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116 Dont Want Mommy To Be Sad

 "Mhm. You can be up high on daddy's shoulder." Mua Kong replied warmly.

When Little Superglue heard this, his lips curved into a beaming smile. He opened his mouth, shouting excitedly. Jumping up and down splashing water from the bucket.

Although it was nighttime, and the lanterns were dim, one could still tell how happy Little Superglue was.

Pao Hua sighed in relief, remembering how hard it was for him to calm Little Superglue down after they got separated from Hli Ja. His nephew had cried all night, asking for mommy. It took many reminders that mommy would come back once Hue Houa became a big boy, and stopped crying.

Mua Kong turned to Elder Mae and asked, "Please prepared a better room for Pao Hua.

He will be living here from now on. I have hired a live-in tutor for him."

"Understood," Elder Mae replied. She wasn't the type of woman to question his decisions, as she was always able to guess what he's aiming to do, based on what he's done before.

A gust of wind fluttered through the bath house, making Little Superglue shiver.

Noticing this, Mua Kong quickly grabbed a blanket from the shelf nearby. He wrapped the blanket over his son's shoulders, sweeping the little boy into his arms.

"It's late, and the air is getting chilly. Let's go back inside. Mommy will be sad if you get sick." Mua Kong coaxed his son.

Little Superglue didn't want mommy to be sad. "Mmhmm... I won't make mommy sad," his voice was cute and stern.

Until now,  His life has revolved around no one but his dear mother, making him quite the mamma's boy.

"Elder Mae, from now on, bathe these boys in my bathhouse. And please bring them new sets of clothes." Mua Kong said.

The regular bathing area for the guards, manservants, and maids have gaps in the walls, leading outside. Whenever it was windy, air would seep in through these gaps. Although, Elder Mae had heated up the water for Little Superglue beforehand. This had been quite a while ago though, so by now the water was getting cold. With fall approaching, some nights the air would get quite chilly.

"Of course Milord," Elder Mae replied. Before Mua Kong could leave with the boys, Elder Mae called after his back, asking, "Milord, will you be sleeping in your chambers tonight?"

Mua Kong paused, his eyes dim, deep in thought. Would it be a good idea to spend the night in the room he had once shared with his wife? After a moment, he replied with a simple nod, saying "Mhm.."

The answer made Elder Mae sigh, relieved. She wiped a teardrop from her eye. It had been three long years since Lord Mua Kong had set foot in his chambers. Maybe the Young Master could heal the deep scar in her Lord's heart.

After Mua Kong and the boys vanished from her sight, Elder Mae blew out all the lanterns, leaving the bathhouse dark.

Elder Mae went to the storage room and dug through a few storage boxes, eventually finding some clothes. She eagerly took out a few sets, all in different sizes.

She looked through some, and guessed their sizes. A few sets looked like they could fit the Young Lord and Pao Hua, so Elder Mae folded them neatly, stacking the clothes in her arms before heading over to the Mua Kong's chambers.

These were the clothes Mua Kong wore when he was young. She saved a set at every stage of his childhood, originally as a keepsake.

The boys can wear these clothes until she got some made for them. Probably until tomorrow evening. That was her best guess.

Even though Mua Kong hadn't been in his sleeping chambers for a while, Elder Mae made sure to clean daily. There was no dust, and the room had been kept clean and tidy all these years. Upon entry, she saw the two boys sitting on the bed while Mua Kong sat beside them in his chair, reading a book.

Elder Mae swiftly changed them into their pajamas.

Mua Kong knew that it was late and a room was hadn't been prepared for Pao Hua, so he allowed the two boys to sleep together.

They grew up with no one around but Hli Ja, and themselves. They both were in a new environment. Mua Kong thought it would be best to let them be together for a few nights to allow them to adjust to the rather intimidating palace.

After Elder Mae had finished changing the boys, she turned to Mua Kong, "My Lord, a room for the Pao Hua will be ready by tomorrow morning."

Mua Kong nodded slightly, his nose not leaving his book, "I'll leave the daily life of the boys up to you whenever I'm not around."

Hearing that her Lord had bestowed the responsibility of these boys onto her, Elder Mae felt honored. She bowed, graciously accepting this new responsibility, "They'll bring so much joy to the palace. The boy is very mature, and the Young Lord can be quite witty once he warms up to people."

In the sleeping room, Mua Kong worked. His only light was that of a single lamp, lit with a small wavering flame. The lamps around the bed were dim, allowing the two children to not be kept awake by the light coming from the table.

In the past, Hli Ja would sometimes go to bed before Mua Kong, allowing him to catch up on work. But tonight, it was two boys trying to sleep.

Pao Hua cuddled his nephew to sleep, but Little Superglue had a hard time sleeping. Nighttime has definitely gotten better when compared to three weeks ago, but it still took a lot of coaxing and reassuring for his nephew to sleep without mommy.

Little Superglue tossed and turned, unable to sleep. His mind and heart were restless. He called to his uncle, "Pao Pao?"

Pao Hua lifted his head. He was squinting, allowing just enough light in to see the face of his nephew, "Hmm?"

"Houa Houa miss mommy a lot-lot tonight," his heart was longing for his mother much more tonight because he saw her portrait hanging in Mua Kong's study.