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130 Look At Him With Different Eyes

 "Commander Cha Lee, your job must be hard, babysitting the spoiled royal kid," he smirked.

"Like you don't have people to babysit you all the time!!" provoked at the insult, the armored figured charged at Mua Kong.

This kid is really hot headed, Mua Kong thought. Easily provoked too. He really wanted to know what the royal kid looked like. How could he possibly overthrown his uncle and have good, loyal men followed him? He flew, and in a flash sliced the kid's armor helmet in half.

"Princess!!" Commander Cha Lee shouted as he rushed forward to assist.

Before Mua Kong landed on the ground, he saw her hair fluttering like feathers. Swirling as the helmet fell away. The person turned around to face him.

"Hli Ja..." he uttered in shock.

Mua Kong flew over and sent a controlled energy whip cutting the helmet in halves without injuring the person underneath the helmet.

As the person's head and body followed Mua Kong's direction to keep up with him, the helmet fell apart.

Seeing Mua Kong's energy whip split the helmet apart, Commander Cha Lee yelled loudly, "Princess!!" Fearing that his Princess is gravely injured.

The Princess kept her gaze at Mua Kong. She flung her body around to keep up with him causing her hairs to fly like feathers floating around her.

Before Mua Kong landed on the ground, he saw the face of the person under the helmet that looked like Hli Ja. His heart unconsciously yelled her name and even before he landed on the ground, he shifted his body to charge forward towards her at full speed not giving Commander Cha Lee the opportunity to approach.

Mua Kong released all the energy he has and scoop the Princess away before she even has the chance to get in defense mode.

Seeing Mua Kong's retreating form, Commander Cha Lee shouted after, "Stopped!! If you are a true man, come fight me face to face. Don't drag a lady!"

Mua Kong retreated with deaf ears to Commander Cha Lee's provoke. He could care less of insults provoked by others as long as he has his most important woman next to him.

Yee Len flew in to intercept Commander Cha Lee from going after his Lord and the two fought a few blows before separating away to re-energize.

Yee Len threatened. "We have your Princess on our hand. Retreat now or don't think of ever seeing her!"

The threat make Commander Cha Lee halted his movement in fear there may be harms inflicted upon the Princess, unless he is sure of the state of his Princess, he cannot act rashly. The best thing is to pull back and send negotiators to talk terms with Mua Kong.

He took a few seconds to debate the best route of action before ordering his troops to pull back.

Mua Kong took the Northern Country's Princess back to his tent. She struggles trying to get out of his hold to no avail, she yelled, "Release me right now! I can walk by myself." She knew that she cannot escape no matter what method she tries so she should at least try to act like she is going with him.

Mua Kong refused to loosen his grip on her and carried her straight to the military base.

Before long, he reached his tent, went inside and then released her. When she felt his arms loosen, she quickly pushed his arms off her and moved away from him, a stranger she'd never seen before.

Mua Kong continues to stare at her baffled, the woman he loves whom he has been searching for years looked at him with different eyes.

The woman who always wraps her arms around his neck, gazing lovingly at him and always whispers sweet melody in his ears now doesn't look at him with the same eyes.

He took a step closer to her, but she took two steps farther away from him. She looked at him in disdain and shouted, "Don't come near me!"

Mua Kong is not sure if she's acting or if the woman before him is not Hli Ja. Was she that upset at him to not acknowledge him? Is she pretending? Or she is not the woman he loves?

His gaze could penetrate through her soul making her feel uncomfortable. She thought she could try to negotiate with him, she shouted, "What are your terms?"

"There is no term. You're coming with me." Mua Kong replied sharply.

She furrowed her brows at him, "I refused to let myself be a burden for those around me, my life I could care less." She thought she could at least test him out by using threats. Suicide is the last thing she wanted to do, but she does not want to be used in war so she'll try any method to get away.

Afraid she might do something dangerous to herself, Mua Kong dashed towards her and hit her accu points causing her to fall unconscious. Before she fell down, he supported her back and carried her to the bed.

There is another way for him to check if she is his woman. She can deny him all she wants, but she has something that only he knows would prove her identity to him. Mua Kong slowly took away her armors piece by piece until her under layer is exposed. He hesitated his action but proceeded to remove the underlayer, leaving only just her undergarment.

Mua Kong removes her top and undergarment to check for her star shape like birthmark located at the base of her right breast.

With her breast exposing, he gently nudges her breast upward with his rough fingers and at the base of her breast on top of the ribs, is the reddish star shape like birthmark he's familiar with. There is no doubt, this Princess of the Northern Kingdom is his woman.