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99 Follow Him To The End Of The Earth

 "Grandma and I built a peaceful life here in the new town. We got ourselves a nice small house with a little herbal shop at the front entrance.

Sometimes, Grandma gets called to heal people. They are usually very poor families who couldn't afford a regular doctor. To be of help, I learned herbal medicines from Grandma, to heal people in place of Grandma, and tended to the shop. I've also made friends and Cher Ping was one of my best friends. His parents owned a busy restaurant, and they treated me well."

The next several pages contain Hli Ja's mundane daily life up until the day when she met Mua Kong at the canal. The following twenty pages that followed were of how Hli Ja and Mua Kong's love bloomed over the course of four years. Some pages were missing, but one could get a whole idea of how deep their love for each other was.

"Grandma's condition worsens. We knew there wasn't much time left for her. Mua Kong knelt in front of her and promised her he would take care of me.

That was the day he told us his real birth. He was the second Prince of the country and not a wealthy merchant's son. I felt conflicted about the news as I know I'm not good enough to stand by his side. I have no power, no origin, nor titles to stand by him.

Do I even have the right to be with him? Still, he insisted that I alone am enough to be by his side. That made me happy but deep down in my heart, I'm always afraid that my past would be a burden to him."

"Grandma passed away a few days ago. Mua Kong helped me bury Grandma before taking me to his palace. It took a few days to get there. I was shocked, for years he travelled this way, back and forth, just for me. Why was I so oblivious of the sacrifices he made for me?

Though I was nervous of the future awaiting me at his palace; it was then, I promised myself, I would be good to him, listened to him and stand by his side without question."

The next few pages were of Hli Ja's life in the palace. Half of her life in the palace, Mua Kong was constantly going out on missions and to the main Royal Palace leaving her alone.

Still, she found things to do and keep herself busy. She didn't question his work or missions unless he tells her himself. She decided to follow him, to the end of the earth, even to the deepest layer of hell, she'll walk with him.

Almost halfway through to the book was of Hli Ja's trip to visit her grandmother's grave. She mentioned her trip and how she came to adopt a little boy. He somehow reminded her of her old self back at the brothel house. Her sister always protected and spoiled her even though her sister had one of the most shameful jobs according to others. Still, in her eyes, her sister was the most decent human being that ever existed.

Hue Chi slowly flipped onto the next page. The first thing he noticed was the handwriting was different. It seemed like this was the part where the book got sewed onto the first half. Perplexed, he quickly flipped onto the next page to see if the handwriting remains the same.

However, when his finger met the page, a wave of energy swirled from the page to his finger. Recoiling, he tossed the book away as though it had burned him.

Energy fragments swarmed around Hue Chi's body like a tornado before entering into his pupils allowing him to be one with the owner's past.

Hue Chi stood frozen with his eyes wide open unblinking as images flashed through his eyes.


At the battlefield, a handsome young man decked out in black clothing and armor sat on a chair, eyes focused on the table before him. On it was a war simulation marked with territories and battle plans. He stared at the simulation intensely, unmoved until someone knocked on the wooden door. Snapping out of his thoughts, the man looked up and asked, "Who is it?"

"It's me, Yee Len." A voice replied from the other side of the door.

"Come in." Replied the man sitting on the chair.

Yee Len wore a worried expression as he walked in. Bowing down to greet the man, he said, "My Lord, there was news from home that Her Highness and Chue Yi haven't got back to the palace as planned. They were supposed to be home two days ago. Worried, I dispatched a few people to investigate."

The man's face froze and turned pale. No wonder he felt restless since a few days ago. His dear wife kept disturbing his mind. He thought he just missed her since he had to be constantly going away. The news just confirmed his restlessness. Afraid they met with something bad, the man got up and ordered, "Prepared to go home for a few days."

Yee Len nodded. "Yes sir. Preparation will be done soon."

A few minutes later, the sounds of horses' hoofs were heard outside. The man sitting inside the tent walked out and saw Yee Len hauling two horses. "My Lord, these are two fastest horses."

"Mm.." The man in black clothes nodded before hopping onto one horse. "Relay a message to commander Vun. He's in charge until I get back." Before patting the horse and galloped away.

Yee Len relayed the message to Commander Vun and took off after His Lord. The master and subordinate travelled several days straight without stopping before they reach the Palace.

When the man arrived, his dear wife and Chue Yi still weren't got back yet. His heart was crushed, knowing that his wife nowhere to be found. Coming home doesn't feel the same way as it did before. Since when has he grown so accustomed to coming home seeing her busy, but always waiting for him with a smile? How could he expect her to always be waiting for him when he's never had to wait for her like how she waited for him?

As much as he didn't want to think of the worst case scenario, his gut told him something bad probably happened. The man stood frozen in the yard about to lose his sanity.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.