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101 Accusation

 Mua Kong turned to Yee Len, "I'll leave the investigation for you to handle. Find out if all the corpses carried any items that could identify them and track down their family members. Report the news of loss to the family."

Yee Len bowed down, "Yes, My Lord."

Mua Kong turned around and left. He left the investigation in Yee Len's hands while he headed to the main Royal Palace. He hopped onto the horse with an empty gaze in his eyes, his heart burning with rage looking for a place to let out the anger.

Mua Kong didn't want to think of the worst because if he did, it would mean that he admitted that his dear wife was truly gone.

When Mua Kong arrived in the main palace, he kicked the gate door before the guards had the chance to open the door for him. It broke into pieces as it flew inside the yard.

The only thing Mua Kong could do was investigate the King first because the King was the one who voiced his negative opinion of Hli Ja followed by the Prime Minister. He remembered the report Chue Yi sent the first time he left, the Prime Minister tried barging into his Palace while he was away, thus making the Prime Minister the next suspect. Those were his only two clues to start with.

One of the guards ran to notify the king of the second Prince's arrival. A few minutes later, Mua Kong arrived in the King's chamber with a fierce killing intent in the air around him.

The king wasn't sure of what happened, but he could guess that it must've been something related to Hli Ja. That was the only thing he knew that could make his son lose control. The King was sitting in his work chair reading reports when his second son barged inside.

Mua Kong looked intently at his King who also returned the same look before asking sternly, "What is it?"

Glaring at the king before him, Mua Kong uttered in an angry challenging tone, "My people were attacked and killed. My wife had gone missing. Regular civilians had died. It is a premeditated murder; I would like to know what my king thinks of this issue."

The book fell out of the King's hands. His brows furrowed, shocked at the news, "Premeditated murder?" He asked in a stuttering hoarse voice.

Seeing the King's reaction, Mua Kong felt baffled. Was it really the King who was behind the murder? The King had an even more shocked expression than him. When he heard the news from Yee Len, he was filled with rage and anger, whereas the King was deeply shocked.

His father asked again, "What happened exactly? I was not aware of such news."

The aura around Mua Kong slowly loosened as he tried to calm down his raging heart.

The King's eyes sharpened, he asked, "Are you suspecting me?"

"You're the only one who voiced your dislike towards her, making you the first suspect."

Hearing Mua Kong's accusation made the King furious, he stood up angrily and walked towards his son, "I would never do something underhanded behind my children's back! I promised your mother, I would never cheat my children like my father, grandfathers and great grandfathers and those ancestors that came way before me!"

Mua Kong's facial expression hasn't changed. He remained silent.

"Now tell me what happened?! This also involves civilians. It is only in a matter of time before the family members come knocking on the door of Justice. I have the right to know." The King ordered.

Mua Kong slowly glanced at his father before explaining, "They were attacked the night before reaching the capital. Someone burned the inn they stayed at down. All the guests and owner died. According to the closest neighbors to the inn, two people witnessed after the flames had died down but saw no one. If there really were survivors, why wouldn't the survivor scream or run to seek help? Isn't that too abnormal?"

The King listened intently and nodded. Mua Kong continued, "When I arrived at the site, there was evidence of sword wounds on my people. I lost one of my trusted men. My wife was nowhere to be found."

A puzzled look appeared on the King's face. "If she's nowhere to be found, doesn't that make her a suspect? Suppose, she was the only survivor, why didn't she ask for help?" The King questioned.

He has never met the woman his son loved dearly as his son forbade him to get close. When he sent someone to investigate, what he found was that she had no origin, just a commoner. For all he knew, she could have been a spy from the neighboring countries. From his perspective, the crime seemed to point to her.

"Nonsense!" Mua Kong shouted angrily. "I've known her since she was nine. She was the one who saved me from the first assassin attempt when I was 13 years old."

Hearing Mua Kong exposed a little bit of his life to the King, made the King very surprised. "What did you say? You knew her that long ago?" The King trembled from shock.

"That's right father, if she didn't help me take down three assassins, and took care of my wounds, I wouldn't be here today. I owe her my life. She didn't know any fighting skills other than archery for hunting food, yet she managed to get me out of a dire situation, putting her life at risk for a complete stranger."

The King stumbled backward a few steps unable to hold himself up. He reached his left hand onto the table to help steady him up. "Why didn't you tell me anything?! I thought you took care of the assassins yourself and spent time to investigate before you came back."

Mua Kong remained silent. The King hates this side of his son the most, the secrecy. Mua Kong never told him anything of importance.

But still, Mua Kong was the son he hoped to one day take over the throne. His first son was born sickly, he was afraid the responsibility would be too much for his first son to handle.