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 Pao Hua squinted his eyes while sighing his life away irritated at his nephew's behavior, who does not know how to hold back. His sister currently does not remember them. Why can't his nephew just behave a little?

But then seeing how she reacted to them, it does not matter if she lost all her memories, she is still kind, just like the old her they remember.

She treated them well, isn't afraid to give them hugs and accepted them with open mind just like when she rescued him years ago.

Hli Ja stood up while carrying Little Superglue and walked towards the pavilion. Seeing her actions with his son, her behaviors is still as lovable as ever, her every move was appealing, making Mua Kong's heart pounds as he watched unblinking, realizing how beautiful she has become.

She glows like a mother full of warmth and love, her smiles could melt the icebergs, her aura could lighten up the depth of hell, her scent could ward off any negative energy.

Mua Kong felt all sorts of emotions swirling inside him, if she hadn't forgotten about him, if the boys aren't around, he would run up to her, take her in his arms and never let go of her.

At this point, he couldn't tell what is worse? The misery of not having her around or the misery of having her around but can't embrace her? How long will his self reservation lasts?

Soon, Hli Ja and Little Superglue approached the pavilion. Her scent pulled Mua Kong's thought back to the present. He stood up to get his son from her, "Hue Houa, you're a big boy now. You can't have mommy carry you like you're a baby."

Little Superglue pouted because he knows his daddy is right but he also wants to be pampered by mommy. He is a big boy now, but also wanted to be a baby because he hasn't seen mommy for so long.

Hearing the stranger man mentioned her as mommy, Hli Ja felt a little awkward yet at the same time, there is a warm tingling sensation in her heart as if a part of her wishes to be a mother. "It's okay, I don't mind because he's cute." Hli Ja replied as she patted Little Superglue's head.

Hearing mommy doesn't mind, sends Little Superglue so happy beyond the moon. His eyes widened like a puppy waiting for his reward, he looked at his daddy, "See, mommy don't mind."

Mua Kong put his son down on the bench chair before giving his son a stern NO look. Little Superglue shifted his eyes from his father's gaze giving off a pouty expression.

Little Superglue's sad pouty expression just wooed Hli Ja over. She interrupted, "It's okay. You can be a baby until you get a little bigger."

Little Superglue giggled reeling in what his mommy just said. He's been giving permission to be a baby until he gets a little bigger.

Pao Hua interrupted, "Only today and tomorrow you can be a baby. If you keep being a baby forever, you can't protect your mommy."

Hearing those words, Little Superglue body tensed up. Since being separated from her a year ago, he always wanted to hurry up and be a big boy.

Being a big boy also mean being able to help and protect mommy. He remembers Uncle Pao Hua had said uncle is going to grow up, be strong so he can protect his sister.

Little Superglue had always wanted to do the same. It is then, his eye flashed with determination. He looked at Hli Ja, "Mommy, only for today, I will be a baby. Tomorrow, I will be a grown adult so I can protect you."

He looked at Hli Ja without blinking, his big round eyes showed a resolve goal. Her heart clenched at the adorable boy who now radiated a strong resolution. What did the previous Hli Ja put him through? His will to protect her touched her heart yet at the same time, she can't help exclaimed at how cute he is at this moment. She flung herself at him and then pulled Pao Hua closer to hug them both.

She thought they are so cute, they wanted to hurriedly grow up so they can protect her. Even if she is not the Hli Ja they have been waiting for, she will accept their feelings.

Who could reject these two cute boys? Hli Ja lifted her head to look at Mua Kong. She wonders who is the adult between him and Pao Hua.

It seems like Pao Hua is much better at taming the little boy than him. And two boys wanted to protect her, a job that should belongs to the grown up, Hli Ja can't help but feel special.

Mua Kong could tell what was running through her mind. What she was thinking couldn't be truer.

Multiple arrows shot through his heart, since he failed to protect her many times in the past, especially when she needed him most. He always missed the critical moment, and this fact makes him feel incompetent causing the surrounding airs to feel more and more distant until a maid interrupted them.

"My Lord, food will be ready soon in the garden. Please make your way to the garden at your convenience."

Mua Kong paused and brought himself back to reality before nodding and signaled for the maid to go.

Hli Ja started the garden to kill time when Mua Kong was away. Under the instructions of Elder Mae, the maids had maintained the garden to this day.