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124 Whose Child Is The Boy?

 Hearing what Mua Kong instructed the child to call him, Mua Mong knew that the child was his nephew; son of his younger brother and Hli Ja.

Happy to hear that the woman his brother loved dearly could still be alive somewhere, Mua Mong smiled brightly at the child. He leaned down, meeting the boy eye-to-eye.

"Mhm... Mhm... I'm your uncle Mua Mong," he said, while nodding his head dazzlingly.

He reached his hand out to pat Little Superglue's head.

Behind Mua Mong, the King watched. His heart filling him with mixed emotions. He had many questions he wanted to ask, but couldn't because there were too many people watching.

When most of the crowd turned around to look, they saw the back of a child. They also had many questions. They resisted their want to run up and gawk; they had to maintain their manner and distance. Eventually, they would get to see who the child was, so they held back their curiosity.

In one of her moments where she turned around to look at Mua Kong, Pa Chee saw the child. She watched him look at Mua Kong and then turn away to look at the King and Mua Mong. Seeing this caused her heart to feel a disturbance. She sat in the front, left of the Royal Pavilion. From her angle, she couldn't see the face of the boy, only his back. Why would her Prince bring a child? Whose child is the boy? To her knowledge, there shouldn't be any child since Hli Ja died had in that fire, years ago.

Little Superglue's eyes sparkled as he put on a smile. The little boy looked back at his father, still feeling a little nervous about the presence of the strange uncle. The King then rushed forward reaching his hand out, trembling to touch his grandson's head.

"Let me see him," he said.

Mua Kong stared at his son briefly before uttering, "That is your grandfather. He's the King that rules this country," he explained.

"Huh... Grandfather?" Little Superglue looked at his father not quite sure what a grandfather was exactly. He only knew of 'mommy,''daddy,' and 'uncle' Pao Pao. His life was only surrounded by his mommy and uncle Pao Pao, but he had seen children like him sitting up on their daddy's shoulders.

He always wondered about his daddy but he was never desperate enough to ask; Hli Ja, his mommy, had given him enough attention to not want a daddy.

Seeing the curious eyes of his son Mua Kong explained: "A Grandfather is your daddy's daddy."

Little Superglue's pupils dilated. He didn't know that his daddy could also have a daddy!

"You have a daddy too? But you're big? How can you have a daddy?" he asked one question after another.

Mua Mong chuckled while Mua Kong was lost for an answer. How to explain something like this to a three-year-old who didn't grow up with many people? Mua Kong was also still adjusting, as he wasn't used to children. He never surrounded himself with them. But suddenly his son showed up, three years old, with a personality of his own, and filled to the brim with curiosity. Sometimes he thought the boy was too curious, and asked too many questions. Mua Kong was often stumped for an answer.

"Not many children are lucky enough to have a grandfather," Mua Mong added happily.

"Oh!" Little Superglue's eyebrows lifted in excitement. He laughed, exclaiming: "Houa Houa is lucky?" looking up to his father for confirmation.

"Mhm... Go to your grandfather," Mua Kong urged.

"Ok," Little Superglue replied.

He tried to turn around while in his father's lap. Mua Kong lifted his son to his father, who reached his hand down to hold his grandson.

The King pulled his grandson closer for a hug, carrying his grandson back to his seat. He sat down carefully. A smile creeping onto his face while he held his grandson. The sight of the King smiling was rare, making those who witnessed the moment stutter in shock.

The King turned his grandson, the two facing the large audience. The people below sat in rows and rows, spilling into the distance.

Pa Chee went sipped her teacup while she stared at the toddler. It was then she fully saw him. She saw the incredibly strong resemblance to Mua Kong. It was so strong that it caused her heart to shake violently. Not only her was her heart in shambles, but her face stiffened, and her body trembled. The teacup in her hand slipped, shattering loudly.

Pa Chee looked pale, paler than the white cotton clouds floating under the calm blue sky. What was the meaning of this? How could it be? Is the child Hli Ja's or another woman? The boy looked too much like Mua Kong to not be his child. But who is the mother? Could Hli Ja still be alive?

She was sure Hli Ja had burned alive in the fire. The inn had went up in flames, only charred wood and ash remained. There was no way Hli Ja could have made it out alive? And if she did, why were there rumors that she ran away? Many conclusions rampaged through her mind when she had dropped the teacup. She couldn't keep her composure.

Mua Kong was secretly observing Pa Chee. Scouting for a reaction. When the teacup shattered from her trembling hands, she had already shown her hand to Mua Kong. Now he needed to make her confess to her crime. No amount of power could help her; she chose to be his enemy by hurting the woman closest to his heart.

He'll slowly torture her mind until she caves. Pa Chee's family turned to look at her when her teacup fell and shattered.

"Are you... alright?" Da Neng asked her, as he signaled for an idle servant.

"I... I'm alright father," Pa Chee replied, trying to act as normal as she could.

She couldn't look her father in the eye, and she was too afraid to look in Mua Kong's direction.

The servant that Da Neng signaled came to clean up the broken pieces before replacing the teacup.

Soon, Elder Mae came out of the gate entrance carrying a tray with a bowl on it. She made her way to the Royal Pavilion. Noticing the Young Lord was sitting on the King's lap, she walked over placing the bowl down on Mua Kong's table.