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133 I Waited A Long Long Time

 She was so happy having witness something so beautiful that for momentarily she forgot who she was. She jumped for joys and without thinking, she rushed to give Mua Kong a great big hug laughing happily.

Mua Kong couldn't be happier than seeing her smiles and hear her laughs. Although she may not remember him, her reactions, her laughs and smiles still remains the same pure genuine her that he remembers.

Hli Ja decides to pluck some flowers to bring with, although it might start to wilt by the time they reach the palace, the flowers would signify a memento of the crystal cliff.

An hour later, Mua Kong approached Hli Ja and instructed her to get back into the carriage. He would bring her again if she wishes to.

She reluctantly agreed, although she is supposed to be prisoner, he never treated her like one and she forgot her place. She supposed to be upset being taken against her own will, but she didn't feel as bitter.

A few days later, one early evening the carriage arrived at Prince Mua Kong's palace. He led Hli Ja out of the carriage and into the palace.

As they walked side by side from the gate through all the buildings one by one, Hli Ja experience a familiarity feeling with the place, like she has been in the palace before but unable to recalled events or instances.

Mua Kong glanced at her, watching her reaction closely to see if the familiar place would help her remember. The guards and maid who saw them walked past were shocked to see Hli Ja after 4 years and quickly bowed their respects to their masters.

"Summon Elder Mae to come over." Mua Kong ordered one of the servants hanging up lights around the walkway. He then led her to their sleeping quarter.

Elder Mae rushed over when she heard the news of her highness returning. Mua Kong stood by the door when elder Mae power walked from around the corner.

"My Lord, is it true?" She asked happily almost seems out of breath.

"Hm..." Mua Kong nodded, "However, she took a physical injury to the head which caused her to lose her memory. She does not remember who she is or any of us. I will need you to help ease her back into the Palace."

Elder Mae cried and nodded her head. "Oh... such a misfortune. I will take care of her."

"Please help her to the bathhouse and get dinner ready." Mua Kong instructed.

After instructing Elder Mae, Mua Kong walked over to Pao Hua's quarter.

When he entered the room, he saw Pao Hua writing letters one by one and have Hue Houa write the same thing.

Mua Kong observe the boys for a moment before interrupting them.

"Are you learning well?" He asked his son.

His question brought the boys' attention towards the door. Little Superglue put on a big bright smile while holding up his paper. "Look, I can write my name! Next I'm going to write a letter to mommy."

Hearing his son wanting to write a letter to his wife makes Mua Kong feel complicated. He finally brought his son's mother home, but she does not remember his son or anyone.

He knew how much his son misses her, the last year, his son live day by day by always staring at her portrait and go to bed every night hugging a piece of her clothes.

How do you explain to a four years old that their mother does not remember them because of a memory loss illness?

Mua Kong slowly took steps towards the boys, pulled a chair, and sat down on the chair. He lifted his son over onto his lap while looking at the name his son doodled. "Daddy has something to tell you two."

Pao Hua thought Mua Kong acted a little weird, he put down his ink pen and gave his attention to Mua Kong.

"What is it daddy?" Little Superglue asked as he lifted his head up to look at his daddy.

"Listen to daddy carefully..." Mua Kong paused and took a slow deep breath before proceeding.

"Daddy found your mommy... but... She is sick right now. So, she does not remember you, Uncle Pao Hua or daddy."

Hearing the word sick made Pao Hua feel sick to his stomach. He thought Hli Ja caught a serious illness. His mouth trembled about to ask how sick she was.

Mua Kong knew he misunderstood. He wanted to explain in ways that his son would understand, but Pao Hua took the message completely wrong. So, Mua Kong quickly corrected himself to Pao Hua.

"Your sister was hit in the head and she lost her memory as a result of injury to the brain. She may gain her memories later or she may not ever. Other than that, she's healthy and fine."

Little Superglue didn't comprehend the last part his father explained to his uncle. All he knew was, mommy is back but mommy is sick.

He tried to get off his father's lap and rush over but Mua Kong held him tightly not allowing him to leave. He struggled, "Daddy, let me down! I want to go see mommy."

Mua Kong glanced at his son, "Don't interrupt mommy, she's taking a bath right now. Wait til later."

"No daddy. I want to see my mommy right now!" Little Superglue turned around staring at his father with his teary pitiful big round eyes.

"You can wait. Mommy needs a break to take a bath. We all can go see her later." Mua Kong explained.

"I can't wait daddy. I waited for a very long, long time." Little Superglue defended his reason to go see his mommy and about to bawl his heart out.

He is feeling very emotional having been separated from his favorite person. He has been trying to be strong and be a big boy for a whole year just so that his mommy would come back. Now that she is back, why can't he see her right away?

"Then I want to go take a bath with mommy right now." Little Superglue retorted.