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142 Wild Beas

 When the two children left one after another, the Queen was happy and so was Kao Sheng's mother.

Her mother knew the Queen's motive and was in agreement with the actions the Queen took. She walked closer to the Queen and spoke, "The children are too shy. If we adult don't give a hand, they'll probably never talk to each other."

Hearing this, the Queen sighed. "My son, he's too hopeless. He is good at what he does, but when it comes to woman, he is clueless."

Kao Sheng's mother laughed, "Maybe he's just shy with us adult around."

Although the Queen feels like that was not the case with her son. She didn't want to talk more about her son's uninterested in women as it might spread false rumors. He just doesn't find anyone to his taste. But he is already 25 years of age and never dated. She was worried about what others might think about her son and the future of the Kingdom.

Prince Hue Chi and Kao Sheng arrived at the kitchen. When the chefs and staff saw them, they greeted the Prince and Kao Sheng and asked to be of service to them.

Kao Sheng told the kitchen staff she wanted to make teas for her parents and the Royal Family, the staff were immediately happy to prepare the ingredients and supplies for Kao Sheng.

Hue Chi decided to stay out of the kitchen as he did not want to get in the way. He stood outside the door checking his phone for updates while he waited for Kao Sheng to be done.

Kao Sheng turned around wanted to tell her Prince how long it'll be when she's done, but he was nowhere in sight. She wanted him to watch her, but he stayed out so she disheartenly continued to prepare the drinks.

Back on the road, Yu Sha was in the car looking out the window when the corner of her eye caught something in the distance from the wooded area. If what she saw is not wrong, it looked like three men were chasing each other in a fight. Curious to check out what was going on, she yelled, "Stop!"

Her yelled startled Keng. He slammed on the brake causing the car to stop with a big forward jerk. Nervous, Keng asked, "Wha... what is the matter Miss Yu Sha?"

Ugh... Was I a little dramatic there? She did not intend to startle Keng. "Um... I'm sorry. I didn't mean to scare you. Can we stop here for a moment?"

"Oh... Okay." Keng pulled the car over to the shoulder lane and put the car in park gear.

"Um... Sorry, I think I see something in the woods, I just want to go check." Yu Sha explained.

Surprised Yu Sha saw something that would make her want to go check it out in this kind of weather condition, Keng asked, "What is it that you saw? Rare beast? Wild animals?"

"Ahhh... I'm not sure, that's why I want to check." Yu Sha searched for a lie to tell.

"Miss Yu Sha, the wilderness can be dangerous. Why don't we just let it be? You're still injured, and it is not good to be out long in this rain." Keng suggested.

"I'm okay. It won't take long. Here, I'll call you if anything dangerous comes up." She lifted her phone to gesture at Keng.

"Ahh.. No Miss Yu Sha, let me come with you." Keng asked.

"No, No, why don't you stay in the car. I just want to take a peek. I will be back shortly." Without waiting for an answer, Yu Sha dashed out of the car and disappeared into the wilderness.

Feeling apprehensive at the situation, Keng decided to call Long Kue as Long Kue was the one who instructed Keng to be the main driver for Miss Yu Sha going forward. He took out his phone and dialed Long Kue. The phone rang a couple times before Long Kue picked up on the other line.


"It's me Keng. Miss Yu Sha asked me to stop almost in the middle of nowhere and went into the wilds. She thought she saw something and wanted to check. What if it's wild beasts?" Keng reported feeling restless.

Somehow when Long Kue heard the word wild beast, no wild animals popped in his mind but only Yu Sha, an untamed, extra unordinary woman. His dead fish eyes rolled to the side as he glanced out the window, "Hm... Okay. Wait there for her. Report back to me in 20 minutes time if she hasn't come back." Long Kue instructed.


Long Kue looked at his phone like he's in deep thoughts before dialing Prince Hue Chi. Last he heard, Prince Hue Chi was at the hospital visiting his Queen Mother, who also had an accident today. Could it be Prince noticed something? What if what Yu Sha saw was related to the accident of the Queen? He assumed it would be okayed now to interrupt the Prince. He looked at his phone and then pressed the number 1 as it's the speed dial for the Prince.

At this moment, Prince Hue Chi and Kao Sheng just got back into the Queen's VIP suite with tea trays. Kao Sheng's mother approached Prince Hue Chi and took the tray from him as it's not the men's duty to serve, especially that of a Prince. Just when Kao Sheng's mother took the tea tray away, his phone rang.

He glanced at his Queen Mother and excused himself. He walked outside before answering his phone. "What is it?"

"Prince, Yu Sha asked to get off at the side of the road going back to the cruise. She said she saw something in the woods and took off."

Are they traveling almost in parallel? Prince Hue Chi thought. He frowned before telling Long Kue, "I'll go there by plane," and made his way up to the rooftop of the hospital while Long Kue made the call to let the helicopter crew knows.

When Hue Chi arrived at the rooftop, the crew was already waiting for him. Long Kue had given them instructions while the Prince made his way up to the rooftop.