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156 Full Schedule

 The hotel manager greeted Prince Hue Chi and Yu Sha at the front and then led them to their room at the top floor. Prince Hue Chi always stayed in the penthouse of Ether Hotel when he had meetings with business partners and conferences to attend.

Yu Sha realized where they were being led to. Memories of the last time he took her to a different hotel to bathe and warm up flashed in her mind. A slight fear and nervousness crept on her face, afraid history might repeat itself.

The manager led them inside the room and made sure Prince Hue Chi had everything he needed before exiting. When Yu Sha noticed the hotel manager headed for the door, her body naturally tensed up. She did not want to be in an enclosed room with him. She immediately followed the manager but Hue Chi called out to her.

"Your laptop is on the table in the living room."

She halted her step and turned to look at Hue Chi, confused. "My laptop?" Her own laptop was in her tote bag. When he said, "your laptop" she, for a moment was confused.

"Mm... It wouldn't be right to make you use your own laptop."

"Oh... Ok." She nodded.

"And you can take the guest room over there." Hue Chi gestured by motioning his head in the direction of the room.

She raised her hand up in palm gesture to deny sharing the same suite with him."What? Wait... I can go get myself a room."

"Didn't you say you don't want to spend money?" He remembered her saying earlier about not wanting to spend money. Since he was the one that dragged her out, he'll make sure to properly accommodate her.

'Damn it! This guy here always find ways to make me eat my words! I should have known! Did he really hate me that much? Or is he just pure wicked?!'

Yu Sha could only utter, "Well, it's not the same. Spending money on things I already have plenty and spending money on things I don't have any are two different things."

"You have a room."

Yu Sha furrowed her eyes, staring at Hue Chi to study him, whether if he was doing this on purpose. "Where is your assistant?" She wanted to know if his assistant slept in the same suite as him and where Long Kue was at that he was not here tending to Hue Chi.

"He's busy." In fact, this wasn't a lie. Long Kue was busy collaborating with Lue Han setting up the conference for the next few days to make sure everything went well.

Yu Sha tiptoed over to the living room and opened the laptop. As soon as she flipped the screen up, the laptop turned on and an agenda of Hue Chi's schedule was already up.

She glanced at the agenda and noticed how packed his schedule was. She always thought he had a lot of time to idle around, but maybe she misunderstood? Maybe he found ways to work remotely where ever he can?

Starting from the top which will begin in about an hour, he had a meeting with Aires Agricultural Department, then a meeting with some stakeholders that are part of the Aires Elite Social Circle. After that, he was to attend the auction charity event that would go through the evening. Early next morning, he had meetings with a government officials that oversees current projects on implanting infrastructures improvement and methods to maintain it in the remote areas across the country.

There are always areas that need improvement in every country. Some countries had something they did well on and areas that needed more work. As the world changes with time and technology, not all places are privileged to change with time.

And so, Prince Hue Chi was working to improve his country. His country made up an entire continent, vast and wide. It took many generations to get to where they are now and will take many more generations to improve ways of life for all citizens.

"You should get change. Some clothes were provided for you. I'll be in my office." Hue Chi instructed Yu Sha before heading over to the office room.

She looked at his retreating figure and dawdled for a few minutes before reluctantly entered the room. To her surprise, a set of clothes was neatly laid on the bed. The vanity desk has unopen facial skin care sets, makeups, all high-end brands that was known throughout the planet. Yu Sha was awestrucked, even she herself was not privileged enough to use them.

Antique was a world-renowned brand, and she was only privileged because she happened to be friends with the CEO.

She then looked in the closet and there were more clothes neatly organized in there. Curious to see what else was provided, she pulled out the drawers to investigate. One drawer was full of bras and the drawer below was full of underwears! Her face paled. 'He thought everything through to the last layer!'

She took out the bra and underwear to inspect them for size. Low and behold, they are her size, fits her perfectly!

Shocked, "H... How does he know my size? Actually, who decided on the size?" She quickly felt her chest and waist thinking of how they could guess her size.

After she inspected the closet, Yu Sha quickly wore the dress on the bed. The size fit perfectly! The dress suit was made of high-quality materials, plaid in white, gray and black pattern all around with solid black in the middle chest down to around the waist creating a nice sexy curve.

Although, she was in an elegant formal business suit, she looked elegantly sexy with class. To top off the look, a few selections of heels lined along the floor on one side of the closet. Yu Sha looked at the shoes and decided, the closed toe black heels will go perfectly well with the dress. Black goes well with almost everything to her.

Yu Sha then hesitantly reached for the skincare and started applying them. She was not a maniac like Su Na about taking care of her skin, but she knew the basic as she had it done on her numerous time when Leo dragged her to do photo shoots. She never cared much about looking feminine as she was raised by her doting father, grew up constantly competing against her brother and boys at school.