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150 Pay Her Dues

 Hue Chi went to sit down on the couch and gestured for the laptop from her. Yu Sha cautiously walked towards him and handed the laptop to him. The document was already up when he opened the laptop. He briefly skimmed through the document, starting with the heading, Contract Agreement:

Party 1: Perverted Man

Party 2: Yu Sha Yang

Length: One month

In the duration of one month, Party 2 agreed to spend time with Party 1, helping party 1 with whatever errands and chores Party 1 may need by obeying the agreements below. After the one month is over, Party 1 agreed to never mention anything about Party 2 trespassing in Party 1's property in the middle of the night.

Agreement 1: Party 1 must not touch Party 2 no matter the circumstances other than a handshake.

Agreement 2: Party 1 must not make any sexual remarks and advances towards Party 2.

Agreement 3: Both parties must never put each other in situations where they have to sacrifice their dignity and pride.

Hue Chi read all the way to the bottom of the page where there was a place for the two parties to sign their name.

He finished reading the contract and glanced at her. What she stated was more of ground rules to protect herself to which he understood why she had them placed. He had been doing nothing but teased her and gave her the wrong impressions of him. He can agree to her terms as long as he can make her stay close to him... but there was one issue on the contract that needed correction.

"Hm... Perverted man?"

Yu Sha looked away as she explained her reason. "Well, I didn't know your full name." She was trying to get him to tell her his real name since she couldn't find a matching name in Ether's data base.

Was she the one that hacked Ether's database last night? It happened after she left his place. How does she know that Hue Li was not his full name? She must have investigated to know.  This must be her roundabout way to get his full name.

"Well, I can't use that term on the contract. Perverted man could be anyone. I need your full name just like how I listed my full name." Yu Sha countered. "I only put that word there temporarily."

Hue Chi looked at Yu Sha without blinking. Since she sounded so certain that Hue Li was not his full name, he felt certain she was the person who hacked Ether's database. If it was her, there shouldn't be a need to get worked up about as he was the only one she was after. Which brought him to realize that she had continuously challenged him head on, one after another. And because she was the first one, was that why he found her amusing? After looking at her and weighing the pros and cons, Hue Chi touched the screen, deleted the word Perverted Man and typed in his full name, Hue Chi Li.

He glanced at Yu Sha before proceeding to sign at the bottom. After signing the contract, he handed the laptop back to her.

She reached for the laptop and glimpsed at the name. Her movement paused slightly, but she signed the contract before snapping the laptop shut. "All right, everything is done. After the one month end, you promised to never mention me sneaking into your room to anyone!"

"I'm a man of my word. As long as you serve your dues."

Finding his words hard to believe, Yu Sha narrowed her eyes at him, letting him know that she does not trust his words.

He irked his brows at her and then sent a wink to let her know he looked forward to their one month.

Taken aback by his action, she turned around and walked out, feeling frustrated that he wasn't even bothered by her accusation.

Outside of Prince Hue Chi's room, Long Kue slapped his face and ear to the wall attempting to listen to any sound or noise. His ear traveled from one place to another place on the door but the living room was too far from the door making it hard to hear what's happening inside.

Butler Zeu stood behind watching Long Kue snuggled his face and ears onto the wall.

Just then PengXu came out of his room next door, "She left. You guys can go in." After relaying the message, he went back into his room.

Long Kue looked at Butler Zeu. "She...?"

Butler Zeu irked one eye at Long Kue as he walked up to the door and opened the door to go back inside, leaving the lost looking Long Kue standing in the hall.

"She... Since when did their relationship progressed this far that she would visit him in secret? Here, the whole time, I was in a dilemma of how to help them, they already gotten this far?"

When Long Kue came into terms with the progression of his prince and Yu Sha's relationship, he finally went back into the room. He went straight to the office to observe any changes and find clues to why she visited and why she left so soon.

Long Kue looked around, hm... Nothing unusual. Did she really visited? Seeing that nothing was amiss, he casually walked out and went into the next room where PengXu was in.

"Peng, did, did Yu Sha really visited?"

PengXu poured himself a glass of water, walked to the couch and sat down putting his glass cup on the table before replying nonchalantly. "She did."

Long Kue followed him desperately. "How?"

PengXu motioned his head to the balcony, "She climbed up. She was here last night too." PengXu spoke like it was no big deal for a woman to visit a man in the middle of the night and did so secretly by climbing through the window!

Long Kue felt like he was swept by a tornado when he heard the sentence, "She was here last night too... she was here last night, she was here last night". The sentence repeated in his mind numerous time.

He tried to calm down his emotions, but it was very difficult to accept the sudden news. "He... Did Prince finally graduated? Does it mean I will not have to do anything?" Long Kue muttered to himself.