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151 Bullet Proof

 Back in Yu Sha's room, she opened her laptop and quickly investigated the name, Hue Chi Li. It was effortless on her part. The moment she typed in the name, many articles of the name popped all over. Although some articles and pictures came up, a lot of those are articles and pictures are of other Hue Chi Li who happened to have the same first, middle name and or same last name.

And then some articles talked of many successes of Prince Hue Chi, how he took Ether to the next level since he took over his father King's job 7 years ago.

Some articles mentioned him as the number one most desired man in the nation, the nation will go into crisis, and rain of heart breaks when he settled down on a woman and gets marry.

It was then Yu Sha remember Kao Sheng's conversation with her friends at the restaurant the last time. They kept talking about Prince, so this perverted man was the Prince of the Country?!!

She knew the Royal has connections with Ether and their corporate headquarters were only separated by skyways, but how does the prince have so much free time to idle around and not be working at the Royal Headquarters? She had worked in Cleotara and only met the first prince once the entire year of working there. He didn't even hide his identity but proudly introduced himself as the first Prince of Cleotara. The Prince was a busy man and have little time to spare.

Yu Sha slumped onto her bed, seeing her life flashes before her eyes. "Ah... I'm done for. I got myself involved with the royal prince. My life is in the hand of the Perverted Prince of the country. Even if I reported him, it'll be futile. I don't even need to sneak into his room in the middle of the night, he could just make something up to destroy my reputation and the world will believe him."

The more Yu Sha thought of her disadvantages, the more lifeless she became. "Ahh... I wish the end of the day never comes. My life has now officially came to an end. Should I just let go of my pride, get on my knees and apologize until he let me go?"

Yu Sha went through the depression cycle before she finally accepted reality and jolted up from her bed courageously. "What the hell?! What does Prince mean anyway? It's just a title! It means nothing! He's taking me for a fool? He's taking my friends for fools, hiding his identity."

Yu Sha put on a devilish grim, "If he has so much time to fool around, then I'll make him regret having to ever approach me."

At the end of the day, as everyone was getting ready to go to sleep, Yu Sha had to pay her dues. She went through depression then got riled up but now that night time approached, she dreaded going.

"What does he mean when he said accompany him anyways? Serve him tea? Clean his room? Wash his clothes? He already signed the contract agreement so... so... accompany him in bed is... is not an option, right?" Yu Sha shook her head heavily to get rid of the nasty impure thoughts. She encouraged herself. "I mustn't think like that."

After debating life and death about how tonight will be like, Yu Sha decided to dress like a man. She changed out of her clothes and put on a long pants, button shirt and a belt. Yu Sha looked herself up and down after she dressed up, feeling quite proud of the smart choice she had just made. She nodded happily, "Haha... bullet proof!"

Yu Sha took a deep breath to brace herself before heading up to his room. Just then her phone beeped. She took out her phone to see who texted, but what appeared was a text message from an unknown number. Yu Sha furrowed her eyes, curious who wrote to her. She opened the message and read: It's 1 minute after 9PM. Why aren't you here yet? -From Your Savior.

Next thing she threw her phone furiously onto the table making a loud crashing sound, cracking the screen just barely. "Bastard! Savior my ass!" She fumed angrily at the word "Your Savior."

She took a few more deep breaths to calm herself down before jumping up through the balcony.

Not even a minute later, Yu Sha appeared on the Prince's balcony. She knocked a couple times on the screen door before sliding the door open. Yu Sha stepped inside carrying her laptop in case she had free time to work.

Prince Hue Chi was sitting on the sofa instead in his office while he waited for her. The sofa was on the right when entering from the screen door and up against the balcony. Next to the sofa was the couch making the L shape with those two furnitures and a table in the middle.

Hue Chi turned left to look at Yu Sha, who just walked in from the balcony. He looked down and up as she came around to stand in front of him. She was dressed in a black, dressed pants and white button shirt. Wrapped around her pants was a belt and she even had a tie on. She has her hair pulled back and tied into a ponytail. He looked at her blankly, guessing why she wanted to dress up as a man. Could it be that she assumed dressing up as a man would reduce the temptation?

After a moment he opened his mouth and spoke, "Have a seat," before looking back down onto his laptop. Without looking back at her, he asked, "We're not going to the strip club tonight, but if you want, I can arrange some women for you." She looked like a business man, dressed up, ready to go out and have some fun.

Yu Sha froze as her mind went blank at what he just said. Her purpose for wearing men's clothes was not because of that. Is he being sarcastic? Fine, bring it on.

Yu Sha proceeded to sit down on the couch and sat the laptop on the table. "You said to accompany you, I thought you want me to be your sidekick. Maybe I can teach you my pickup game."