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126 Continue With The Agenda

 "Why?" Little Superglue asked curiously.

"Because it is not very often that the citizen gets to see the royal family." He explained.

"Uncle Pao Pao say daddy and Houa Houa are the royal family."

"Yes, uncle Pao Hua is right."

"And is mommy the royal family too?"

"Yes, mommy is too."

Little Superglue giggled, unable to contain his happiness. He doesn't know what the 'Royal Family' is or why it's so important, but to know that mommy is in the same category as him and his father made him very happy.

After two hours, the King asked for a break. He commanded the maids and servants to refill the food and drinks.

The King stood up and went back into the palace, requesting Mua Kong's company. Mua Kong handed his son to Elder Mae and followed his father inside. He led his son into the King's study chamber.

He didn't turn around,"What's going on? How did you find the child?" he asked.

"The child found me instead. I wasn't even sure he existed," Mua Kong replied.

"Where's Hli Ja?"

"She's not here."

"So, do you know what happened at the inn? What happened three years ago?"

"Mhmm..." the prince nodded.

"Who's the culprit?" the King asked, his eyes widened surprised at the answer.

"Someone we know, and is around. That's all I can tell you. Anything else, and could mess up my plan."

The King understood that certain matters were better taken care of by his son. He made a mistake before. Since then he has learned that he shouldn't meddle in his son's affairs. If Mua Kong said he had plans, then his plans must already be in motion.

"Fine," he said, facing his son. "Don't drag this on for too long. Today, I have plans to ask all the daughters to walk the stage for you. But... I was not expecting you to show up with my grandson. So, I'll cancel it."

"No, you shouldn't. Don't change anything," Mua Kong corrected.

"Are you sure?" the King asked, surprised.

"Mhm... just let them walk through," Mua Kong said.

Even if his little man hadn't shown up, he still wouldn't have picked anyone. He was just as stubborn as he had always been since his wife disappeared.

The King guessed that his runway show was probably a key part in what Mua Kong had planned. The older man didn't object, deciding to go along with it.

The King thought for a moment. Of all his advisers and ministers, there wasn't anyone he could think of who would be so daring to go up against Mua Kong. But if it was one of the people that worked for him directly, then he was equally responsible for their behavior.

The two walked back to the Royal Pavilion. By the time they had returned to their seats, the servants and maids had just finished refilling the refreshments.

The King sat on his chair and waved nearby servant over. The servant came, taking instructions from him. He then made its way to the stage and relayed the message to the few people in charge of stage programming.

About 30 minutes later, a few men walked around with a sign, letting all the ladies know to prepare for the big runway show.

After everyone read the message, the energy became restless; unable to focus. There were the anxious, the needlessly confident and the timid. All of these opposing energies mixed together. They swarmed around the place causing filling the air with tension and anxiousness.

Little Superglue was feeling the effects of all this emotional stress. It made him feel unwell.

He turned to his father, "Daddy, I don't like party. This place is bad. I want to go home."

Mua Kong looked at his son a little perplexed, "This place is bad?" he wondered.

"Yes, this place is bad."

"Let's wait for a little bit and then we'll go," Mua Kong said, coaxing his son.

"No! I don't like party!" his son shouted, pouting uncomfortably.

"Well, a lot of ladies are going to walk on the stage for you to see. Maybe... maybe your mommy will be hiding among them."

That was the best lie Mua Kong could come up with to make his son stay until the show ended. He also originally planned on not staying for the entire time.

"Oh... is that true? Then I want to stay and see too," Little Superglue quickly agreed. He still hated all the bad energies in the air.

He had a natural gifted in sensing people, but because he was still young and unaware, he doesn't know how to deal with it. Since he might see his mommy, he gladly agreed to stay a little longer, but without holding tightly onto his father; tighter than before.

Some time later, all the ladies gathered around backstage.

The line got longer and longer, soon wrapping around the stage a few times. Finally, one of the stage hands signaled for the ladies to begin walking across.

Soon the beautiful daughters walked up to the stage one by one. They took their time, facing the royal pavilion before slowly exiting the stage.

Once they finished crossing, the women returned to their seats. They watched the line stay the same size, refilling with beautiful young ladies waiting anxiously for their chance to get on stage and their 10 seconds to shine in front of the Royals and nobles.

Mua Kong was not paying attention to them though. He already knew that no one on the stage would ever take Hli Ja's place, but Little Superglue stared intently; looking for his mommy. After what seemed like an eternity, there was no sign of his her.

Saddened that he had waited so long, Little Superglue yelled, "I want to go home! I know my mommy is not here!" his eyes were teary.

Mua Kong felt bad for lying and using his son for his own agenda. "I only said mommy might be there," he explained.