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131 Knew Everything About Her

 After confirming that she has the birthmark he knew of, he put her clothes back on and proceeded outside to summon the spy that was captured which he freed from Hli Ja earlier. The spy quickly rushed over to report. nfirming that she has the birthmark he knew of, he put her clothes back on and proceeded outside to summon the spy that was captured which he freed from Hli Ja earlier. The spy quickly rushed over to report.

"What's going on here?" Mua Kong asked.

The spy knelt down before his Lord, "I... I'm sorry. I was caught because I was investigating this matter. Her Highness is the Princess of the Northern Country. When the former King and Queen was assassinated by the King's brother, the Prince was 7 years and the Princess was 2 years old. The Prince grew up and during that time, planned to overthrow his uncle. On the 11th year since the assassination of his parents, the Prince finally killed his uncle and took the throne back."

"Where is the Princess?" Mua Kong asked. The first 7 years after the former royal family was murdered, it was rumored that none of the royal family survived until the Prince made his comeback.

The spy continues, "From then on the Prince spent years rebuilding the country and secretly search for his long-lost sister until a year ago. While the Prince, now King and his men were patrolling the borders, they saw a woman fighting a group of bandits but she took a hard hit to her head and lost consciousness. The King and his men happened to witness the incident and killed off every single bandits. Her Highness looked just like the former Queen, making it easy for the King, her brother to recognize her. This was not known to many people, but the two years old princess that was killed was just a replacement. The young maid of the Princess took her away into hiding and they disappeared forever. The King then took her back and asked their trusted nanny to check the site of her birthmark."

The spy paused, looked at his Lord before nervously said, "There is a birthmark on her highness right... brr... breast... and apparently, only the King and their trusted nanny knew the existence of her birthmark. When she awoke, she couldn't remember who she was, but the King slowly tell her about herself, had baby portraits of her, even know of her birthmark and that was enough to convince her. In my shock of how much resemblance they have, I let myself get caught while gathering information. I bought time and was able to learn about the birthmark."

Mua Kong smirked, "Then it'll be easy to deal with the Northern Kingdom. Tell Yee Len to handle this affair. I'm going back to the palace." Mua Kong turned around about to take a step until the spy interrupted.

"Erm... My Lord, there was also rumor that the King planned to betroth his sister to his right-hand man in a year time. I have not been able to confirm that rumor yet."

Mua Kong paused his step briefly, ordered guards to bring a carriage. He went back inside the tent and carry Hli Ja out to the carriage heading back to his palace.

Much later has passed before Hli Ja woke up. She opens her eyes, scanned the ceiling before her eyes landed on the man who kidnapped her earlier. He look at her like he wanted to caress her every fibers.

She jolted right up from her seat to glare at the man. "Where, where am I?" As she pulled the blanket up higher to cover her up.

"In my carriage." He replied without blinking.

"Where are we going?"

"My Palace."

"You? What do you want?" Hli Ja asked.

"You." He replied sharply.

Hli Ja retorted, "My brother would never allow!"

"He won't have a choice but to allow that." Mua Kong replied unconcerned of the Northern King as if the King will not have a choice.

Hli Ja furrowed her brows and asked, "What are you scheming?" She tried reading Mua Kong while she asked him questions. She wanted to know what kind of person he really is, how much of a threat she posed for her brother and country.

"Nothing. Just taking back what was originally mine." Mua Kong replied while gazing at her.

She darted her eyes to avoid Mua Kong's intense gaze. What originally belongs to him? What is he implying? He couldn't possibly mean me? Although I don't remember my past self, I should have a life prior to the palace. Her heart pounds, she nervously asked something she wanted to avoid if possible. "Do you know me?"

Mua Kong's eyes softens while his gaze intensified. He stares at her for a moment before replying, "Everything."

He knows so much about her, her behaviors, her ways of thinking, the width of her shoulders and length down her arms, beautiful shape of her neck to her collarbones, the tenderness of her delicate fingers, every molds and marks on her skin, and the warmth of her hugs. He could go on forever describing how much he knew about her.

"Wh... what is that mean?" Hli Ja asked nervously unsure if she wanted to know the answer to that.

"What do you want to know? Every molds and marks on your skin? The shape and contours of your body? Or..."

"Ahhh! Ahh..! Stop stop!" Hli Ja shouted about to jump up from her seat. She couldn't bear the thought of what he was going to say.

Mua Kong noticed what she would do next. He reached to pull her down, so she doesn't hit her head on the carriage ceiling. His pulling grip caused Hli Ja to lose her footing, making her landed onto the seat she was laying down earlier causing Mua Kong to fall on top of her.

Since a year ago, when she came to, she did not feel comfortable being near any man but why is it that her body felt so comfortable with the stranger man on top of her? Could she trust his words? Were they lovers?