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138 This Is My Room

 During that time, Elder Mae was living between Mua Mong's Palace and Mua Kong based on their needs of her. She was not around much during the time Mua Kong brought Hli Ja into his palace, but she was around enough to have liked Hli Ja as her highness.

After Hli Ja's disappearance, she instructed the maids to keep maintaining the garden and has lived in Mua Kong's palace mostly since then as well.

In the garden, Mua Kong led Hli Ja and the boys to the pavilion, the bushes were nicely groomed into beautiful shapes, the flower trees and flower bushes were uniformly planted creating an aesthetic sight.

Resting benches was built along the path for resting so one could rest and admire the beauties around. Hli Ja like the taste of the garden, just like how she would decorate it if she has time to decorate a flower garden.

Mua Kong kept his attention at her, trying to observe her every small details to see what her reaction is like, if she recalled spending her alone time planting the flowers with the palace maids and servants, yet what he observed was an admiration expression of the garden.

Not long later, the group arrived into the pavilion. That morning, the group of four spend their time lounging in the garden Pavilion, but Hli Ja mostly walked around as if she owned the place and wanted to make adjustment with the garden if she has permission to.

In the afternoon, Mua Kong took Hli Ja and the boys into the market strip. Their carriage was heavily guarded with most guards guarding from the distance to allow enough space for the royal family to walk around.

Little Superglue stay close to his mommy the whole time, his heart will only feel rest assure if he is within two meters of her.

Although he was supposed to not be a baby after today, his heart is not yet ready to let go of wanting to be near her. He always worried that she will disappear again. So, the whole time, he never let his sight off her.

Same thing with Mua Kong too. He felt the same way except that he's better at hiding it than Little Superglue. Hli Ja got each of the boys a few sets of clothes and items. She didn't get herself anything as she felt she didn't need any.

She grew up not having much want but she never has a lot of want and had been lucky to have what she needs. So even now though she does not remember her past, her natural personality still remains.

For the rest of the day, Mua Kong supervised Hli Ja and the boys to where ever they want to go. He let them be together to make up for lost time, although he also wanted to be close to her, she currently does not remember him, he has to hold himself back for the time being.

It was when nighttime approached that they arrived back to the palace. Hli Ja and the boys went to take baths at Mua Kong's bathhouse leaving just Mua Kong to guard the roof top. After their baths, the boys went to bed with Hli Ja.

Mua kong spent the night on the roof top again guarding his favorite woman. He laid on top of the roof reminiscing their past together, when he met her at the mountain, to when he found her again by the canal.

From there on, for four straight years, he takes many trips between the palace, countries and to her place. He then brought her to his palace, but was rarely home to be with her.

She spent half of her time alone in his home which lead to him losing her for 4 years. Now that he found her again, what is he to do to keep her forever? If she came back to him with her memories intact, he could fess up, explained and apologized to her, but she came back with no attachment of her past, unable to recognize him. He didn't foresee this in his plan causing him to be in a dilemma of what is the best action to take next.

After of what seems like hours gone by, Mua Kong dozed off and before long, dawn approach. He slowly opened his eyes like the celestial Prince who just laid amidst the cloud leisurely daydreaming as if he hadn't slept at all but simply just rest his eyes.

During the day, the boys kept Hli Ja occupied and busy while Mua Kong observed them from the distance.

Later in the afternoon, Little Superglue, grabbed onto Hli Ja's hand and led her to his sleeping quarter that was in between Mua Kong's and Pao Hua but closer to Pao Hua's. He wanted to stay closer to Pao Hua so he could play with his uncle and thus his wish was granted.

"Hurry mommy. This is my place." Little Superglue exclaimed happily as he pushed the door open. His room was simple, almost similar to Pao Hua, with a living space, connected to a section for the bed. He walked inside to the living area and picked up some artwork on the table to show Hli Ja.

"Very beautiful drawing." Hli Ja complimented looking at the abstract drawing of a happy family sitting on a pavilion.

Little Superglue felt quite happy, he giggled happily as he put the art paper down. "Come, this is my bed." He said excitingly walking towards the bedroom.

Hli Ja followed Little Superglue to the bedroom area. He has a nice big bed which could fit a family of 5 people. Usually children don't have that kind of bed size until they're older, so Little Superglue must be very spoiled.

Hli Ja looked at his bed and then on a stand next to his bed was the portrait of a woman that looked exactly like her and Mua Kong together.

Mua Kong was behind the woman wrapping his arms around her. His eyes so gentle and warm looking slightly down at the woman.