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149 Pay Him A Visi

 At Ether Company, the security system alarm beeped alerting the Cyber security leader, who soon jumped onto the computer and typed in a bunch of codes to trace the intruder. Since the intruder pulled out and wiped the trails clean, he was not able to track the intruder.

What he was able to find was, someone touched the folder that contained all Ether's employees. It had a lot of confidential information pertaining to the employees. Was the intruder searching for someone's information? Or stealing information of all employees? What can they possibly do with the employees' information? He then quickly called Lue Han and reported the suspicious activity.

As soon as Lue Han hung up, he called Prince Hue Chi to notify the breach of employee information.

Ether has their own separate database entity, so anything stored in the Royal Middle Wings was not touched.

When Lue Han relayed him the news, somehow an image of Yu Sha popped in his mind. 'Could it be her? It can't be? Why does she appear in my thought so frequently?' Hue Chi pushed the thought of Yu Sha to the back of his mind.

The rain let up the next day, allowing the sun to brighten the earth underneath. Everyone was up ready for work as they got the day before off due to the severe thunderstorm condition.

Speedy Construction Company was small, but they were known to work hard and have great turn around rate for projects so they need to live up to that reputation. They don't like to have a lot of unscheduled days off although those days were calculated into the timeline, but the sooner they get done, the sooner they get to rest between projects. Not only that, the rest day could be a few extra days or weeks if they finished early. This also served a motivation factor for many of them.

Yu Sha walked out, looking like she lost her soul, the will to live because of what happened last night.

Su Na, shocked at her friend's condition, asked, "You didn't sleep well yesterday? You didn't report to me after getting back either. How is your shoulder?"

"I told you while I was at the hospital, there was nothing wrong. It was sprained a little. Doctor said to take it easy for the next few days." Yu Sha replied, looking groggy.

"Why don't you stay in instead and do some sedentary work?" Su Na suggested.

She knew if her beast friend went out to supervise, her beast would try everything to help smooth out the work process whether it be moving, hauling or lifting supplies.

"We don't have to be on site supervising every single day. 1-2 times a week was recommended. It's just that we want to be readily available and help wherever we can. For the next few days, you're off site. This is your Boss order!" Su Na commanded, pointing her finger at Yu Sha.

Yu Sha looked at Su Na's serious command. "Ok. I guess I could take it easy for the next few days."

Hearing her beast friend complied obediently, Su Na felt relief and took off to the site.

Yu Sha laid lazily on the bed, thinking of her failed attempt to hack Ether. She probably now alerted them as well. She couldn't find the employee named Hue Li. Does he work for Ether?

How can she overcome his annoying ability? If he can nullify one's ability, it would be hard to approach him. The only thing that could win him is someone very keen in hand combat.

She thought she herself was not bad at martial arts, but he always locked all her movements. So, does it mean that he was also very good at hand combat or is her skill dull?

Yu Sha laid on the bed debating by herself for a while before logging into her computer to chat with Yu Ping.

She messaged Yu Ping: Hey bro.

Yu Ping replied: Yea?

Yu Sha: How do you find a weakness to someone who can nullify power?

Yu Ping: You met one?

Not wanting to go into details and exposed her behaviors, and that she was almost done for, she denied: No, I was just having a discussion with a colleague who's a fighter. We were debating about it. I just need another opinion.

Yu Ping: You lost to him?

Tsk... Yu Sha dropped the conversation. Her brother was too sharp. She rather avoid telling him that she had been blackmailed because she let her guard down. It was her problem she should solve it herself.

After the end of next month, she'll have to go home for a week as her grandma and mother are coming back. It was not often her mother visited home after she got healthier and graduated out of the hospital. Yu Sha quickly typed bye to her brother.

Yu Sha thought visiting the perverted man and pry for his identity would be her next option. His room was located at the back end of the ship facing the ocean, a few floors above her to the left. Going via the balcony was the fastest way and those working on the site will not see her up as the rooms are on the back. The ship was only occupied by the workers, and certain rooms were designated for Ether employees. The whole ship was only pretty much empty. The chance of people seeing her is unlikely.

When Hue Chi sensed her movement jumping up, he looked up from his computer and in a serious tone, commanded. "Everyone out now!"

Long Kue and Butler Zeu were shocked with the sudden command but they complied. They walked out hastily without questioning. The moment they closed the door, Yu Sha appeared on the balcony carrying her laptop.

She poked through the screen door to see if he was in but she didn't see him. She knocked on the glass door to alert Hue Chi in case he was inside but out of view.

He didn't idle for long. As soon as she knocked, he walked out of the office and motioned for her to come in.

Yu Sha helped herself in. "I got today and the next few days off, I thought I could come by and have you look at the contract."

"Oh... Sure." Prince Hue Chi acted uninterested in the contract, but deep inside was eager to see what gibberish she wrote up.