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132 Arriving To The Palace

 Mua Kong studied every inch and nooks of the woman he loves so dearly. It has been so long since he's been this close to her and see her up close. How he misses the times they made love, the time he cuddled her all night long and all the times she reciprocated those feelings back to him.

Just as he was about to lose to his emotions and leaned in closer, Hli Ja pushed him off her.

Although she didn't have enough strength to push him off completely, it was enough force to bring him back from losing his senses. He slowly pushed himself off her without taking his eyes away from her.

Hli Ja turned her head away to avoid facing him as she pulled the blanket to cover her chest again, "I... I don't trust you yet." Her heart was pounding, heatwave rushed through her body as if her body yearns for him like it has a mind of its own.

Those words spoken by Hli Ja felt like multiple arrows pierced through Mua Kong's heart. Because of what she went through, she probably doesn't trust him anymore, but the Hli Ja who lost her memory of him still doesn't trust him, causing the pain he felt to double.

He will do whatever it takes to slowly gain her trust back and will not do anything that would sabotage her trust for him.

Late evening when they reach a town on their way and decided to stop for the night. Mua Kong wants to let Hli Ja rest properly on a bed instead in the carriage on the rough road.

The carriage guards pulled up into an inn. When the carriage stops, Mua Kong got out and waited to assist Hli Ja out of the carriage. He held onto her hand and led her inside not giving her the opportunity to escape from him.

The inn owner led them to a room. Before the owner left, Mua Kong also ordered some foods be brought in for dinner.

After the owner left, Hli Ja shook her hand off Mua Kong's grip, "I can walk by myself. I won't run away." She knew that she is not skilled enough to escape him so she will not attempt when he is meters away from her.

Plus, a part of her is also curious to know who she was prior to being found by her brother. Hli Ja walked inside to the room and sat on the bed while Mua Kong followed her inside to sit by the table.

Not long later, a server brought in dinner. The server sat the food on the table by where Mua Kong was sitting. After the server left, he called Hli Ja to go over to the table to eat.

It has been a while since she last ate so she reluctantly walked over to the table. Mua Kong scooped a couple spoonful of each dishes onto her plate. "Ahh... stop, stop, I can get it myself." Hli Ja yelled.

The couple ate dinner and after some times, the server came back to pick up the empty dishes.

Mua Kong handed the tray to the server and went back to the room. Based on his action, Hli Ja could guess he planned to spend the night in the same room as her.

That night, Hli Ja refused to sleep as she refused to let her guard down around Mua Kong. Although they might have known each other in the past, but the current her can't remember anything. She can't take his words for he's now a stranger to her.

Hli Ja sat upright on the edge of the bed feeling uptight about being in the same room with another man. She is determined to stay up not giving an opportunity to be taken advantage of, but later into the night, she succumbed to her tiredness and dozed off to sleep.

Seeing Hli Ja leaned onto the bed pole in an uncomfortable position, Mua Kong got up from the chair and walked towards Hli Ja. He supported her back and gently laid her down on the bed. He pulled the blanket over her as he studies her features one area after another.

In the dark room, illuminated by the moonlight peeking through the window curtains, Mua Kong gaze at his woman feeling incomplete.

Although she is so close to him, why does it feel like she's very far away from him? What would he do if she cannot remember him for the rest of their lives? After getting lost in thoughts of what seemed hours, he slowly leaned down and planted a soft kiss on top of her forehead.

The next day, Mua Kong continues the journey to the palace. He always made sure Hli Ja ate proper meals and sleep at inns whenever possible so she's fully rested.

He gives her space and privacy when she needed to but he never took his eyes off her for long. He was patience with her throughout the trip.

Hli Ja somehow didn't feel like a hostage but a person very important to Mua Kong. This feeling is making her feel conflicted. They are supposed to be enemies, but why doesn't he treat her like one?

She is not yet ready to further her conversation with him, so she has not asked him questions regarding their relationship. One reason was also because she is not sure if she can trust him yet, trust his words that they knew each other.

The few times when he was near her, it was almost as if her body longed for him and wasn't even afraid of him. A few days before they reached his palace, he took a small detour and allow her to experience a breath-taking sight. Hidden among mountains was one mountain full of crystal grounds and areas where there are no crystals, flower blooms in different colors and beauty.

Hli Ja was so awestruck of the place. When the sun ray beams on the ground making the flowers shimmers like there are dews reflecting off lights and the lights reflected off looks like jewels shimmering in the sea.