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136 Jealousy

 In the middle of the room, by the table, they totally ignored Mua Kong's existence. Small veins popped on his forehead as his gaze sharpened at the three people sitting on the bed, talking happily among themselves.

He now felt like airs as jealousy swelled up inside. His son spent days after days just clinging onto his wife? That means his son gets embraced by her more than him? His eyes glared with jealousy at the boys feeling envious of the treatment they received from her.

A part of him knew that it was partially because he was not around her much for not receiving as much love from her. But he spent many years chasing after her before she finally reciprocated his feelings back to him. All it took for the boys is for her to adopt them as a family member and gave birth to one!

Little Superglue elaborated, "I love my mommy the best. She is beautiful, kind and mommy smell nice." He put his head down on Hli Ja's laps, smiling like a cute obedient dog asking for attention.

Even though the current Hli Ja does not remember them, her body reactions just come on naturally as if she is so used to just sitting and chatting with them.

Will her memories come back if she spends more time with them? Hli Ja thought. They are so cute! She can't resist their cuteness so she embraced them with open arms and mind knowing she may not be the person they longed for.

That night, the boys occupied the bed sleeping with Hli Ja. Mua Kong tucked them all to bed, watched them sleep before heading out to Hue Houa's quarter where he plans to spend the night at.

He felt thankful that even though she doesn't remember her old self, her behaviors and reactions haven't changed. Things are supposed to be new to her, but she took the changes well and embraced the boys with open arms.

Mua Kong laid on Hue Houa's bed looking at the portrait of her and him together. He moved the portrait from his sleeping chamber to Hue Houa to help his son sleep at night. He refused to give up the portrait of Hli Ja that is in his study room to his son.

Unable to sleep, afraid that when he wakes up the next day she would be gone, Mua Kong got up from the bed and headed back towards his sleeping quarter. He jumped up to the roof and spent the night guarding the house with the many guards on night shift.

The next day, the sun shines bright, the breeze was calm, birds follow each other singing from all directions creating a harmonious melody throughout the palace. Elder Mae walked over to Mua Kong's sleeping quarter, followed closely behind is a maid carrying a few sets of clothes to help get the boys changed.

Mua Kong was already out in the pavilion enjoying some refreshing morning tea guarding his sleeping quarter before Elder Mae and the maid came by. He glanced over watching the door as Elder Mae announces herself and went inside.

He watched the doors of what seems like eternity before the two boys burst out the door one after another. When the boys spotted him under the pavilion, they rushed over to him.

Little Superglue ran up to him smiling happily, "Daddy, daddy, thank you for bringing mommy back home."

Hearing the genuine thanks and the happiness his son radiated, the jealousy he felt all night instantly dissipated. "Mm..." Mua Kong nodded. "Be good and listen to your mommy."

"Ok." Little Superglue knew he pushed his father around to get what he wants but he has to be good to mommy so mommy will stay with him forever. "I will be good, very good."

Mua Kong glanced at his son, the little demon, whom he gives in to all the unreasonable whims every time. The little demon's change in attitude towards him and Hli Ja are too different.

He felt he catered to the little demon's demands more but the little demon still treats him and Hli Ja so differently. "That's good if you can do it."

Most importantly, he kept his promise and brought her back, probably not for the boys, but for himself. He needed her, maybe more than the boys need her.

Soon, the door opens and Hli Ja stepped out of the sleeping quarter disrupting the attentions of the three boys sitting under the pavilion.

When the door creaked open, everyone turns their attention to the door to look at Hli Ja who stepped out from the door.

In that split second, Little Superglue was already half way running towards her shouting, "Mommy!" Opening his arms for a hug as he rushed at her. It was as he already sensed her coming even with the door closed and got up to meet her before she even opened the door to go out.

Seeing the cute little boy ran with a bright smile opening his small arms for a hug. Hli Ja couldn't help but squat down opening her arms to welcome his hug. She chuckled at his every behavior for she found him to be very adorable no matter what he does. She hugged him tightly and asked, "Why are you so cute?"