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135 I Want You To Meet Someone

 Hli Ja wanted to push him away from embracing her. Her mind told her to get away but her heart and body couldn't move. His embrace felt so familiar to her body, like she had been caressed a thousand times in the past by that big and strong body.

Even his scent smelled like medicines to her soul.

A few thoughts rushed through her mind. If she was that important to him, why was she found alone a year ago so far from his palace? "What happened to me?" She uttered as she thought about the many reasons why.

"I was told not to give a lot of information to you at one time. I promised, I will slowly tell you. I want to give you time to get used to the place first." Mua Kong replied.

Hli Ja furrowed her brows not sure if she could trust those words but she was not going to lie, her body and soul wants him. She knew at least that much.

"I want you to meet someone... actually two people. They've been waiting for you to come back." Mua Kong added.

Hli Ja pushed Mua Kong away. "Who?"

"Our son and your little brother who you adopted a while ago."

Her pupils dilated in shock unable to think of anything else, "Our son?!"

"Mm... Our son. You love him very much and you spoiled him. So, he is demanding at times." Mua Kong warned but pushed the blame on Hli Ja like he didn't partake in spoiling their son.

"So... so... we're a married couple?" Hli Ja asked nervously while still feeling shock.

"Hm... There was some misunderstanding, and you never came back." Mua Kong summed up everything in just a few words. He planned to tell her the details later when she is fully adjusted back into her life. He didn't want to stress her with a lot of information. The journey back, his palace, and the people were now all new to her. This in itself was enough for now. As long as she stayed next to him, he would slowly tell her.

Hli Ja stumbled backward unable to hold herself, shocked that she, was already a mother. Just then, the door swung open. Standing at the door was a short cute chubby four years old boy. "Mommy?!"

"Hue Houa!" Pao Hua yelled after.

Little Superglue scanned the room until his eyes landed on Hli Ja. His mouth curved up like a half moon and ran towards her. "Mommy! I miss you!"

He threw himself at Hli Ja, wrapped his arms tightly around her as tears drips down his big round eyes. Although he didn't make a wailing sound, his tears said it all that he missed her so much, have been holding back his tears and emotions for a long time.

Not sure how to react but at the same time, Hli Ja's heart warmed at the action of the boy whom she assumed was supposed to be her son that Mua Kong mentioned. "Ah..."

"Uncle Pao Hua said mommy is sick and mommy doesn't remember me. But Hue Houa promised, Hue Houa will be patience and... and wait until mommy remembers." Little Superglue spoke while his voice shook from holding back his tears.

Although to the current Hli Ja, it was the first time she saw the little boy who was supposed to be her son, her heart ached upon hearing those words spoken by him. Her shock dissipated and overcame with grief. She leaned down to his height and looked at him. "I'm sorry, I will try very hard to remember you."

With his big round eyes, he looked at her and nodded as tears drips down his cheeks. "Mm... Mm. Hue Houa will wait."

Pao Hua stood in the room frozen and tears swelled in his eyes, partially because he felt the same way as his nephew. He missed her, felt thankful she was alive and because the scene in front of him is just too sad. Those who were not touched by it must not have emotion.

Hli Ja pulled Little Superglue closer for an embrace. She hugged him tightly, feeling so complete like she hugged him many times in the past. She moved her eyes towards Pao Hua whom she assumed must be the little brother she adopted, Hli Ja irked her brows at him and signaled for him to go over for a hug.

Pao Hua wipes his tears and rushed over.

Although, she doesn't know them, she hugged them tightly and apologized to them. Her body naturally just knew what to do with them and their hugs feel just right for her. She sensed she had hugged them many times in her past.

Even if she was not the one they've been waiting for, who could turn down their longings when all they want was just their favorite person? Plus, any person of sound mind and humane heart would do the same.

A little later, Hli Ja and the two boys were sitting on the bed. Although Pao Hua had told Hue Houa to be patience, he was the one that unfolded many of their past behaviors.

He laughed and said loudly, "Sister, this little guy here, you cuddled him to sleep all night, then, half of his waking moment was spent clinging onto you like a leech. Sometimes, I tried to get him away from you, but it was so hard to peel him off you so you could walk around getting things done. So, I called him Superglue."

"Superglue?" Hli Ja laughs.

"Uh huh... For three years, that's what happened days after days. Any memories I can recall is just Little Superglue clinging onto you."