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154 Offsite Meeting

 Ten minutes later, Yu Sha appeared on Prince Hue Chi's balcony all dressed with hairs still damp and carrying a tote bag. Before she could settle down her bag, to her surprise, there were food on the balcony table. The Perverted Prince, was sitting on a chair sipping his morning coffee reading economic news off his tablet device.

Bewildered at the sight, Yu Sha asked, "Um, what's all this about?" As she observed the dishes on the table that seemed like a feast for more than one person.

Hue Chi paused and looked at Yu Sha before replying, "Breakfast?"

"For me?" Yu Sha replied happily as her eyes sparkled. 'Hehe.. finally getting to eat what Royals usually eat.'

"Mm... feel free." Hue Chi gestured. He rarely eats full course meal for breakfast, but this morning was different because he planned to have her join.

She smiled and politely grabbed a chair to sit across from Hue Chi and clasped her hand. "Thank you for the meal." Food is the way to her heart and always put a smile on her face.

She looked at the varieties of what appeared like high-class exquisite dishes, making her feel complicated yet excited. She reached to scoop a spoon of a clear creamy soup dish and fed herself a spoon to taste. The dish tasted light with a tint of seafood flavor and refreshing regardless of the creamy texture.

She then tasted a greens salad tossed with fresh tropical fruits and light sweet vinaigrette dressing. Hm... why is everything so light in taste? She felt like what she ate was not food at all. It is then she realized that there was not a single meat dish!

She internally felt disappointed. Who would've thought the Royals eat nothing but fancy grasses in just different tossed up? "You eat this every day?"

"Mm... more or less." Hue Chi replied. Most of the food the royals eat followed a strict diet and usually cooked by specialized chef. From their drinks to the food and snacks they eat, the dieticians incorporated a healthy diet. "You don't like it?"

She shook her head heavily to deny a lie. "No." Although she preferred meat in all her meals and had no specific food for breakfast, lunch or dinner. She eats whatever is available or what she can get. And so, she always eat richly flavor and heavy food for every meal. Even when she eats with her family or Su Na, she still chose a heavier and more flavorful dish. To her, meat filled her stomach longer and flavorful dishes tasted more satisfying.

But right now, sitting across from her was the Prince of Aires and she was eating the same food he eats. That thought then led her to realize that paparazzi could catch her in a scandal eating together with the Prince!

Although she felt like since she first saw him around, there had been no paparazzi, but still, it never hurts to be cautious. Yu Sha then observed around to make sure there were no strangers nearby or in the distant with camera snapping picture. Even though where they were located at, facing the sea could be challenging for paparazzi to capture photos, but there was still a possibility. She had her fair share of not being careful enough. And since encountering the Perverted Prince, her luck seemed nonexistence.

Hue Chi could guess what her worries are, amused of her behaviors, in a low gentle voice, he reassured her, "Relaxed, no one is around."

Yu Sha calmed herself down but still not fully convinced. "It's never wrong to be extra cautious."

He smiled and replied, "Well, if you would have acted cautiously, you wouldn't be sitting here right now."

Hearing Hue Chi scorned was she just thought of, multiple arrows shot right through her nailing her heart. She cringed and glared at Hue Chi. He does not need to rub salt on her wound so blatantly.

"Tsk..." Yu Sha hissed. She then proceeded to stuff what's already on her plate down her mouth as if she was eating away her frustration.

Hue Chi shook his head at her unrestrained behaviors yet at the same time, find her quite entertaining. Before he knew it, the corner of his mouth curved up ever slightly feeling pleased.

She was a woman who definitely doesn't care much about what others think. She doesn't hold herself back whether it be her mind or mood. She be sure to let one have a taste of what she feels. Even now after she found out his identity, she still doesn't yield herself to him or hold herself back. Other women would lose their mind and proceed with caution when they know he that he was nearby.

Shortly after Yu Sha finished eating, Hue Chi stood up and ordered, "Let's head out."

Surprised, she was not aware of the agenda today or what he has in mind, she stood up and followed Hue Chi inside. "Where are we going?"

"To my meetings?" Hue Chi replied without turning around to look at her.

"Meetings? Your meetings?" Feeling even more shock that he was asking her to tag along.


"Why do I need to come?" She asked nervously.

Hue Chi turned around before replying dazzlingly. "Don't you want to know more about me? Aren't you curious about me?"

Although Yu Sha had researched him and concluded his identity, the way she interacted and treated him hasn't changed a bit. If Hue Chi was not keen, he would think that she hasn't got a clue about his real identity, but with her personality, he knew her pride was too strong to allow her to act otherwise.

She shook her head furiously, implying she was not curious about him. "Offsite meeting?"

"Mm.. Don't you get the next few days off?" Hue Chi asked.

"Yes, but... but... I can't just leave. My boss would not be happy." Yu Sha found an excuse using Su Na. In fact, she knew Su Na wouldn't mind her being off site as she was not needed for the next few days as long as she stays out of trouble.