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139 Youre The Only One

 Hli Ja took slow small steps towards the portrait, gazing at the photo intently. That woman does looked exactly like her.

Maybe she was the woman in the portrait? She reached her hand ever so gently and touched the portrait with carefulness, tracing the man in the photo to the woman. They looked like a couple madly in love as if they were each other's life supply.

"Mommy?" Little Superglue asked, feeling a little concerned seeing her frozen expression.

"Hm..." She looked slightly down at Little Superglue.

"That is you and daddy before I was born. You live here with daddy." Little Superglue commented.

"Me?" Hli Ja irked her brows in surprised. "How do you know I am the same person as the one in the portrait?" She asked. The world was vast, maybe it was just a coincidence that someone out there in the world happened to look like her.

"That's because you smell like my mommy." Little Superglue replied with a big grin.

Hli Ja laughed. Children can say the most adorable silly thing. "Does other women smell like me?"

"Nope mommy. No one else smells like you. You're the only one."

"How do you know I'm the only one?"

"Because my mommy has a star mark on her right breast and I saw you have one when we were bathing yesterday. Daddy knows you have one." Little Superglue replied confidently.

He knew his daddy loved his mommy just as much as him. They would never mistaken their favorite woman as another one else. Even though there may exist another woman with the same look in the world, they would be able to differentiate her and she has an unnatural birth mark, making it even easier for them to confirm. His daddy would never bring in another woman with the same look, so his daddy must have confirmed her birth mark.

Hearing Little Superglue's statement, Hli Ja naturally lifted her left hand and pressed it on the right side of her chest feeling a little shocked. Did Mua Kong stripped her to check for her birth mark when she was unconscious? How unmanly was he? What if she was not the Hli Ja they were looking for?

She felt angry but didn't show in front of her son. That alone was enough evidence for her to accept that she is their Hli Ja. She was also told that she probably had a life before

Little Superglue looked up to Hli Ja, his eyes shone bright with a hint of fear, he pleaded softly, "Mommy, please don't go anywhere. Hue Houa misses you a lot when you were gone."

Her heart shattered into thousand pieces, seeing her son's pleas. She now felt angry that she couldn't remember her past or her cute little son.

Feeling helpless, she squatted down and pulled him for an embrace. Hli Ja couldn't find the right word to sooth his worries, for she was afraid she may not be able to keep her promise.

She was, the missing princess of the Northern Country. How she ended up marrying to Mua Kong, she now felt the urge to know her past.

Later that night, Pao Hua, Little Superglue went to sleep in their own sleeping quarter.

Elder Mae gave Mua Kong some warm drink and instructed Mua Kong to bring it to Hli Ja. If she does not take this matter into her hand, she was afraid, her Lord would only watched Her Highness from afar. She came up with the idea in hope the two could have a chat when Mua Kong brought Hli Ja the warm drink.

Soon, Mua Kong reached the door. He knocked a few times to alert Hli Ja of his entrance.

Hli Ja was on her way from the bed to the door when Mua Kong walked to the table. She paused her step when she saw Mua Kong sat the cup on the table. She was still mad at him for stripping her clothes off when she was unconscious.

"Drink some warm tea before bed." Mua Kong spoke as he sat the tray down on the table, at the same time sensing that she felt upset since earlier evening but was not sure if he was just thinking too much.

Hli Ja furrowed her brows at Mua Kong unblinking before brushing him off reaching for the cup. She gulped down the drink and sat the cup down on the table loudly.

Her behavior confirmed that she indeed was mad.

"Is something wrong?" He asked nervously.

She huffed at him as she turned around, ignoring him.

Afraid that he offended her today without knowing what he did, he quickly reached his hand out to grab hers. "Can you tell me what's wrong?" He begged.

Hli Ja yanked her hand and slapped his chest. Her action just made him more lost. He doesn't remember doing anything offensive to her.

Mua Kong quickly back hugged her as she started walking away from him. He wrapped his arms around her tightly afraid that she would vanish right before his very eyes. One arm wrapped around her waist and one around her chest from behind as he pulled her tightly to his broad chest. Her small, delicate feminine figure on his tall, toned built body fit perfectly like two puzzles meant to connect.

She struggled, trying to wriggle her way out of his embrace, but instead, he tightens his embrace. She couldn't move her arms as they were immobiled by his embrace. "Let go."

He leaned his head closer to her head and inhaled her scent as if her scent was energy for his soul. He whispered gently in a low tone, "Let me hold you just for a minute. I promise I'll leave."

Hli Ja froze like a log in his arms. His embrace sends heat wave through her body and his voice invoked chills in her bone, making her heart fluttered like the cherry petals dancing in the spring.

Her mind tells her to push him away but her body wouldn't listen. It's like her body has a mind of its own, not listening to the command of her mind. She couldn't move but stood still feeling the warmth of his embrace.