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95 Youre Over Thinking

 The two Princes stood facing each other from a distance, neither moved nor said a thing. After a moment, Ken Xue took a few steps closer to Kytos, "The lady doesn't even know who you are, why do you make such a bold move? Aren't you worried that will cause her distress?"

Kytos smirked, Ken Xue truly is the rumored Prince of Kindness from Trimedeis. "Hmph, when the time comes, she will remember me." He raised an eyebrow as he spoke. "She's not the type to ponder over something like this. I completed my goal." Kytos turned around the moment he finished talking.

His goal is just to make it known to Hue Chi and Ken Xue that Yu Sha belongs to him. With her personality, she would not kill herself over what he just claimed.

Ken Xue stood still watching Kytos' back disappeared around the corner. He could easily find out what happened between them, but he couldn't read Yu Sha when he shook hands with her.

There was a higher power blocking him. This is the first time he felt defeated, even more so because he saw too much darkness in her consciousness. How could a girl whose smile was as bright as the sunlight be engulfed in pitch darkness? What kind of life has she been living, what burdens has she been harboring? He felt what she carried around with her is not a simple issue to solve.

Most people around the table didn't have much appetite except Yu Sha. They were still bothered by what Kytos did earlier since they knew who he was. Yu Sha was eating like she has been starving for several days, looking unaffected.

If anyone, she should be the one that ruminated on this matter more than any of them. But she looked like she didn't care.

Su Na took a bite of her food and then looked at her friend with sharp eyes, thinking about the different situation that might have happened. "Are you sure you don't know him? Could you have strayed by yourself and got the attention of some weirdos?"

About to spoon food into her mouth, Yu Sha paused and turned to look at her friend. She put the spoon down and tiredly tried to explain, "We were inseparable like two people so in love in their honeymoon stage. We were together pretty much the whole time we were there, other than using the toilet, nope." She then picked up her spoon and fed her hungry mouth.

Su Na felt a little embarrassed, she slapped Yu Sha's shoulder, "Don't use such weird explanation!"

The slap caused Yu Sha to flinch and she retorted, "It's true! Sometimes we even went to the toilet together, you helped buttons my clothes and I, the same to you." She talked without reservation and was referring to the few times when they helped adjusted each other's clothes.

What came out of Yu Sha's mouth made Su Na blushed in embarrassment. She quickly stuffed some food into Yu Sha's mouth to shut her up. The more Yu Sha talks, the more their embarrassing moments are exposed.

It was wrong of her to ask her idiot friend. The deal was to let Yu Sha talk as little as possible when being surrounded by business partners because Yu Sha sometimes forgets to be appropriate. But an unknown person showed up tonight and wreak havoc causing Su Na to forget the deal she placed on Yu Sha.

The group chuckled; these two ladies make quite the pair. One had no restraint and one embodied too much self-restraint. In a way, they complemented each other, almost like a pair of lovers, except, in this case, they probably don't love each other like lovers but as good friends.

Yu Sha swallowed her mouth full of food and then continued, "You're over thinking things, I'm pretty sure that I was mistaken for someone else." This was the reason why she was calm and didn't look bothered at all.

Prince Hue Chi glanced at Yu Sha. He knew there must have been more than what Yu Sha could remember. The idiot Prince of Cleotara would not purposely come all the way here to make a bold claim one someone he's never met before.

Hue Chi knew the old Prince of Cleotara was a lazy, egotistic, spoiled brat who does nothing to help around his country but used his privilege to get away from responsibilities and party day after day.

Then, one day, there came the rumor that Kytos suddenly changed overnight and that was around the time when the Luxury Pavilion Project was completed. Something must have happened, but Yu Sha could not recall.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

She was usually reckless, but she could also be vulnerable and gullible at times. Even he felt like he had taken advantage of her with no intention of doing so, seeing her nude. Prince Hue Chi's mind wandered of the different possibilities before he quickly brushed off the thoughts to the back of his mind.

Sometime later, the group finished eating their food. The two ladies said their thanks and goodbyes before departing. They had a long day and wanted to get back to their room to rest.

As the two friends were walking, Su Na glanced over at her best friend. Feeling curious, she hesitated but asked anyway, "What happened back at the mountain?"

Dread! Yu Sha thought what happened during dinner was enough to distract Su Na and could make her forget about what happened but it seemed as though she couldn't escape.

She guiltily replied in a low voice, "I... I was just trying to save the driver, so I ran towards the car and was dragged down. Luckily, Hue Li was there to give a hand." Yu Sha lied. She felt guilty about lying to her friend, but it is something that Su Na didn't need to know.