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103 They Said Time Heals All Things

 The man who used to look so heavenly handsome, strong, stern, and always emitted a radiant aura wherever he went no longer existed. He now always wears a black cloak, unshaved and looked shabby like a living corpse.

Another half a year later, marked the third year since the fire incident. The King decided to approach Mua Kong while he shut himself inside his study room with all the curtains down.

Mua Kong sat in the dark room filled with emptiness, his eyes lifeless. The King had enough of seeing his son this way and mustered the courage to visit. When the King arrived into the study, he saw his son sitting on the chair in the dark staring at blank spaces.

Mua Kong didn't move or shift his gaze to look at the person who came in. He remained still like a statue.

The King exhaled a deep breath before pulling a chair to sit across from his son. He looked at his statue of a son and in a low tone he spoke, "My mother was the fifth wife of the previous King. I was the youngest and my health was weak. I grew up witnessing all my father's wives plotted schemes against each other. My father's third wife and her family tried to poison him and overtake the throne...." The King paused and took another deep breath before continuing in a hoarse voice.

"At the time her son was the crowned prince. My mother didn't come from a powerful family, our support was weak so we were always bullied. To escape from the palace life, I ran away to attend a well-known school that taught martial arts and intelligence. Your mother was the descendant of that school. She was beautiful, smart, kind, and top of the class. Everyone envied her. That was how I met your mother. From there on, your mother helped me improve my martial art skill. She helped me think deeper, what lies beyond the surface." The King paused slightly to look at his son to see if he would get a reaction.

Still, Mua Kong didn't move.

"The country was in chaos and citizens were suffering. Several parts of the country had droughts and other parts had famines. Your mother helped me to solve problems the country was facing and cured the King's illness. The evidence pointed to Third Mother as the person behind the poison. It was when I was crowned, that my mother and I had an easier life... All the glories I won... I owe it to your mother."

Mua Kong's eyes shifted to look at his father. The King also noticed the small response, and he proceeded, "Your mother was a woman like no other, a woman that even, I, aspired to be...

When I asked her to spend the rest of her life with me, I promised, I would never be like all the kings before me. I refuse to have a harem regardless if other ministries pushed me to have one. I also promised your mother and myself... that I will not make my own children fight for the throne. Because of that, I never had to worry about my own family discreetly trying to kill me. I can focus my time on rebuilding the country. I am the only king ever written in history to live the longest."

The King took another deep breath before continuing, "My son, it's been 3 years... I hope that the longer time passes by, the more life you would have in you. You can't be like this forever. Your brother has finally gotten married last year and will expect his first child soon. I want you to continue my legacy. This might make me look silly to ask you because I never married another woman after your mother.... but I'm hoping that you can look at other women. Pa Chee is a good girl. I think she suits you well and I hope she can move your heart. I want you to think about moving on and have a family."

The King looked at his son and still did not get any response. He expected this to happen, which was okay. He said what he wanted to say. After waiting for a moment in silence, Mua Kong still didn't move or talk, the King finally stood up. "Think about what I said. The annual Palace Fall Festival is in four months. All the important guests will be at the palace with their daughters. I want your presence at the festival." With that, the King turned around and left the study room.

The King hoped that another woman might help ease the pain in Mua Kong's heart whether it be Pa Chee or another woman. As long as a seed is planted, fruits may grow someday. He made the time to open up to his son and hopefully, those words might help persuade his son to think about having a family.

The next day, Mua Kong got out of his study chamber. Since the disappearance of Hli Ja, he's never set foot back into the room they shared together. Everything in the room smelt like her and reminded him of her.

Mua Kong is afraid... if he set foot in the room, he might be engulfed in her scent and the memories of her will forever paralyze him, keeping him locked up in the chamber where they shared their love together.

Yee Len was already waiting outside. He bowed when Mua Kong burst out of the door. "My Lord, won't you have some food first?" He felt like his Lord is looking more and more distant as the time passed by. They said, time heals all things and people gets better with time but his Lord actually looked worse.

Mua Kong didn't turn around to look but commanded. "No need. Let's head out."

The only thing Yee Len could do was comply to his Lord's wishes and followed his Lord to the horse stables.