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145 Behind Closed Door

 It did not take long for Hue Chi to catch up to her. He was much taller than her, his one step equaled to two of her steps.

Soon, Hue Chi was right next to Yu Sha and slowed down once he caught up to her so they could walk side by side together.

As they entered the cruise, the maids were already inside the entrance waiting with new towels for them. The umbrella was no match for the weather. With the wind and rain intensity almost like a typhoon, so there was no point in carrying the umbrellas as the wind could blow the umbrella away and they would still get wet.

Yu Sha and Hue Chi traded their wet towels for the new ones from the maids. They quickly dried themselves up before making their way to the elevator.

"How is your shoulder?" Hue Chi asked after observing her condition. She seemed fine so maybe her shoulder weren't badly injured. She wouldn't allow herself to get hurt enough to be bedridden.

Yu Sha slowed down her steps slightly while taking a moment to look at Hue Chi who was walking next to her. She assumed he probably heard of the accident from early in the morning. "It's okay. I sprained it. I just need to take it easy for the next few days."

"Hmm..." He hummed with a deep expression on his face as if he was thinking of something mean.

Yu Sha frowned as she glanced at him, trying to read his expression. "What? What's with the reply?"

"I was just thinking, if your legs were injured instead, you wouldn't be snooping around."

Although she tried to hide her identity, the enemy now knew of her existence and they may try every possible way to find out about her. She created more problems, and he now had to take extra measures. If any, he wished he was the only one who knew of her skill.

"Wha... What? I was not snooping around." Yu Sha replied hesitantly while avoiding eye contact with him, and then she muttered in a low tone, "That is mean to wish ill upon others."

Right after Yu Sha denied snooping around, Hue Chi pulled her right arm and pushed her towards the wall. He also grabbed her left arm at the same time and pin her arms above her head.

Caught by the sudden action, she shrieked. "What do you think you're doing?!" She shouted before being overwhelmed by the energy he emitted.

His eyes locked right on her, he stares at her icily. "You were not snooping around?" He asked in a low icy tone giving her another chance to explain herself.

Yu Sha looked a little nervous externally, but the inner her was already throwing a fit calling him a bastard. She looked away intended to reply but before she could say the first word, he held onto her chin and forced her face to look at him.

"You weren't snooping around? Say one more time looking at me?" He asked again, not giving her the chance to look away.

What the hell? What is up with him? Her mind went wild looking for ways to get him off her. "Get your hands off me and get away from me! I'll sue you for sexual harassment?" Yu Sha threatened.

"Hmm... You what?" He irked his brows at her while leaning in closer to provoke her more.

"Get your hands off me or I'll sue you for sexual harassment!" Her body language and facial expression challenged him head on.

"Hmm..." Hue Chi hummed unaffected by her threat.

"I... I'm spiteful, I'll get even with you if you keep getting on my nerve." Yu Sha shouted in disdain.

"How so? Are you going to pin me onto the bed? I preferred to be on top though."

Ticked off, she lifted her left leg to step onto Hue Chi's foot, but he read her face before he felt the movement. He externally rotated his right leg to push forward and pinned her left leg onto the wall limiting her movement.

"Ahh..." Yu Sha shrieked as her legs was forced to spread out and he was so close to her body, even her private parts.

Feeling humiliated, she fumed with anger as no man has ever pushed themselves onto her before. She glared at Hue Chi, the surrounding airs instantly changed. Her eyes challenged him like a predator already knew the outcome of a hunt.

Just then, the elevator open and Long Kue walked out witnessing his Prince and Yu Sha in an unsightly position that should only happen behind closed door.

Long Kue froze like a stone unable to utter a single word. The beep sound of the elevator disrupted the couple, causing them to both turn and look at the elevator.

Standing in the hallway before the elevator doors was Long Kue, frozen like a statue, looking shocked and embarrassed at the same time.

Hue Chi quickly stepped backward, letting Yu Sha free. She looked just as shocked and embarrassed as Long Kue, shaking her head in denial. "It... it's not what it looked like. Don't... don't have the wrong idea. It's not like that."

Yu Sha ran past Long Kue and pressed the UP button. Before she ran into the elevator, she turned around and shouted, "Your boss is sexually frustrated. You should find him some partners to release his sexual urges!" She disappeared into the elevator and hastily pressed the close button to shut the door.

Long Kue was still lost for words at what Yu Sha just said, yet at the same time found it quite funny. He wanted to laugh, but couldn't with the Prince standing near, although the inner him was in turmoil.

How could the Prince not be frustrated? He hadn't touched a single woman since birth! Long Kue turned around and looked at Prince Hue Chi, "Um... Prince? Next time, make sure you're behind close door. It'll be a lot of work if you're caught sexually harassing your employees."

Instead of reprimanding the Prince's behavior, he even encouraged by suggesting a method that would not get the Prince caught.