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143 Whats With The Exposure?

 The hospital has three tall buildings with each rooftop occupied by one helicopter. There was always one helicopter on standby for emergencies, and Prince Hue Chi was taking the standby helicopter.

Yu Sha had no issue following the three men. She wanted to get an understanding of the situation, who was the bad guys and who was the good guys and what was happening. Not wanting to expose her identity, she took off her cream color blouse and wrapped it around her head and face, leaving just her eyes to see. She had a top underneath her blouse and the only way to hide her identity was using her blouse to cover up.

At the time when Yu Sha grasped the situation, PengXu was being controlled by the taller man with the braided pony tail hairs. As PengXu struggled to break free, the shorter man lunged in with his sword.

She was not sure who was the good guy and who was the bad guy, but seeing two against one, she helped break the fight when PengXu was being controlled about to get stabs.

As the shorter man took a swing, he noticed a slight disturbance of the rain behind him and next thing the sword flew off his hand followed by severe pain on his wrist like someone just kicked his hand while he swung the sword in forward motion. He turned around but only saw a blurry entity moving towards his comrade. Before he even had the chance to shift his body, the blurry entity already appeared right before his comrade, the taller man.

In the split second when the taller man noticed that there was reinforcement, the reinforcement person already kicked him in the gut and sent flying away. The impact he took freed PengXu of the body-controlled technique.

This whole thing happened so fast, their eyes could barely keep up with the movement of the blurry entity. They have not blinked at all since her appearance and she defeated them before they could shift their bodies. All they could saw was just the slight disturbance of the rain falling down and then felt impact on their body.

Yu Sha had no intention of causing any more damage, her goal was just to break and separated the fight hoping PengXu would had an opportunity to escape.

PengXu gained control of his body. He was just about to charge after the intruders but someone threw an explosive flashlight bomb shining at extreme intensity causing temporarily blindness for those around if looked at the light. When the light disappeared, the intruders were gone.

In the distance running away, was the third intruder who came to rescue.

Not far from the vicinity where Yu Sha and PengXu was at, Hue Chi jumped out of the plane holding onto a rope. He flew down so elegantly just like an angel descended from the heavens.

He landed on the ground and released his barriers to detect the intruders. When his barriers reached maximum coverage, he sensed three men running quite far at the opposite end. Closer to him was a presence that of Yu Sha and with her must be PengXu.

The light intensity dissipated and died off quickly, allowing PengXu and Yu Sha to see again. PengXu got a glimpse of Yu Sha, who used a bloused as cover up. She looked like a poor silly thief who couldn't afford a proper mask and who thought her method could thoroughly disguised her identity. He was lost for words at her sighting.

Before he could open his mouth and speak, she waved, "I think you're safe now," and disappeared. She was even more amazing in combat than when he was chasing after her by the cruise.

Yu Sha used her light technique to put some distance from PengXu and when she was far enough from him, she started walking normally. She looked behind her while still walking away to make sure she lost traces of PengXu before turning around.

Coming towards her was Prince Hue Chi who was walking like he's on a leisure walk, his hands in his pocket, making him look so elegantly like he's the rain god who's out enjoying the blessings of the rain he just created.

The moment she turned straight, she saw someone who resembled the Night Owl. Startled of the sight, she blinked hard a couple times to make sure she was not seeing things. After blinking, he was still walking towards her. Shocked at the sight, she tried to find a place to hide but he already called out to her. "What are you doing here? What's with the look?" As he inspected her from head to toe.

Hue Chi almost wanted to laugh at her poor getup but he had to contain himself. She shouldn't wander about in the wilderness in another country in prohibited areas.

"Aah... I'm... ah..." Yu Sha searched for an excuse, just then her eyes beamed with an answer. "I saw three unique beasts chasing after each other."

"Hmm... What kind of beasts?" Hue Chi narrowed his eyes at her not convinced.

She darted her eyes away before coming up with another sentence, "Um... I lost them."

He glared at her and asked unconvincingly, "What's with the unique mask?" Hue Chi implied that she must be doing something she shouldn't be by hiding her identity under the shirt.

Yu Sha again, lost for words, shouted, "This is camouflaged."

"Hmm..." Hue Chi narrowed his eyes at her again, not convinced at her lies. He looked at her from head down then realized, she only had a thin tight tank top on, a little low cut showing her cleavage.

The rain made it worse, acting like a catalyst melting off her tank top allowing her bras to emerge underneath the top, asking to be devoured. He naturally looked away before taking a quick glance at her again and clear his throat. "Are you trying to feed yourself to the unique beasts? What's with the exposure?" He asked unhappily that she went out to brawl with the men in that condition.