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96 Treat Themselves To A Nice Meal

 "That fast?" Su Na was not sure how fast, as her back was facing the incident when it happened, but she was sure that a car coming downhill must be fast.

Yu Sha nudged Su Na, "You think I'm slow? I'm always the fastest throughout our school years."

Su Na huffed as she couldn't deny that statement. Her best friend's statement is true, always ranked first in P.E class and all sports. Her beast friend had never been defeated when it came to using her body and physical violence.

Su Na had to admit that Yu Sha is not normal. She rolled her eyes at Yu Sha and threatened, "Do something like this next time and I'll replace you with Yu Ping."

For a split second, Yu Sha felt fear. She avoided eye contact with her friend. That was something she wasn't sure she could keep. She lowered her head and mumbled, "I... I'll try."

"You better!" Su Na sent a threatening glare to her best friend.

Back at Prince Hue Chi's suite in the hotel, he sat down in his office, with the schedule of his upcoming trip on the computer screen. His elbow perched on the desk counter, his interlocked fingers supporting his chin that rested on his knuckles.

Prince Hue Chi's mind was in deep thought, his gaze seemed to be in a different universe as his gold eyes shone like the sunset at golden hour. He looked mystically handsome like a god had spent several years molding him, one millimeter at a time. Hue Chi was trying to understand why Kytos' declaration affected his temper. He had yet to find a woman who could move his stone heart.

The only woman that gave him all sorts of emotions was the one in his dreams. He had never met a woman that could give him the same feeling until he saw Yu Sha. She could elicit the same emotions in him like the woman he dreamed about almost every night.

Suddenly, his phone beeped, interrupting his train of thoughts. Hue Chi turned his head slightly left next to his elbow and his eyes landed on the phone. A notification popped on the screen. He reached for the phone with his left hand. It was a message from Dao Txu. Hue Chi quickly opened the screen to look at the message, "One week and three days, I have to return the book back to Aires Museum." He read aloud.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

He had completely forgotten about the book that was currently shoved on the bottom shelf of his closet. Hue Chi pulled up Long Kue's name among the contact and called Long Kue.

After the first rings, Long Kue picked up on the other line, "Yes Prince?"

Hue Chi ordered through the phone, "Re-adjust my schedule and pack everything into three days." Long Kue could only comply and spent the night readjusting Hue Chi's schedule.

The next day, Hue Chi left for Trimedeis as scheduled. Prince Ken Xue left a few hours earlier than Prince Hue Chi.

It was a rule of any Royal family that two Princes could never be in the same vehicle to avoid being a good target for the enemy. That applied to aircraft as well. It didn't matter if the two royals are from the same family or a different one. It was too risky to take the chance.

So, historically, royal families almost never travel far together in the same vehicle for that very reason.

Su Na and Yu Sha went shopping some more as planned. Their plan was to go back to the hotel with all their supplies, pack up and then go to eat lunch before heading back to the cruise.

When it was close to noon, they had finished buying all the necessary items they had been meaning to get. The two best friends took a taxi back to the hotel, packed their clothes and items before getting another taxi to the restaurant.

Every now and then, Su Na and Yu Sha like to treat themselves to a nice meal at a high-end restaurant because they deserved to splurge as a reward for their hard work. So, they decided to eat at one of the classy restaurants near the mall strip they were shopping the day before.

The restaurant waiter quickly escorted Su Na and Yu Sha to a table when they had arrived. The waiter walked them to a booth styled table. The waiter handed them the menu and took their drink order. He gave them a few minutes to look through the menu before coming back with their drinks.

While looking at their menu, another waiter led three ladies to sit at a table next to them. An aisle separated the table and their booth.

As the three ladies sat down, Su Na glanced to her right and in a glimpse spotted Kao Sheng among the three ladies that just sat down at the table near them.

Kao Sheng also noticed Su Na and Yu Sha sitting on the booth next to them when she sat back down onto her chair. Su Na and Kao Sheng locked eyes for a second before Kao Sheng shifted her eyes back to her friends, and Su Na shifted her eyes back to the menu she was holding.

One of Kao Sheng's friends with cute wavy short hairs giggled before asking, "So, Kao Sheng, have you had a chance to have another meal with the Prince since then?" It sounded like the three ladies were picking up from a conversation before being seated.

Kao Sheng's facial expression softened and smiled at the word Prince. She replied like a woman who's deeply in love, "We are two busy people and our schedule has not allowed us to get together, yet." Kao Sheng reached for the menu and flipped the menu.

Both Kao Sheng's friends complimented one after another enviously, "How nice, to be able to catch the attention of the Prince."

When Yu Sha heard the name, she slightly shifted her eyes to her left and saw that Kao Sheng truly was sitting across from them. She dreaded, out of all the restaurants, Kao Sheng had to choose the one she and Su Na chose. Though Kao Sheng's presence didn't bother her or Su Na much, they definitely didn't like the airs Kao Sheng let out.