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105 Dont Know Whether To Laugh Or Be Angry

 While waiting, Pao Hua's eyes flashed past Mua Kong and Yee Len then towards the street to the medicine shop across where he was earlier.

Pao Hua couldn't help but subconsciously focused back to Mua Kong who was sitting facing him. He looked at the man carefully and after a few seconds of hesitation, he walked a few steps over, reached for a bag of herbal medicine in his bag and threw it over. "Mister, your complexion looked horrible. You must be sick. Boil that medicine and drink it. It'll give you vitality."

Yee Len almost choked seeing a kid so brazen, telling his Lord what to do. He didn't know whether to laugh or reprimand the boy for being rude.

Mua Kong furrowed his eyes at the boy.

Pao Hua thought the sick man might think he was scheming something, he quickly raised his hands to deny an offer and responded, "I'm giving that to you for free. No need to pay."

"I don't need it." Mua Kong replied sternly.

Yee Len quickly interrupted, "Ah ahh.. I'll keep it. Boy, how do you know he's not well? How do you know this medicine will help?"

The boy looked conceitedly, "Hmph, that's because I have a great master. I've been learning for the last 3 years without sleep."

"Oh...I see. If what you say is true, let me pay you some money." Yee Len suggested. He didn't sense any negative vibe from the boy and what reason would a kid want to harm his Lord. No one knows their identity currently.

"It's ok. " the boy declined.

"In that case, come eat with us, let me pay a meal for you." Yee Len offered.

"That's ok. I'm buying food to bring back. I'll eat with my sister when we stop for a break." The boy replied. His eyes gentle when he mentioned "sister."

Yee Len was lost for words, "In that case, thank you for the medicine."


Soon the waiter came out with four different dishes all packed. The waiter handed the bag to Pao Hua. "Here is your food... And this separate bag is the special rice porridge specially made for the little man I saw last time."

Pao Hua smiled, "Thank you, mister! Here's your money."

Yee Len looked over and saw the amount of food, he commented, "That sure seems like a lot for 2 people?"

"Hehe... we don't have the luxury to splurge, so when I sell medicines, this is how we celebrate." Pao Hua replied humbly.

"Then, are you sure you don't want my money?" Yee Len asked again.

"No. I made enough to last for a while." As soon as Pao Hua spoke, he hurriedly sped off with the food in his hand like he was rushed for time.

Yee Len shouted after, "Thanks for the medicine then!"

"No problem" Pao Hua replied back as he skipped away happily.

The waiter saw the medicine bag on the table next to Yee Len. He asked joyfully, "Oh you bought some medicine? That boy and his sister come to this town once every 3-4 months. They don't stay very long but they come back every now and then to sell the medicines they collected during their travels. The shop across buys a big bulk of medicines. And afterward, he'll order the same dish to take out."

"Then who's the little man you mentioned earlier?" Yee Len asked curiously.

The waiter replied in a friendly manner, "That's Pao Hua's sister's son. I only saw his sister and nephew once; she was a beauty with a 2 years old son. I think he is now 2 years and a few months, very adorable with quite the appetite." The waiter spoke, crossing his arms looking glazed as if he was recalling the moment he saw them.

The master and servant spent the next hour eating. The two watched the people pass by on the bustling street. Mua Kong didn't have much of an appetite, and after a few bites, he pushed his plate aside. Yee Len, on the other hand, had finished most of his food.

The pair left the restaurant, looking for an inn to spend the night at. Soon, they arrived into a busy inn, filled with people, one of the biggest inn in the town. The outside were decorated with lots of bright, uplifting color lanterns. After checking in, Yee Len told the receptionist that his companion wasn't feeling well. He asked if it would be possible for the inn to brew the medicinal tea he had on him for his companion. The receptionist gladly agreed to help, taking the bag of medicinal tea from Yee Len.

Some times later, room service brought the tea up to Yee Len's room. He took the medicine, and after the staff member left he took a sip to make sure the tea wasn't poisoned. He knew the chance of poison was zero, but tasting his master's meals for poison was part of his duties. After confirming that it really was medicine and not poison, Yee Len brought the tea to his master's room.

Mua Kong and Yee Len had spent the last month roaming the countryside before deciding to visit military bases near the northern border.

Mua Kong wanted to check on the progress of the wall while also making sure the villages and towns near the border were doing well. The farther his citizens were from the capital, the fewer resources these villages and towns had. If he could see how these people lived,  he could determine what resources would help improve their quality of life. He was hoping to implement a system that would help these people.

Mua Kong and Yee Len spent a month there. Then they followed the border down to the southern base.

These two men spent another month in the southern region, planning strategies for territory expansion.

The Northern Country was gaining strength, so Mua Kong felt that this was the best time to strike: when the Northern Country was still relatively weak. But the Southern Country had provoked Mua Kong first by attempting to assassinate him when he was younger.