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123 Curious Three Years Old

 A tiny hand reached out and lifted the blanket away, exposing a child's head. Little Superglue's head was resting face down on Mua Kong's shoulder. The first thing the little boy saw was the wall. He poked his head out to look around, trying to figure out where he was.

The last thing he remembered was the carriage ride with his daddy, on their way to a party. He had heard parties were supposed to be fun, so he was looking forward to enjoying himself and playing around.

Children are curious creatures. Little Superglue, who saw nothing but a wall, turned to look at the people left of him with his big round curious surprised eyes. Not knowing who the elderly grandpa that looked at him with such surprised eyes was, he shifted to look at his daddy, who removed the blanket.

After removing the blanket off his son, Mua Kong then turned his son around to face the stage, where there were a lot more people. Little Superglue had never seen so many people in his life. The sight of all the concentrated human energy frightened him. He felt uncomfortable around so many strangers, especially when the energy was so tense.

Little Superglue unconsciously turned around and buried his face into his father's chest; overwhelmed by all the energy swirling around. Mua Kong cupped his arm around his son, bracing the boy. He knew that his son felt uncomfortable in the new environment.

The King noticed all the shuffling within the blanket and kept his eyes on the little lump resting on Mua Kong's shoulder.

When he saw a little hand reached out to push the blanket off, which was immediately followed by a little head staring right at him with big round curious eyes, the King's heart dropped. He was studying the little boy in Mua Kong's arms. The boy looked just like the second prince when he was at that age. Who was the little boy? What is the meaning of this? Is that boy his grandson? Where did the boy come from?

The King trembled... "You... Mua Kong?"

The King looked at his son with many questions mirrored in his eyes. He could guess that the boy might have been the son that Hli Ja was carrying when she disappeared, but how in the world did his grandson suddenly show up out of nowhere?

Mua Kong glanced at his father King nonchalantly. He knew what his father wanted to ask, but he felt there was nothing to explain. If one was smart enough, one could guess the answer.

The King stood up from his seat and rushed over to take a closer look at the little child in Mua Kong's arms. He stood next to Mua Kong, trying to catch a glimpse of the boy whose head was now hidden in his father's chest, little arms tightly wrapped around his father.

Although Mua Kong wanted to show his son to the world, especially to his King and father, he didn't want to rush. He wanted to let his son adjust slowly to people. He knew that his son grew up around very few people, and so many all at once would frighten him.

Interestingly, Pao Hua mentioned that Little Superglue actually opened up to him at first sight. This had never happened before. He never looked at other people before, never cared, and never spared them a glance as long as his mother was next to him.

Little Superglue was very attached to his mother. He can sense when his mother is a step away from him, even with his back turned. She couldn't go out somewhere without needing to coax the boy; even when she needed to be away for only a little while.

"He's shy. Give him time to adjust; he'll warm up to you." Mua Kong explained to his father. Hoping his son would warm up to others in time.

Mua Mong also rushed over, after his father. He saw that Mua Kong was holding a child in his arms. He missed seeing the child's face, but his father, the King had. Mua Mong was just as curious as his father; his younger brother had been dead for the last three years.

Then suddenly, only a few weeks ago, his younger brother showed up, as if resurrected. There must be a strong reason, so important that it changed his brother so quickly. He assumed that reason must have been the child in Mua Kong's arms.

The commotion of the royal family standing around the second prince caused the ministers and upper elite to turn their heads, trying to see what was so important.

Those who sat in front of the royal pavilion turned around confused, unable to guess why Prince Mua Kong suddenly appeared with a child.

Most of them hadn't seen him for the last three years, and now, suddenly, he showed up with a toddler who looked about three years old. Many of them remember hearing rumors that the woman Mua Kong picked up had run away from the palace due to unknown pressures.

The rumor was the work of the King. It was to cover for the real reason while they investigated the incident. They wanted to give the perpetrator the impression that they were not aware of the burned-down inn and believed Hli Ja gotten away.

Too curious, Mua Mong tilted his head down to take a peek at the child, but Little Superglue still buried his face into Mua Kong's chest. He looked at his younger brother, perplexed. He had too many questions he wanted to ask.

Before he could open his mouth, the child moved his head slightly to the left, exposing one third of his face.

From that angle, the child looked shy, but curious. His big bright eyes darting back and forth between his father and the stranger standing next to him. His eyes were filled with curiosity as to who the uncle was.

After glancing at the strange man, Little Superglue sat up, poking his head out to look at his father. He wanted to know who the uncle was.

Mua Kong glanced down at his son.

"That's your uncle Mua Mong," he said speaking softly.

"Uncle Mong Mong?" Little Superglue asked, perking up.

He could not enunciate 'Mua' correctly, so it sounded almost like 'Mong.' Just like how he said his name. The little boy also couldn't enunciate 'Hue' correctly, so he called himself, 'Houa Houa.'