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90 I Prefer It On The Bed

 Seeing her reluctant behavior, Hue Chi understood her reaction. He walked over to the living room and sat in the couch to look at the few emails left. When Hue Chi walked by, Yu Sha turned away from him so that she didn't have to see him.

The corner of Hue Chi's mouth curved up after he walked past her, finding her bashful expression quite amusing. He wanted to tease her more, but he was afraid she might have a mental breakdown so he decided to put it off for now.

When Hue Chi was all the way in the living area, Yu Sha finally walked over to the kitchen table. She grabbed the cup that was still warm and drank the milk. The temperature of the milk was perfect, just the way she liked it.

Yu Sha gulped the milk down and placed the cup back on the table. The sound of the cup on the table indicated to Hue Chi that she was done. He then stood up and led the way to the door.

Yu Sha quickly followed behind; she wanted to get back as soon as possible so she could be away from the guy who she currently can't face.

Prince Hue Chi walked to the door and turned the doorknob. He waited for Yu Sha to follow behind before pushing it open. She slowly walked over but kept a distance from him. He led, and she followed. This time, they went down to the main entrance and not the back route.

Hue Chi and Yu Sha arrived outside the entrance. The car was already waiting for them on the pickup lane. When Hue Chi spotted the car, he walked to it and opened the door. He nudged his head to Yu Sha, indicating to her to get in.

She looked down at her feet and hesitated for a moment before summoning the courage to go forward. Yu Sha avoided looking at Hue Chi as she passed him and sat in the car.

After closing the door, Hue Chi walked to the other side and got in. When he sat down to the left of her, she turned to her right to look out the window, avoiding him.

Peng Xu and Dao Txu had already made their way to their car. When they saw the tracking signal move, they moved as well. This time they stayed close behind.

Yu Sha looked out the window thinking about her dream when she had passed out in the tub. Somehow, she mistook Hue Chi for the bad people in her dream. She was in the process of fending off the bad guys in her dream that when he nudged her shoulder in real life, it woke her up, thinking he was an enemy.

Seeing Yu Sha lost in thoughts, Hue Chi asked, "Did you have a nightmare earlier?"Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Yu Sha briefly glanced at Hue Chi and then back to the window. She remained silent, still feeling embarrassed about being seen nude by him.

Hue Chi added, "You looked like you're about to strike me down." He thought, if he provoked her, maybe she'll speak up and the tension might disappear.

Yu Sha lazily turned her head and looked at Hue Chi before turning towards the window again. He was right about striking him down. If she was a little slower in the head, she may have struck him already, but luckily, she caught on quickly.

Then, she realized, her power has not been working, and she couldn't set herself free from him earlier. She couldn't even land a punch on him either. Yu Sha has never been beaten by anyone before. Could it be that her power didn't work earlier? Or was it something he did?

A few reasons popped in her mind before she looked at him. Her intuition was telling her he was more than meets the eye. Her gaze became sharper and the surrounding airs became tenser.

Since Hue Chi could tell what was running through her mind; he had to prevent her from interrogating him. He had to speak before she did. "Are you trying to seduce me with your eyes? I preferred it on the bed and not in the car, with a see-through nightgown."

"UGH!!" Yu Sha was disgusted at some of the things that came out of Hue Chi's mouth. That wasn't even close as to why she gazed at him. Why is his mind so dirty? She really couldn't stand him; why does he always twist her actions in a sexual manner? Is he sexually frustrated?

Being around Hue Chi is so frustrating for Yu Sha. She hissed at him and threw a punch at his shoulder before huffing. "Gosh, you're so annoying!" They are in an enclosed space at such close proximity, she didn't want to get any more violent and have more physical contact.

Seeing Yu Sha's frustrated face, Hue Chi chuckled. He commented, "I preferred a gentler touch for future reference."

Yu Sha's eyes widened as she straightened to glare at Hue Chi; she huffed angrily but was unable to utter a word. She was too angry to find the right word to say. All she could do was clenched her fist and huffed a couple of times before turning away and covering her ears with her hands, in hopes of drowning him out.

The driver, who carried the Prince from time to time whenever he wanted to blend in with ordinary people, was shocked. This was the first time that he's ever seen the Prince talk playfully to anyone. He had almost lost self-control but luckily, he has lived long enough to be able to handle such shocking circumstances.

The driver took a longer look at Yu Sha from the rear-view mirror. He needed a closer look at the woman who could move the Prince, the woman who could get the Prince in the mood for flirting and even joke around.

This was such great news, and he felt honored to witness the event. The driver's facial expression softened as his lips curved up. He couldn't wait to let Old Zeu know what he saw today and brag to him.