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147 How Dare You?

 Outside on the balcony, the moonlight illuminated the porch, the crescent moon dangled in the sky supported by many stars. The tranquil skies quiet the sea underneath, making the waves move discreetly on the ocean surface.

Suddenly, a shadow of a person appeared on the balcony peeking through the glass door. The curtains were left opened. She gently pushed the door sideway as it was a sliding door and helped herself inside.

Yu Sha looked around trying to make everything out in the dark, Hm... This seems to be the correct room according to the data I hacked earlier... tehehe... She walked right into the living area. To the left of her was the bedroom connected to a large bathroom and bathtub, then the office space, and dining area.

On the right side was a living area, kitchen, and another smaller bathroom. "Damn, rich people. The difference between this room and my room is almost from the sea surface to the floating cloud." Yu Sha muttered in disdain.

When she made out of the actual layout of the room, she held up her phone and turned on the flashlight. It'll help her see where she was going and if she could find anything to use against him.

Yu Sha snooped around the place that seems so neatly organized. There was not a single trash anywhere, no papers lying around, and no clothes anywhere.

She then popped her head into the office to which, there was not a single piece of papers anywhere other than a laptop, a notebook and folder neatly stacked on top of each other. She swiped her finger on the shelf to test for dust, but there were no traces of dusts. Everything looked sparkly clean and smelled so refreshing. 'What the hell is this guy? Does he have obsessive compulsive disorder?'

Yu Sha walked back out to the living area and flashed the phone light around. It was too neat to be called a living space for humans!! She felt like it had purified her from evilness.

Yu Sha slumped down onto the couch being tainted by cleanliness, then, she noticed a few magazines perfectly stacked on top of each other. She smiled devilishly, maybe she could find a weakness? She reached forward to look at what kind of magazines the perverted man like to read. The top magazine was a sport magazine, then the second one was "Dating 101 For Men." She freaked out as it was not something she expected. Shocked, she threw both the magazine and her phone on the table causing a sound.

Realizing that the noise could wake up the perverted man, Yu Sha instantly covered her mouth and held in her breath, hoping that the perverted man wouldn't wake up. She stood still for a moment before moving around again.

She gently picked up her phone and made her way to the dinner area, and there are a few magazines stacked neatly on the shelf, with one of her hand, she shuffled through the few magazines and came upon the book "How to Impress Your Woman." She gasped, what the hell is wrong with this man? She turned to look at the bathroom door and let her imagination run wild. 'Oh god, oh lord, I don't even want to imagine what kind of magazines he has in his bathroom.' She only heard talked among other girls about some men like to look at porn magazine and release themselves in the bathroom.

Yu Sha shook her head a couple times to steady her brain. 'This man was having such a hard time with women! He has to retort to this kind of method? Dad always say to help those in need, help those in hard times. Should I teach him how to woo women? Courting women is piece of cake.' Yu Sha debated among herself of how to help Hue Chi get women that she completely forgot her purpose for snooping around, to find a weakness and get even with him. She was stubborn, strong willed, but at times, can be very simple-minded making her easily distracted and now she's the latter.

Feeling bad for the perverted man, she decided that she should head back to her room. She turned off her phone light, sighed and turned around making her way to the balcony but standing in front the balcony door was a person. The moonlight shining through the screen door illuminated the person's figure, creating a silhouette on the floor. The wind breezed through, blowing the curtain, making the curtain flutter towards the room.

Although all the lights inside are off, the light coming through the screen door was enough to tell that the perverted man was standing in front of the door. Yu Sha shrieked. She tried to use her Light Technique to get away but felt her energy drained instantly unable to move from the spot she was standing on. It was almost like a magnetic energy pulled her onto that same spot.

"How dare you come into my room and not pay me a visit in my bedroom?" Hue Chi threatened as he walked towards her step by step.

Her body still frozen in shock unable to move, "It's not like that." Feeling irritated unable to understand why her body wouldn't move. Hue Chi approached her, scooped her up onto his shoulder, and made his way towards the bedroom.

She screamed as she tried to kick him. "Let me go! It's not like that, I was just trying to return your shirt."

Hue Chi threw Yu Sha on his bed and trapped her underneath him. He snapped his finger, and the nightlight turned on. Most of all, he wanted to see her facial expression more than anything else.

Yu Sha tightened her body and attempted to use her Light Technique again, but she didn't go anywhere. This would be the second time that her technique does not work and both time, he was with her!

She realized that this could be the work of the perverted man! Her eyes widened looking at the man on top of her, "You... It's your doing?"

He smiled like he enjoyed toying with her, "Congratulation on realizing a little too late."