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93 Ill Make Her Mine!

 The ladies walked away, Su Na rubbed her temples, pretending like nothing happened, "Ugh... Do you have to be that extreme? We're in a foreign country, I don't want to go to jail."

Yu Sha snickered, "Try me." If she was going to be put in jail for saving a woman from being harassed, then she'll be sure to drag the harasser in jail with her.

Kytos looked at the ladies back unable to put together as to who was the one that sent him flying.

The people surrounded him asked if he was alright. His friends got up and ran to his aid as well. None of them were paying attention so they couldn't catch what had happened.

Shortly after getting back to their seat, Su Na suggested that they leave the club. She didn't want to give the guys time to figure out what happened. If any, she liked to avoid further damage.

One of the ladies that came with them complained, "Eh, we just started drinking, we haven't even gone onto the dance floor yet."

Su Na forced a smile, "Um... I thought, maybe we should go to a different place, rent a karaoke room, sing, eat and drink, more private and intimate since this is our last night as colleagues."

"Mm... mm... I like that idea." One of the men voiced his opinion loudly.

Everyone thought that was a reasonable suggestion. Besides, they would be going their own separate ways after tonight, so it made more sense to have a private room.  They could hang out together without all the commotion around. Everyone nodded in agreement and grabbed their jacket as they stood up. The group made their way to the entrance and out of the club.

Kytos and his men followed the ladies' group out after the last person left the table. The ladies' group was making their way towards the parking lot direction when a voice shouted after them. "You!"

The group turned around to see who shouted at them to realize it was the men that were checking out the ladies earlier.

"Yes, may we help you?" Asked one of the men who led the ladies' group.

"I'm talking to the two ladies there," Kytos replied pointing his finger at Su Na and Yu Sha.

"Ugh..." Su Na rubbed the side of her head. She was afraid the man would not let the situation go, so she tried to get the group to leave as soon as possible, but now, he came after them. She really didn't want to go to jail. The twins would really have to bail them out a second time ―this time in a foreign country! Su Na felt a headache coming on as many scenarios flashed through her mind.

Yu Sha glanced at Su Na, "Take the group and go."

Su Na cringed worried that Yu Sha might do something outrageous knowing her beast friend's personality, but she had to consider the safety of the group first, "Mm... try to solve the issues with your brain and not your fist, ok? I know you can fight, but you can't win everything with your fist."

"Mm... No worries. I know what I must do." Yu Sha replied.

Su Na then urged the group to go ahead. They were reluctant to leave first because they felt like something was off and it was unsafe to leave Yu Sha behind, but, Su Na was being persistent so they complied.

After the group left out of sight, Yu Sha looked at the men. "You need help with something?"

"You!" Kytos glared at Yu Sha. Why did the group leave her behind? Could she be the one that gave him the blow earlier? Kytos signaled his men to charge at Yu Sha. He needed to test if she truly has any martial art skills.

Seeing Kytos command, Yu Sha shouted, "WAIT, WAIT, TIME OUT!"

The men stopped abruptly, confused what is going on. Yu Sha quickly bends down and tore her long dress, exposing her delicate white legs. She tore it off up to thigh high, making it easier to move around. After trying to move her legs and twisting her body a few times, she felt comfortable and confident she could move without restraint.

Her action dumbfounded the men. Was she trying to seduce them? They gulped their saliva at such sight. She seemed so harmless, why were they ganging up on a delicate weak girl? The men looked at each other and came to a tacit understanding that only one man needs to test Yu Sha.

One man charged forward towards Yu Sha. Within a few seconds, she swooped right through all four of them, landing a punch right on the other side of Kytos face. Her action was so fast, in one single strike forward, she nailed all four of them, sending them flying in different directions.

Kytos thought he prepared himself enough, but Yu Sha's speed was too fast for him to react. He flew a few yards back and landed on his back on the concrete ground. Before he could catch his breath, she was already standing on top of him, one leg on him and one leg on the ground.

Yu Sha squatted down, still with one leg on top of him. She leaned her body over him while still squatting on the uneven ground and glared at Kytos. In a serious, low tone she said, "If I ever see you get that close to my girl, I won't spare your life next time."

Kytos has never been in a situation where he felt so overpowered. This was the first time he was ignored, the first time someone ever dares punching him not once, but twice causing damage to both sides of his beautiful face. Kytos' eyes studied the face of the woman who made him feel powerless for the first time.

He looked at her face and on a closer look, she's quite beautiful. She has delicate clear skin, beautiful big glittering silver eyes, soft and plump lips. Then, his eyes trailed down to her chest, only to notice her cleavage was showing. He could see the beautiful shape of her breasts. Kytos took a big gulp and then his eyes landed on the area between her legs.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Yu Sha had torn her dress earlier and now with her squatting down one leg higher than the other, was like asking for the world to see her jewel treasure. The sight sent Kytos mind in disarray.

Who in the world tried to seduce the man they almost murdered? His nose started bleeding making him not sure if it was from the two punches he received or from a man's fantasy they couldn't touch.

Kytos took another big gulp as his pupils dilated bigger and his mouth opened like he was thirsty.

Yu Sha suddenly realized the situation she's in from his facial expression. She slapped Kytos' face again and quickly covered her chest as she stood up, "Bastard!"

Yu Sha knew it was somewhat her fault giving him such posture. She stood up and stuttered, "Re-re-remember my words, I will not spare you the next time." With that, she ran away as fast as she could while feeling chills down her spine.

After Yu Sha left out of sight, Kytos finally sat up. He didn't feel like he was defeated for nothing. He quite enjoyed the service he just received and Yu Sha's shy expression that came with it. What's more, she was so formidable. Kytos touched his face where she just slapped and laughed out his heart.

When he was done laughing, he muttered to himself, "I'll make her mine!" A gleam of determination shone in his eyes.