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144 Caught Red-Handed

 It was then Yu Sha looked down and saw she was quite exposed. Because she was caught red-handed snooping around, she forgot about the shirt covering her head and the bare tank top. Just as she realized her state, Hue Chi threw his suit shirt at her.

"Put this on." He ordered.

"Ah... it's ok. I can put my shirt back on." She declined.

"In your wet thin blouse?" He irked his brows at her.

Scared that her wet clothes may arouse the perverted man, she unconsciously covered her almost bare wet chest with her hands. She forgot that this guy was sexually frustrated. The last time she was with him, he kept turning all her actions into sexual advances.

The realization sent a cold piercing chills down her spine so she quickly put on his shirt as it was bigger, thicker and covered more. The shirt would hide all her curves and bumps. His shirt is long and big, once it's on her, the sleeves and length were long enough to cover all her exposed skin. After she slipped on his shirt, she then took off her blouse that was covering her head to allow her face to expose.

It was not until she rolled her eyes at him feeling annoyed that it hit her to wonder why he is here. She locked eyes at him and probed, "Why are you here? How are you in this area?"

"Let's go back. The rain will not let up until tomorrow." Hue Chi brushed her question aside as he turned around and walked away.

Yu Sha didn't get her answer. She chased after him, "You didn't answer me. Why are you here?"

"Why can't I? I was on my way back from the hospital and saw your driver by the road. As an employer, the most appropriate action I should do was to check. I didn't think I would see you snooping around." Hue Chi explained turning the table back on her.

"I wasn't snooping a...around." Yu Sha denied unconfidently as she tried to keep up with Hue Chi.

When they appeared out of the woods, they spotted Keng holding an umbrella pacing worriedly on the roadside.

Keng then saw Yu Sha and Prince Hue Chi walking back together, drenched in the rain. Yu Sha was wearing a black suit shirt which he assumed must be the Prince's as the Prince now only has his under shirt. Wa.. Was the wild beast she saw the Prince? What was he doing in the woods? Where was his driver? A few thoughts ran through his mind, but he wouldn't dare question the Prince and he didn't see any car around so he opened the door for them both?

Yu Sha turned to face Hue Chi when she noticed that there was no other car. "Where is your car?" She does not want to be stuck in the same space with him like last time.

"I let my driver go ahead. I need to make sure you return back to the cruise in one piece."

Shock that her fear came true, she narrowed her eyes at him afraid he may do something perverted. "Don't you try anything funny this time."

Hue Chi feigned ignorance, "What do you mean?" He nudged his head asking her to get in the car first.

She turned around and went in the car first. Keng wanted to get the door for the prince but he signaled that he got the door himself. When in public around people who does not know his identity, he rarely lets them serve him like a Royal member. He then walked to the other side and got in the car himself.

Keng got inside the car and opened the compartment between the seats and took out two towels for Yu Sha and Prince Hue Chi to wipe off the dripping rain water.

Prince Hue Chi took the towels from Keng and handed Yu Sha one. She hesitantly grabbed the towel from his hand and scooted closer to the window to avoid the proximity with him. Noticing her action, he smirked, feeling satisfied. He knew she is wary of him from the last time. "I don't bite."

Hearing this, she glared at him to get a glimpse of the unconvincing man next to her. She does not want to remind him of his behaviors last time, so she ignored him. It was the first time in her life she felt threatened by someone. Usually she was the one posing threat to others but with this man, she knew the word fear.

"Keng, are we going straight to the cruise?" Yu Sha wanted to confirm that the sexually frustrated man next to her is not taking her somewhere else like last time.

Keng glanced at the rear-view mirror to look at her, "Yes, Miss Yu Sha. We are going straight to the cruise."

"Hm..." Hue Chi chuckled.

Keng felt intrigue by the Prince's behaviors. Although he drives for Aires Royal Corporate Square, this was actually the first time he had driven the Prince. He usually was assigned to pick up guests for Ether but was never directly involved with the Royal family. Though he had seen the Prince here and there from the distance, he was not close enough or present long enough to know what the Prince personality was like. He shouldn't judge the Prince based on rumors spread by others.

Their Royal Prince was always known among the corporate employees as the Dark Prince due to his introverted personality. Currently, the personality of the prince was contradicting the rumor.  He was talking quite a lot and have a more outgoing personality, making Keng wonder who spread false rumors of the Prince.

Not long later, Keng pulled up to the cruise entrance. Yu Sha quickly darted out of the car and rush towards the entrance. Hue Chi followed closely behind as well.

Not letting her gain distance, he shouted from behind, "Let's go together."

She cringed as that is what she was trying to avoid, but it would be improper to leave her employer behind, so she slowed her steps.