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115 I Miss Mommy

 He leaned down to Pao Hua and asked, "What do you want to do when you get older?"

Pao Hua was started, as he wasn't expecting to be asked such a question. He thought for a moment replying, "I want to be a doctor, someone who helps people." He was influenced by Hli Ja and wanted to be just like her. A doctor who helped the sick and weak.

"I thought so," Mua Kong agreed. He knew the Hli Ja's kindness and medicinal skills had been passed to Pao Hua. He walked outside and called one of his bodyguards, "Xixu."

A man in shrouded in black jumped down from the roof. He smoothly bowed in front of Mua Kong. "Yes, My Lord?"

"Find someone with a clean background, and hire them to tutor Pao Hua. The tutor has to also be able to live in the palace."

"Yes!" Xisu answered before disappearing.

Yee Len rounded up a few of their elite bodyguards and rushed north.

Mua Kong walked out of his study to go find Elder Mae and Hue Houa, his son. He went into the dining hall to find them, but by then they had disappeared.

Mua Kong asked one of the maids who was in the middle of putting dishes and silverware away: "Where is Elder Mae?"

The maid turned around and bowed, replying, "Last I heard, Elder Mae said she that she was going to take the little boy for a bath."

Mua Kong stormed away. The bath area was a public place, where everyone bathed. It wasn't too far away. There, he found Elder Mae standing over his son, who was sitting in a bucket, splashing water.

Elder Mae had finished bathing him, but he still wanted to play in the water. It had been a long time since there were children around. Elder Mae very much enjoyed seeing the Young Master's beautiful smile.

Mua Kong's mood brightened when he heard his son's bubbling laughter. He smiled, slowing his pace towards them.

Noticing that Mua Kong was approaching, Elder Mae bowed and asked, "Milord, the Young Lord wanted to play some more. Would you like me to take him out?"

When Little Superglue heard this, he shook his head furiously, "No, no, Mommy always lets Houa Houa play after a bath. Houa Houa still wants to play!"

Mua Kong looked at his son and replied, "I'll let you play for a little while, but your uncle is waiting for you. You can't make him wait too long." Mua Kong pulled up a chair, intending to watch his son play.

"Does mommy always let you play after?" Mua Kong asked, curious. He missed her so much that anything related to her brings him closer to life.

Hue Houa nodded his head, "M..mhm... And then mommy would cuddle Houa Houa to sleep."

At this point, Little Superglue's expression saddened, his eyes were teary, and he pouted, "But Pao Pao said mommy is far away and Houa Houa has to sleep with Pao Pao. But I miss mommy a lot." When Little Superglue said 'a lot', he opened up his arms and looked at Mua Kong to express his longing.

Mua Kong got up from the chair and leaned down, leaning over his son. He was close enough to share his sorrow.

Mua Kong patted his son's head, and gently spoke, "I know. I miss her a lot too."

Hue Houa's eyes widened, with his moony eyes, he asked, "Uncle, you miss mommy too? Do you know my mommy?"

Hearing the word 'uncle' from his son, Mua Kong paused. He wasn't sure how to respond to 'uncle,' but he also understood that he wasn't around when his son was born. It was only natural that his son didn't know him.

After a moment, Mua Kong responded, "Mhm.. I've known her for a long time."

Elder Mae watched the mourning father and son. She sharply interjected: "My Lord, won't you tell the Young Lord who you are?"

Little Superglue glanced at Elder Mae, and then at Mua Kong. With his smart mouth, he asked: "Uncle, who are you?" Mommy always warned him to be cautious of strangers, but Hue Houa was an easily distracted child and always seemed to forget his mother's warnings.

By now, Pao Hua had crept in. He went up to Hue Hoau and crouched down. He gave his nephew a firm look.

When Little Superglue saw his uncle's serious expression, he knew that this was something important, and that he had to listen. Since the absence of Hli Ja, Hue Houa had been better behaved, at least a little. He wanted to be a good boy so his mother would come back.

"Hue Houa, listen to what uncle is going to say: This big uncle here is your daddy. When mommy had you, daddy was away. Now you're going to be living with daddy until mommy comes back."

Hue Houa looked at Mua Kong with his big eyes for a moment before muttering: "Daddy? But mommy said that daddy was very, very far away. I wouldn't see him for a long time." A child at this young had no real concept of time nor distance just yet. How far is far? They didn't know. How long is long? It was hard to tell.

Recently when they were in town, Hue Houa saw some children with both parents. One family walked past them with the father carrying his child on his shoulders.

He was envious. He wanted to have a seat on his daddy's shoulders too. It was then that Hue Houa asked for his daddy, but Hli Ja had told him that his daddy was far away.

"Well, he's your daddy. Your mommy loves daddy as much as she loves you. She'll be happy when she comes back to see you and daddy getting along together." Pao Hua explained.

Hue Houa gasped in excitement, as he rolled his wide eyes up to look at his father, he said, "I have a daddy? I can sit on daddy's shoulder and be up high, just like the other boys?"