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157 Portraying A Sophisticated Secretary

 Some times later, Yu Sha stepped out of the room to find Hue Chi. He was waiting for her in the living room as he finished looking through his work files. Before she took her first step at his direction, the sight of his back temporarily froze her in place as the image felt familiar to something she had seen in the past.

His back facing her, so tranquil while emitting a mystifying aura as he was in a world of his own untouched by the world around.

As she stood in place, drawn in by his back, the sight of his back suddenly reminded her of the man in her dream like they are one and only person. She shrieked at such thoughts that ran through her mind. She silently shook her head to get rid of the nonsense thinking and walked towards him.

Upon approaching him, she said, "Um... I'm ready."

Hue Chi quickly glimpsed at Yu Sha and saw she put on a pair of big round black frame glasses and hairs pulled up into a bun.

Perplexed, he asked, "What's with the glasses and hairdo?"

"I'm portraying myself as a secretary, sophisticated secretary." She replied happily, proud of the look.

Hue Chi narrowed his eyes helplessly at her reasoning as he headed for the door.

"Do I look like the female version of your assistant? Clean cut, glasses, and stern?" Yu Sha asked as she followed behind while adjusting her glasses. She wanted to portray the same feeling that of Long Kue.

Hue Chi stopped his track and glanced at her, "If I want someone like my assistant, I would have made you go take his place and have him come with me."

"Oh..." The other reason to her getup was also to hide her identity or minimize the chance of being recognized. What if other people recognized her and the news reached Su Na? How would she  explain the situation? And she has forgotten to call Su Na to let her know that she was away off site. What if Su Na looked for her to have dinner with and she was nowhere to be seen?

Yu Sha was suddenly overcome with troubles and grief. She'll have to find time later to call her friend and give an update before night time.

"Let's go." Hue Chi spoke and pulled the door open.

Yu Sha quickly followed him. When they exited through the door, 4 men in black suits greeted them and followed them to the conference hall. She hadn't seen this many people around him since her first encounter with him. Considering that he was a prince, he doesn't have any bodyguards? She had only seen Long Kue and Butler Zeu around him. For someone as important as he, the country's prince, she thought it was odd. This conference must have a lot of public people to warrant bodyguards?

Yu Sha remembered when she met the first Prince of Cleotara, there were a lot of bodyguards around beside his assistants. Wherever the First Prince of Cleotara went to, people always noticed. This Perverted Prince, it's impossible to know that he held the crowned prince title. He walked around without bodyguards and strayed away too far from protections. It was almost unimaginable that he was a prince. Shouldn't they be cocky, arrogant, and entered places glamourously?

While they were walking, Yu Sha, she secretly prayed in her heart that nobody would recognize her with the getup.

The walk to the conference took 15 minutes as Ether Hotel was large, with one side designated for conferences and events to which other companies often rented to run events.

The first floor of Ether hotel usually was open for business to set up booths to showcase their new invention or products while the second and third floors are full of shops. There are skyways that connected to the surrounding buildings. One doesn't need to enter other buildings by walking outside. They can do so with all the connecting skyways.

The conferences are on the 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th floors of the southwest side of Ether Hotel while the rest are rooms for sleeping. The conference with Aires Agricultural Department is on the 5th floor in one of the conference rooms. As Hue Chi them entered the room, two men were waiting for them.

When the men saw them, they both got up and greeted. "Your Highness, thanks for making time to meet us during this busy conference going on."

The word "Your Highness" sent chills to Yu Sha as it was a reality confirmation that the Perverted Man really is a Prince. She then proceeded to sit down beside Hue Chi.

"No problem. I would also like an update of the current project since our last meeting."

The older of the two men walked up to the front where the projector was on, showing images at the wall. The older man then started his presentation. "We've created about 20 labor robots, three different tools and conducted a pilot study at Green Hill Plantation. Depending on what the plantation grows, we can program the robot for specific tasks. Growing and harvesting rooted fruits and grounded vegetables required different tasks and motions than produce growing on trees. We could reduce the use of human for labor, eliminate risks and injuries on human."

Yu Sha listened intently and typed as fast as she could to keep a record of the meeting content. She was not certain of what was the right way to do things, but she felt it was also a great opportunity to gain experience in other areas. She does not know a lot of other things besides drafting buildings. The meeting was smooth and ended 20 minutes early.

"Um... Where is your next meeting? Is it in this hotel?"

"Mm.. up one floor. Do you need anything before we head up?" Hue Chi asked.

What she wanted was to get something to eat. His breakfast was so light and unsatisfying. He may be used to eating almost nothing, but she was used to a more heavy and flavorful type of meals. Now that she thought about it, if she had to spend 2-3 days straight with him, eating what he eats, her stomach might concave in and self-destruct.