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152 Truly Wicked

 Hearing Yu Sha said she could teach him to pick up girls, Prince Hue Chi looked up from his laptop and stared at Yu Sha with his golden gem eyes radiating a "Are you up to the responsibility?" demeanor.

He pushed his laptop aside and turned his whole body to face her as his eyes locked right onto her. "Hm... You going to teach me pickup games?" Hue Chi moved from the sofa and sat on the couch next to Yu Sha. His mind debated whether he should make her teach him to woo just her, or feigned stupidity. Either one seemed fun to him but due to the contract, he wanted to keep clean of making advances and remarks. So, he chose the latter.

Overwhelmed by his intimidating behavior, she inched away but still sitting on the couch.

"So... tell me more about this game of yours. What are you picking up?" Hue Chi feigned stupidity.

Still feeling overpower, she nervously replied, "Um... pic... pick up girls." She was not sure if he was pretending to not catch her drift or he was fooling around with her.

Hue Chi's crease knitted as he replied, "Why would I want to do that?"

Surprise that a perverted man who had magazines of how to chase woman all over his room but didn't want to learn the art of chasing women, she asked, "Is that not what you want?"

"Who told you that is what I want?"

Yu Sha stood up feeling cheated. "But.. but... You have magazines all over on how to pick up women!" She saw those magazines and made the assumption herself without fact checking.

Hue Chi didn't even realize that there were such magazines in his suite. He hadn't spared a glance at any magazines lying around in the suite. Butler Zeu kept the place clean and organized all books and papers neatly. Not unless it has anything to do with work or make him gain any knowledge, he wouldn't spare a glance at it. Although he could need some tips on dating and women, he felt he lacked none in that area. What's the point if a man can't go after the woman he wanted with his own skills and hard work?

If any of his men knew that this kind of thoughts crossed his mind, they would lose it.

"Those aren't mines."

"Don't lie!" She accused.

With his left hand, he pulled onto Yu Sha's right hand, gripping it as a handshake and pulled her down. His pull forced her down onto the couch but she quickly scooted away to the armrest of the couch and shouted, "Hey, you agreed to no touching."

Hue Chi shrugged his shoulders. "I didn't touch you. I just gave you a handshake." He remembered the terms well and planned to abide them.

Yu Sha then remembered, when he was pulling her, he gripped her hand as in a handshake form and pulled her down. In the agreement, she stated no touching allowed other than handshakes. He was so sly! He pulled her down using the handshake method!

Hue Chi inched in closer onto her until he almost touched her, he spoke softly, "I preferred women." He paused to catch his breath before proceeding, but Yu Sha interrupted.

She was holding her breath as he was so close, hovering over her. She mumbled, afraid to make any movement, as it might cause her body to touch his, "Hey, you... no, no touching and making sexual remarks."

"Have I touched you anywhere?" Hue Chi spoke as he looked down their body gesturing her to look as proof. His body has not touched her at all, but was very close to her, barely an inch apart.

He whispered again, "You didn't let me finished what I wanted to say, but I don't like girls who liked to snoop around in other people's property and cosplay in customs. Girls can't satisfy my need."

After he finished his sentence, he moved back to sitting position, reaching for the laptop and continued where he left off earlier.

Yu Sha laid on the couch frozen, swelled in anger that he called her a girl but held back by fear at the same time. Afraid that if she said anything more, he might really do something.

She finally took a deep breath after reasoning with her mind to calm down. Her heart pounds like drum dancing festively for not having experience being close to men ever. 'Thank god he moved back! I might get violence if he stayed close any longer!'

Time after time, Hue Chi continued to invade her space, not giving any room for airs. She glared at him feeling like he was purposely torturing her. 'This guy is the epitome of the devil. He finds his way around the contract agreement and takes advantage of it. I've never met an opponent so hard to beat!'

There is always a first to everything, but this was the most unpleasant first time she had ever been beaten in every way. Not only she can't use her ability, but he locked all her movements no matter what she tried. Also, he found loopholes in the agreement to torture her without breaching the contract! He was truly wicked!

Yu Sha looked at him as many reasons and thoughts fought in her mind and then before standing up, she said. "I'm going to the restroom." After telling him, she swooshed up and power walked to the bathroom.

She closed the door shut, locked it before turning around, and huffed her frustration away. Feeling angry but unable to do anything, she slammed her hand on the sink counter to release her anger and muttered to herself, "He truly is wicked to the core! I never knew someone like this existed. How the hell does any women find his personality attractive?" Just then, Kao Sheng popped in her mind.

So, were they a couple? Kao Sheng talked about him like they were lovers last time at the restaurant.

Yu Sha stroke her chin and her eyes brimmed with wickedness as she plotted her revenge, "Hm... They appeared together, he denied that Kao Sheng is his woman, but she acted and talked like he is. So, what is the truth? Did he used her, giving her the impression that they are together and then dump her?"