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141 Do Menial Work

 PengXu was the next fastest person beside Xolai in Prince Hue Chi's squad and thus was assigned to go after the intruders in the northwest direction.

The two intruders in black cloaks hiding behind silver masks stood afloat on the power tower. They talked among themselves of the things they observed from the distance. The shorter man in long braided hairs spoke, "That is the rumored ability of the Prince, this is the second time we seen this ability, we have yet to grasp his ability to its full capability as the barrier he created can't be seen with the naked eyes nor be felt."

"Attacking the Royal family is harder now than it was two decades ago. They now have elite bodyguards hiding in the shadow. We don't have many opportunities to test them. I can't even measure how big his barrier is, the rain on the upper road doesn't fall on the ground but the cars on the bottom incoming road could go through. Either his barrier zone is small or he could control everything in the barriers at will, " spoke the taller man with shorter shoulder length hairs.

Just when they sensed someone, a strong kick landed on the side neck of the taller man. The energy created by the kick forced him off the power line into the tree, while the shorter man back tracked himself farther away to look at who attacked them.

PengXu wearing a bronze mask at this moment was in the middle of doing a back flip to charge at the taller man again.

The taller man, startled at the surprised attack, tried to regather himself. If he was any slower, PengXu would have broken his neck, but he reacted in time to avoid getting kicked on the back of the neck at full power. Just when he has a moment to catch his breath, PengXu appeared right in front of him again.

"What the hell is he?" The taller man muttered to himself while trying to make sense of what just happened. Just then right behind PengXu was his comrade interceding to give him a moment of escape. His comrade unsheathed a sword and swung at PengXu from behind to which PengXu dodged the swing. A moment of distraction gave the two intruders time to regather themselves.

"Tsk... our cover was broken! Retreat!" Yelled the shorter man.

At the same time, Yu Sha was in a taxi heading back to the cruise. She sprained her shoulder, was treated and released. Keng, the driver that first picked her and Su Na at the airport was assigned to take her back.They were traveling from the North down Southwest to the cruise.

Back in the hospital, General Va Tong, his wife and daughter Kao Sheng also arrived to visit the Queen. General Va Tong's first son was in charge of the Shadow Guards Sector for the royal family.

Anyone who was wealthy enough can also hire shadow guards to protect them besides having the regular bodyguards. All the social elite have one or two shadow guard protecting themselves. General Va Tong's second son was in charge of National Defense and Security.

"Your Highness," Kao Sheng called out as she and her family entered the room. She was carrying a flower bouquet for the Queen. She didn't expect the person standing next to the Queen would be her Prince, causing her to suffered from an anxiety attack briefly. She expected to see him sometimes during the duration of her visit but not right when she arrived. She has yet to prepare her heart for their meeting.

Kao Sheng slowed down her steps and became weary of her actions. Her mother could tell from the look on her face, a young woman so foolishly in love. Her mother nudged her to go up and greeted the Queen and Prince Hue Chi to which Kao Sheng shyly complied.

After her parents greeted the Royal Family, Kao Sheng walked up and bowed, "Your Highness, are you hurt anywhere? These flowers are for you, wishing you well soon." Kao Sheng spoke gently as she handed the flower bouquet to the Queen.

She then bowed again and greeted her Prince. "Prince, I hope you've been well since our last encounter."

Prince Hue Chi nodded, "Mm..."

Irritated at her mute son, the Queen pretended to be thirsty, "My throat is kind of dried, I needed a warm drink, Kao Sheng and Hue Chi, won't you two go bring us some drinks from the kitchen?"

Hue Chi narrowed his eyes at his mother. He knew what his mother was scheming but couldn't turn her request down in front of the people around. Aires Royal Hospital served the Royal families and the elite classes, so they knew the hospital layout and the staff who served the Royal Family well.

"I will get the hospital staff to get us drinks." Hue Chi replied.

Kao Sheng smiled confidently and interrupted. "Prince, don't bother them, they have a lot of other works to do. I can go prepare us some drinks." She wanted to show her ability to serve others and was also confident in her ability to make drinks for the elders.

Hearing this, Hue Chi could only go with Kao Sheng as it would be inappropriate for her, the guest to go alone and bring drinks for his parents.

"I'll come help carry." He couldn't believe that for the first time, his mother put him in a situation to do menial chores. He had never in his life served anyone, or do any menial work. The closest thing he ever done was poured himself water and coffee which happened only once in a great blue moon.

In this case, he can only help with labor work, carrying drinks for the elders as he is not sure how to make tea the way the super wealthy like to drink. In the past, every time he had to make coffee, he had to spend a little time figuring out how the coffee maker worked as the coffee makers differs all the time.

Kao Sheng smiled happily to herself and only uttered two words, "Um... Mm..."