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 In the back seat, Yu Sha was still covering her ears, completely ignoring Prince Hue Chi. She thought Leo was annoying ―always picking on her, but this guy was sexually annoying. Leo's annoyingness was nothing compared to the guy sitting next to her.

Just as Yu Sha was complaining in her mind, there was a grumbling sound echoing from her stomach. She cringed after realizing what sound that was. Why is her stomach complaining at such a wrong time? She let down one hand to rub her stomach as if to tell it to stop complaining.

Hue Chi chuckled as he glanced at the clock in the car, it was late into the evening. The girls had their lunch around noon, so he understood her stomach's complaints. He slowly parted his lips and softly spoke, "Just a little more, we'll be there. Food was already prepared."

Ugh... Yu Sha looked at Hue Chi for a moment. Did that mean she would still have to see him after they arrived? Will he eat dinner with them? Yu Sha pondered. As much as she disliked him, she was feeling hungry. Her stomach is never shy about letting the world know when it was hungry.

Not long after, the driver pulled up to the entrance of Ether Hotel. Yu Sha looked around and they were definitely back at the correct hotel. She reached her hand out to pull the handle and let herself out of the car.

Butler Zeu was already waiting when Yu Sha stepped out, "Miss Yu Sha, I'm here to fetch you. Your friend is quite worried, but can you wait here for a bit?"

"Mm.." Yu Sha nodded. Her first concern now is to find a reasonable excuse to give Su Na a peace of mind.

Butler Zeu walked over to Hue Chi and signaled him to follow. Hue Chi understood there was something important Butler Zeu needed to relay, so he followed the butler out a little farther to a more private area.

When they were away from the others, Butler Zeu spoke, "I dearly apologize, I couldn't keep the situation under control. Kytos is here. He's only passing by, but his intel was able to find out that we would've been here. He's forcing his way to join us tonight."

Hue Chi's facial expression darkened, eyes cold like ice and the airs around became chilly. What was he here for?

Hue Chi slowly walked over to take the lead. Butler Zeu followed and when they passed by Yu Sha, Butler Zeu stopped and asked her to follow them. Hue Chi made his way to the restaurant and back to the Private VIP room.

When he entered the room, the whole crew was there ―Ken Xue, Zanki, and Long Kue were there sitting in silence. Su Na was sitting impatiently with an irritated look on her face.

Kytos was sitting on a chair with an arrogant air about him, like a king sitting on his throne nonchalantly, his head tilted slightly to one side resting on his hand. His elbow rested on the armrest and hand supporting his head while his assistant was standing next to him. The room was filled with silence and tension; no one spoke a word.

Hue Chi's eyes landed on Kytos when he stepped inside. Kytos smiled seeing Hue Chi arrive. His eyes looked at Hue Chi then his gaze shifted to the girl who just entered the room. She stood behind Hue Chi and the sight of her brought a grin to Kytos' face.

He stood up and walked forward to stand face to face with Hue Chi. The two men exchanged looks without flinching for a moment.

Yu Sha could feel the air was off. She slowly stepped away and tried to find her way to Su Na to ask who that guy was.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Kytos' stare was distracted by the movement of Yu Sha. His eyes followed her as she stepped aside from Hue Chi's back. His eagle gaze sent a chill down her spine.

"Hmph," Kytos smiled. His memory flashed to the first time when he met Yu Sha back at Cleotara.

In a club frequented by the wealthiest people, inside a private room, a man in his early to mid-twenties, with neck long locks, sat on the couch surrounded by women. He arrogantly sipped on a glass of liquor and leaned to kiss the woman sitting on his lap.

The woman wore tight, thin clothing making her perky breasts almost pop out of the small top that could barely hold her chest. Her hands were rubbing the cocky man's toned muscles on his chest and arms. Almost all the man's shirt buttons were undone.

Around the table were three other men, each with women sitting next to them serving their needs.

From their window overlooking the dancing area, Su Na and Yu Sha were led by a few other colleagues. They had just finished the Luxury Pavilion Resort Project and were celebrating their last night.

Everyone was dressed up, looking glamorous. The group found themselves a spot on the lounge area on the floor. They sat down around a table that was a little way off from the dance area but closer to the bar.

In the private room, one of the men who sat closest to the glass window spotted the girls. He looked at them like a lion preying on its next victim. After some time, he lifted his head to look at the other men and spoke, "New faces tonight. Let's see who can get one of the girls down there tonight. Kytos, you in?"

Kytos pushed the woman sitting on his lap off, stood up and walked over to the glass window.

Down on the floor were a few ladies sitting around a square table with a few men. Two ladies, in particular, looked young and very attractive, one looked sharp and sexy while the other looked elegant and classy. They were fully clothed and covered up, but their dresses fit their body so perfectly, enhancing their feminine figure making them very attractive from every angle. He watched the group cheered and downed their drinks.

"Hmph... very exciting," Kytos replied as his lips curved up. He's never failed in getting women into his bed. They flock to him like crows fighting for food, making him confident in his lady luck. Often times, he never had to do anything, he simply just needed to exist and be present to have any woman he liked.