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129 Hot Headed Royal Kid

 "Hli Ja, are you very angry at me?" he wondered. "Is that why you refused to appear before me? How can I amend the wrongs I did to you when you refuse to show yourself to me? Do you know I've been searching for you for a long time? Do you know our son and I miss you very much? I'm running out of reasons to keep our son's spirit up. One day he'll know the truth and hate me."

Mua Kong spent the night staring at the big full moon. It seemed so close yet so far; just out of reach. He kept staring at the full moon, eventually dozing off.

The next morning, he awoke to a blanket draped over him. He was still in the same spot where he was the night before. He assumed his right hand man, Yee Len probably brought the blanket for him. Mua Kong got up from his spot and went back to the base.

When he got inside to his tent, Yee Len was already waiting inside with freshly made food.

"My Lord, have some food first and I'll go over the day for you," he exclaimed.

"Mhm... Go ahead," Mua Kong replied as he sat down to eat breakfast.

"Reports came from Commander Vun in southern base. We finally took over and secured the northeast province of Southern Kingdom. The Southern troops retreated for the time being. And... as you heard, our spy we sent to find her highness has been captured. Their commander is requesting an audience this afternoon."

Mua Kong wondered if he just be honest and come clean about the real reason, he sent spied up north. If he should tell them he's looking for his wife that was attacked by bandits a year ago. She definitely disappeared after setting foot in their country.

Several hours later, Yee Len returned to the tent to report where they will soon be meeting with the norther kingdom's men. They decided neutral zone was down in the valley; both sides were heavily guarded by military soldiers and camp bases.

Mua Kong could guess what the other party would be bartering for. They probably would demand for land. If that was the case, then, there was no way; a man is not worth an entire city. He hated to lose a man like this. They are talented in their in their own right, but what's the point of keeping a slip up? Their value plummets the moment they fall into the enemy's hands.

Soon, Mua Kong and his soldiers made their way to the neutral zone.

They met the other party at the same time. Their soldiers and the captured spy. The two groups came face to face, only a few yards away from each other. The commander of the northern country looked to be a young man, but his eyes were sharp and intelligent.

The commander spoke in a domineering tone, "Second Prince of the Western Country. I've only heard rumors of you but it seems the entire Kingdom depends on your prowess. One of your men has been sniffing around my territory without permission."

Mua Kong glanced at his tied up men. He addressed the commander directly.

"Commander Cha Lee, I've also heard about you and your prowess. I'm impressed you found out about my man. They are experts in their field. I didn't think my man was easy to capture."

"Quit talking nonsense! Let's get down to business..." Another person cladded in full body armor from head to toe shouted behind from Commander Cha Lee.

The Commander and all the soldiers bowed down to the fully armored person.

Mua Kong's eyes sharpened as he focused his vision on the person who just spoke. The only part that was visible to him was just the eyes. Is that small figure the Prince of the country? Just from how the soldiers and Commander Cha Lee reacted, they must be a member of the Northern Kingdom's royal family.

Their small frame hidden in the armor. The person stomped up to Mua Kong, dragging the spy along, stopping only when faced Mua Kong. Commander Cha Lee was at a loss for words. How does he stop this person from approaching the enemy?

"I found your man sniffing around and captured him," the person continued. "Although he won't say anything, we know the only person capable of sending people to infiltrate us right now is you. This is an act of war. If you want to such a horrible thing, then you must listen to our conditions."

"Oh? You sound like you're confident that the man you captured is worth me avoiding war? Enough for me to even consider your conditions," Mua Kong retorted.

Dark clouds hovered above. The skies that once were clear and cloudless, now were suddenly dark. Fist-sized hail fell from the sky. Some soldiers got hit and crumbled down to the ground filled with pain. Soon, soldiers started to scatter around looking for cover.

Mua kong saw this as an opportunity to grab his spy. He charged forward at full speed, but the armored person who still held the spy's rope noticed the prince, and went to defend himself.

A punch connected onto Mua Kong's armored just as he grabbed his spy and threw him to safety.

Mua Kong smirked.

"What was that? I didn't feel anything. You called that fighting?" Prince Mua Kong mocked.

Feeling provoked, the enemy unsheathed their sword and took an offensive stance. Mua Kong's eyes sharpened. Their stance that felt familiar, but he ignored the thought. Instead he moved to unsheathe his own sword.

Commander Cha Lee yelled behind for the armored man to stop as he rushed forward to provide support.

"Commander Cha, this is an order! Go retrieve the man we captured!"

"No, that is the only order I cannot comply. Your safety comes first!" he shouted back.

"Commander!" the armored figure repeated, annoyingly.

The hail fell like bullets. Commander Cha Lee sliced the large chunks of ice away with ease. The armored person wasn't as skilled, and was unable to avoid some of the hail.

Mua Kong who had been avoiding the hail with ease couldn't help but poke fun.