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140 The Acciden

 After an internal struggle, she was able to mutter enough strength to stop Mua Kong. "Go."

Tap! Tap! Tap! Hue Chi jolted back to current time, turning his attention at the door. "What?"

The door opened and Butler Zeu walked in. "I'm sorry to interrupt you prince, but the queen had an accident on her way back home from a charity event."

Prince Hue Chi gaze narrowed like he had a hunch that this was no mere accident before standing up from his desk. "Summon a car there."

"One is already in front of the entrance." Butler Zeu replied. He knew Prince Hue Chi would want to personally investigate the accident, so he prepared a car.

Prince Hue Chi dashed out to the car while PengXu and Dao Txu followed secretly. Butler Zeu got in the passenger front side while Prince Hue Chi sat in the back. "Report."

The driver drove off while Butler Zeu brief Prince Hue Chi. "The Queen's car lost control while on the road. Luckily, one of her shadow guards was able to rescue her before anything serious happens."

Not long later, Hue Chi arrived on the scene of the accident. The rain storm calmed down while he was on the road and poured down heavily again before he reached the scene. The Royal Investigators were still at the site, drenched investigating every inch of the scene. Due to the severe weather condition, there was no traces of tire track marks on the road almost like the car was lifted as it was going downhill and slid off the road.

Hue Chi opened the door and stepped out when the car came to a complete stop on the side of the road. His left leg stepped out first, landing on the ground, gently creating a thin clear ripple layer of barriers that covered up roughly an area of 50 kilometers all around. The down pouring rain couldn't penetrate through the barrier, allowing the Royal Investigators on site to see much better than before.

When the investigators did not feel any rain followed by an increase in visibility, they turned around to see if it was the work of their Prince. They saw their Prince walking to the middle of the road. As a customary courtesy, they bowed to greet and thanked their prince. They've only heard rumors of their prince prowess but had never personally witnessed his ability. Not only was his ability impressive, but the surrounding airs felt calmly mysterious.

The leader of the Royal Investigator walked up to Hue Chi and gave an updated report, "Prince, the limo Her Highness was in was transported for inspections of any malfunctions, but so far, there was nothing wrong with the limo. All the mechanic parts function properly, and the breaks have no evidence of temperance with. The driver who had been driving for the royal family was examined for any impairments. According to the driver's claim, he said for a moment he felt like he lost control of his body."

Hue Chi raised his hand in acknowledgement of the report while standing in the middle of the road studying the landscape. The road was a one way, on a slope going down, with one side heavily wooded and a 16 feet slanted drop.

Below the 16 feet slanted drop was the incoming one-way lane. His Queen mother's limo was going downhill, the wooded area was on the right, and the slanted drop on the left. If the car flipped over, the car would roll down the drop and landed on the one-way incoming lane below. Dropping at that height would not be enough to kill anyone in the car, so whoever was behind the accident probably was just sending a greeting. "Dao Txu."

Dao Txu appeared before his Lord in disguised, "Yes, what are your orders?"

"Touch base with Xolai and see how far he is at with the investigation. Northwest of here, about 48 kilometer, there should be a power tower, two intruders are up there observing, PengXu is to go after them." Hue Chi order in a low tone loud enough only for Dao Txu to hear.

"Yes." Dao Txu obeyed and disappeared.

"Everyone is relieved from this site. No need for further investigation." Hue Chi ordered.

He then got back inside the car and went to Aires Royal Hospital where his Queen mother was being examined. Due to the quick response from her shadow guard, she didn't have any physical injury, but she was frightened. She was involved in a more serious accident in the past causing her grave injuries. So, the shadow guards were created to protect the royal family. Whether her minimal injury this time was due to their proactive measures, or it was simply because the enemy just want to test them, only Hue Chi and the King could guess the answer.

Not long later, Hue Chi arrived at Aires Royal Hospital. The staff was informed of his coming. The hospital director was already waiting to lead him to the royal VIP room.

Hue Chi entered the room. His queen mother was sitting on the bed while his king father was busy talking to the doctor.


The queen turned to the door when she heard the familiar voice. Coming towards her was her son, her pride, her happiness. Seeing her son's face melted away all her anxieties. She smiled as she attempted to stand up. "Hue Chi, my dear."

"Are you hurt anywhere, Mother?"

Not wanting to add more troubles to her son's plate, she brushed off. "I am perfectly fine. Ace saved me before anything bad could happen."

Ace was her assigned S class shadow guard. The Queen has three S class, and two regular shadow guards. Hue Chi has two S class, one shadow guard while the King has two S class, and two regular shadow guards.

"You don't have to make time to come see me here." The Queen was not being honest. She was happy over the roof her son visited her but at the same time, she didn't want to worry him and take his time away from work.

Being a Royal was not easy. You are always constantly being targeted.  You made lots of sacrifices, can't spend much time with the people you love as their purpose in life was to serve the country. She made that decision when she married the King.