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127 You Lied!

 Little Superglue glared at his father. He missed her so much that just hearing that his mommy might be here made him hopeful. Especially because he heard it from his daddy, whom he trusted with all his heart. It had been so long since he last saw his mommy. He wanted so dearly to be with her... but now he can't trust his daddy anymore.

"Okay, let's go home," Mua Kong swept up his son, carrying the boy away.

Elder Mae grabbed the blanket and followed. Even before the line finished on stage, Mua Kong left. His upset was more important than the show. He was afraid the boy would cause a scene, thinking it better to leave.

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to lie to you," Mua Kong whispered, as he carried his son down the hallway.

Little Superglue didn't move, staying silent. He laid still in his father's arms, not flinching. Behind his eyes were a mix of fury and sadness.

What Hue Houa told him earlier still hung in his ears. 'The air is bad.'

He tried to break down what his son meant by that. It's hard to understand what a three year old actually meant to say. He strongly wished that Hli Ja was around to help him understand his son.

An hour later, Mua Kong arrived back at his palace. Little Superglue ignored him and went straight to Pao Hua's chamber. Mua Kong followed behind, but kept a small distance between them. Pao Hua was studying in his room when the door suddenly slammed open with a loud bang, startling him.

Standing at his door was his nephew with a sour expression. He paused what he was doing and asked, "Superglue? What's wrong?"

"Houa Houa is sleeping with Pao Pao tonight," Little Superglue huffed.

"Huh? What's wrong? Why are you upset?"

"I don't want to sleep with daddy tonight," Little Superglue fumed.

"Why?" Pao Hua asked, confused.

"I hate party too. The airs are bad."

"The airs are bad?" Pao Hua was still not quite understanding.

"Yes, the airs are bad! I hate daddy too!" Little Superglue threw sentence after sentence.

Pao Hua tried to grasp what is wrong with his nephew.

"Why is the air bad? Can you tell me more?" He sensed that his nephew is a little sensitive but was not aware of the extent of his sensitiveness.

Little Superglue sighed and in one big breath, he explained.

"I don't know uncle... Many people are scared, many people are happy, many people hate. Houa Houa don't like at all and want to come home... But daddy say mommy might be among those ladies. But... but... there is no mommy. Houa Houa know mommy is not there."

Pao Hua nodded his head slowly. He understood vaguely what happened.

Mua Kong was standing outside listening to his son's tantrum. He heard the explanation his son gave to Pao Hua. He guessed that his son had the ability to read others' emotions, but was too young to understand what he was experiencing. Mua Kong made a mental note to make sure not to let his son be exposed to crowded places.

"Okay, you can sleep with me until you feel happy," Pao Hua folded his books away.

He laid out some paper and ink on the table. "Come, draw some pictures," he called his little nephew over. "We can send them to mommy when you're done. Make sure to tell her how much you miss her."

Little Superglue's big round eyes got rounder and twinkled like the stars in the Milky Way. He ran with his short stubby legs to the table. Pao Hua helped him into a chair, letting him doodle on the paper.

"Stay here, work hard. Uncle will be back," Pao Hua said, intending to go look for Mua Kong.

"Okay," Little Superglue replied, excitedly scribbling away.

Pao Hua left his chamber, bumping into Mua Kong right outside the door.

"Um..." he looked up at his sister's husband.

"This is my fault... I'm the reason he's so upset. Let him stay with you next week. I need to go somewhere," Mua Kong explained.

"Okay. I hope you find my sister," Pao Hua, as young as he was, was very sharp.

He knew that Mua Kong was planning on reuniting with Yee Len and his group of experts that were dispatched about two weeks ago.

"Mhm... I will find her no matter what," Mua Kong turned around and left.

Pao Hua went inside to check up on his nephew. "How are you doing? Do you need uncle's help?"

"No," he mumbled, doodling away. Little Superglue was so focused on the drawing that the little boy didn't even turn around to look at his uncle.

Not long later, Elder Mae walked in with some food.

"Young men, come eat your dinner. Once you're done, go take a bath," she announced, setting the food down on the table.

Little Superglue was still scribbling on the study desk didn't budge. He was very eager to send the message to his mommy. He doesn't have an appetite.

"Superglue? Let's eat and then you can continue later. We can't send it until tomorrow. You can work all night long," Pao Hua explained.

Little Superglue looked over and sighed.

"Okay," he said, reluctantly putting down the ink pen and climbing down from the chair. He walked over and chowed down his food.

That night, Mua Kong took off alone to the northern border. The area from Pao Hua's description seemed much further north than where their military base is at. He traveled at full speed with little rest.

A week later, he bumped into one of his elite bodyguards, Blong.

Yee Len ordered Blong to relay a message, travelling backwards towards the palace. By the time Yee Len and his men arrived and scouted the area, the bandits had already been obliterated. There is no sign of Hli Ja anywhere. They searched for her body, and gathered intel from the people nearby, including rumors, but couldn't get much out of the people nearby.

Yee Len and his men entered into the northern county to gather further information.

"Do we know who obliterated the bandits? Is there any evidence that could help us determine where their territory is?" Mua Kong asked.