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122 The Lump On Mua Kongs Shoulder

 At around one o'clock, just when the King and Mua Mong were wondering if Mua Kong was actually coming or not, the second prince's carriage pulled up to the main gate. At the sound of horses hooves' stopping, everyone paused, turning their attention to the carriage that was waiting at the entrance.

A guard rushed to open the carriage door.

The guard pulled the door wide open. Mua Kong descended from the carriage, carrying a small lump over his broad chest and shoulder. The lump seemed to be nicely covered, completely hidden by a quilt blanket. Plus, they noticed, he seemed to be extra careful when he stepped out of the carriage.

As Mua Kong made his way towards the Royal Pavilion, people gazed with wondrous eyes. What was Mua Kong carrying? Is he carrying a gift? What's the gift? Who's it for?

The King was also curious about this mysteriously wrapped lump.

While everyone was distracted by their curiosity, Mua Kong arrived sitting down on the chair reserved for him in the Royal Pavilion.

The King eyed the lump on his son's shoulder. Wondering what exactly was beneath the blanket as Mua Kong walked towards them in the Royal Pavilion.

The quilt was black in color, hanging on one side of Mua Kong's body. It blended in with his black clothes making it look like the blanket was purposely placed, like a fashion statement.

Mua Mong and his wife was just as curious, their eyes following the younger man, who was unfazed by all the eyes watching him.

Not wanting to distract the people from the performance, Prince Mua Kong raised his hand, signaling for everyone to continue, and for them to not do the formal greeting, as it would disturb the show.

When everyone saw his gesture, the performers continued on from when they stopped. Those gazing at him shifted their gaze back to the stage, wondering when their daughters would have the chance to go on stage.

The King planned to interrupt the performance in a few hours. He wanted to commit an hour to showing off the young ladies of each household. It would be like a pageant: all the young women lining up, walking once on the runway stage.

Mua Kong cooly took his chair He rested against the backrest. He only explained things if he felt they were need-to-know, and right now Mua Kong felt that the black lump didn't need any explaining.

Elder Mae, who was sitting next to the coachman, got off with the help of that same guard who had opened the door for Mua Kong. She didn't follow her lord, instead, she branched off, going inside to search for the palace chef.

She told the chef to make a small portion of stew. Something easy for children to eat.

"Prince Mua Kong requested this," she said.

The chef nodded, he knew that she was telling him to not question the order.

Breathing the same air, knowing that just one pavilion separated Pa Chee's from her dear Prince. Her heart beat endlessly. She slowly sipped her tea, an illusion to make herself look calm and composed.

She kept stealing glances back at the man who had stolen her heart at first sight many years ago. This torturous feeling of love and admiration from afar all these years was nearing its climax. The man whom she had silently gave her heart to, was so close, yet so far...

All these years of waiting, just for him, it was about to end. Pa Chee felt very confident she could get him to accept her into his heart. If she just got one opportunity to talk to she, she would make him fall head over heels for her.

She is the most wanted woman among the rich, and her father held a high position in the palace. She knew with er background and looks she was ahead in this race.

Pa Chee's heart fluttered at the thought of Mua Kong setting his eyes on her. How compatible they were. They were so alike, they were meant to be. Two strong and beautiful people don't just appear at the same time like this!

Mua Mong just couldn't wait for his younger brother to reveal his surprise. He got up, stalking past the King, appearing over to his younger brother's shoulder.

"What do you have there?" He whispered over Mua Kong's shoulder, pawing at the blanket.

The King was just as curious, but he hid it well. He watched his sons from his peripheral vision.

Sensing the motion of his older brother's hand Mua Kong moved his shoulder, avoiding him. He lifted his eye, sharing a glance with Mua Mong. He whispered back, "Wait a little bit."

With such a vague response, Mua Mong felt reluctant to blindly agree, but since they were at an event with lots of people around, the older prince bit his tongue, forcing himself to nod, agreeing to wait until his brother decided to tell him.

By now, the next group came up on stage. They brought drums and instruments with them, asn by the looks of it, most of these performers had their own instrument. They must be musicians.

As the drum rolled like several thunderous roars from an angry sky, the little lump on Mua Kong's arm moved, causing the blanket to shift ever so slightly.

Feeling the movement on his shoulder, Mua Kong glanced down. He guessed the rumbling sounds of the drums had probably awakened his little man. This spoiled kid had fallen asleep on their one hour ride to the main palace.

With his left hand, he lifted the blanket off from his shoulder, exposing his son's sleepy head, to what seemed like rising the noise of the drums on stage.

As the drums resonated throughout the stadium, the little lump on Mua Kong's shoulder moved, shifting the blanket.

Feeling movement on his shoulder, Mua Kong glanced down, waiting to see if his little man was just repositioning, or awake. He waited for a few seconds, and the rustling continued.