around before. Where did he suddenly picked up a woman and allowed her to come to their important meeting? What was he trying to pull?

The King was probably the only one among the Elite Circle that could guess his son's hidden motive for suddenly allowing a woman to work next to him. Was he trying to dispel talk of the potential partners? Was he trying to shut down the Elite Circle by bringing a woman into the meeting? The King was dissatisfied like everyone else but had to keep quiet as it wouldn't be good to cause a commotion. Family matters should be separated from work matters.

Yu Sha could feel that all the people in the room are powerful people based on their body postures, facial expressions, and auras. She scanned across the room to get a good look at their faces and memorized the name that appeared on the digital name tag in front of each seat. In a way, it felt honorable to have met the people who run the country. If she wanted to help Su Na accomplish her empire, she too, must also network or familiarized herself with people from the top of the chain. When it comes to intimidation, if she wanted to, she would be better than all of them. With this thought, she loosened her composure and sit back onto the chair, ignoring everyone.

The corner of Hue Chi's lips curved at barely minimal when he sensed her relaxed energy.